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Today is my 30th Birthday…Happy Birthday to me!  To celebrate I’m starting a blog.  This isn’t something that I spontaneously decided to embark upon (Ask anyone who knows my type A, need to plan charm and you’ll find I rarely do anything spontaneous).  No, It’s been tickling at some inner chamber of my brain for about a year now and when the thought, “Oh my word, I’m turning 30!” struck, I took a long look at what being in my 30’s means to me.

True I’m just turning 30, so to say I’m “in” my 30’s might be a bit expeditious of me.  And to be completely honest I’m not quite ready to think of myself as “in” my 30’s yet.  After all I haven’t even been 30 for a day yet.  Does that really count as “in your 30’s”?  Nah.  So I’m just 30.

This coming of age thing has had me thinking a lot.  The thought of being 30 never bothered me.  Up until two weeks ago I thought, “I finally feel like an adult.”  Because being married for 11 years, owning a house and having four children hasn’t done hat yet.  Go figure.  But two weeks before my 30th birthday I suddenly started thinking about my life and turning 30 and how I’ve already attained in my 20’s what most people in their late 20’s to early 30’s are just beginning to experience.  I am a decade ahead of most people my age.  I’ve been married to my high school, well actually middle school, sweet heart for 11 years, I have four kids, own a beautiful home.   What next?  What is there left for me to do?  Is my life now stagnant?  Is all I have to do now is grow old and watch everyone around me grow old?

I don’t feel like  a 30-year-old, whatever that feels like.  I still feel like I should be hanging out with my friends (and children, of course), having fun, laughing it up, hitting the malls shopping for the latest styles, hitting the beach and working on my tan, going on lots of dates with my incredibly hot husband, driving with my windows down while blaring my favorite songs and letting the base resonate through my Corvette.  Okay, the Corvette is a figment of my imagination.  I drive a family friendly Chrysler Town & Country.  At least its hot rod red (okay, cranberry) and has a sunroof.  That’s hot right?  The point isn’t that I fabricate things, the point is that I don’t feel 30.  I feel like I’m only 21 and I wonder if I will feel forever 21 (LOVE that store by the way).  Should a 30-year-old mother of four still be doing all of these things?

I’m happy to say that I have found the answer to said question.  Yes, in my opinion, no matter what your age, you should still feel free to be as young as you feel.  Not immature, mind you, but young at heart.  LIVE IT UP!  Date your husband or significant other, shop ’til you drop, tan in your bikini, drive with your minivan sunroof open and blow you your woofer.  Whatever you feel like, do it!

To help kindle and excitement for my 30’s I started a 30’s bucket list.  Things like start a blog (One bucket list item done!), complete remodel job on our 1917 farmhouse, go somewhere tropical with my husband, etc.  I’ll share more of the list with you in the future and we’ll see how many bucket list items I’m able to cross off over the next decade.

I was curious as I went to bed last night about how I might feel upon waking this morning.   I can honestly say my outlook on 30 has changed drastically in the last couple days and I no longer feel worried about what my 30’s hold.  And how can you feel dispirited when your seven-year-old daughter wakes, before her alarm even goes off, just to wish you a happy birthday?  I can’t.  In fact my eyes were full of happy tears as she wrapped her sweet little arms around me and gave me my first happy birthday wish of the day.

I feel full of anticipation and excitement!  I can’t wait to watch my four children grow, though I do wish time would slow down a bit.  I look forward to spending each and every day in the arms of my husband and sharing  many adventures with this man who stole my heart.  I know that God has lots of plans for my life and I’m excited to see which paths he’ll lead me on and where they’ll bring me.

I truly feel like I have a “happily ever after” life.  Sure not every day is wedded bliss and my children don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed, but I’ve been blessed over and above my dreams.  As the saying goes, “there is always, always something to be thankful for.”  Thus the name of my blog, “Life Exquisite”.

In the future “Life Exquisite” will bring you all the things that are fun and important to me.  Things like fashion, family, organization, recipes, etc.  I envision “Life Exquisite” as a very eclectic site of all the things I love!  I hope you enjoy all my entries and if you don’t, oh well, you can’t please everyone.  At least I’ll have fun writing them.

For now I’m going to partake in one of my favorite “feel young” activities, dancing in the living room with my four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter!


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