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Sick Happens…

…but when it does I am not the right kind of person for it to happen to or to be around it.

Remember me saying in “What I Love!” that I would share those moments that make me want to pull out my hair.  Well here’s one of those moments.  I would say it’s actually been a few weeks of moments.

It started when my oldest came down with a 102+ temperature and a bad cold on Friday, February 3rd.  This cold proceeded to spread to all of my children over the next few days and metamorphosed into pneumonia in my oldest three children and ear infection in my youngest two.  Being that I only have four kids that means my third child had both pneumonia and an ear infection, poor guy.

One Armed Kalli (Remember that loverly little pet name my husband has bestowed upon me.) had her one arm full for over a week, with four whiny, coughing, achy children.   I felt torn in so many directions with trying to give proper medications at proper times, give them their drinks, food, whatever their little demands were. Snuggling them was really difficult with only one working arm, especially since the youngest two wanted to be snuggled constantly.  Needless to say, it was with a happy heart that I threw all the antibiotics and other prescription bottles away at the end of 10 days.

All the medications my kiddos had to take while sick with pneumonia and ear aches. And this doesn't include the children's Nyquil or Vicks I rubbed all over them each night..

We were healthy for about a week, off of medication for three days, when I awoke at 3:30 am this Wednesday morning with a horrible stomach ache and was forced to spend some, not so quality time, with our toilet.  I was in there so often I finally just camped out on the bathroom floor until my girls had to get ready for school.  My wonderful husband sent me to bed and called in late to work so he could get them ready for school.  I love that guy!

Long story short, I was sick all day and my youngest child got it Wednesday night. About half an hour after my husband and I fell asleep last night we woke up to one of the worst sounds in the world…puking.  Ugh!

Our second to oldest daughter was now sick.  As I ran to the bathroom to see how she was doing I stepped in sloppy warm goo and about lost it myself.  She had not made it to the bathroom in time and there was puke everywhere.  As I looked around I saw that from the foot of her bed all the way to the toilet, probably 20 feet or more, there was a horrid, gross, disgusting, putrid, vile (I think you get the point) trail of vomit!  I lost it.

All of that just to work myself back to “Sick happens…but when it does I am not the right kind of person for it to happen to or to be around it.”

There are two main reasons why sickness shouldn’t happen to me and why I shouldn’t be around sickness, besides the obviousness of I just don’t like being sick or having my loved ones sick.  No, while that is a wonderful reason, there are other reasons.  One being my OCD tendencies and two that I have a very weak  constitution.

Let’s start with the latter, the weak constitution, also known as feeling nauseous way too easily.  It doesn’t take much to set me off.  I pictured myself being the type of mother who would stand alongside my children cooing soft words as I rubbed their back and held their hair out of the way when ever they were sick.  Sadly I have not been able to live up to that expectation and I should have known better since I’ve always had a weak stomach.

I am the type of mother who gags and covers her ears as she stands outside the bathroom door asking if they are okay.  Only quickly unplugging my ears and praying I don’t hear the sound of vomiting instead of their answer to my question.  I know, horrible, but I can’t help it.

I gag or puke at the sound of others being sick.  I can’t even stand the thought of puking.  Disgusting sounds make me sick.  Smells make me sick.  My meat is always well cooked because the sight of any rawness makes me sick.  I grew up in northern Wisconsin, which means hunting and fishing.  Both are detestable to me.  I can’t stand the smell and taste of either fish or venison.  Gag!  I can never help my husband with the preparation or packaging his deer because I will get sick.

My poor son is the same way.  Last year he wanted to help my husband cut up his deer and my husband said he kept gagging.  My husband kept telling him, “You can go inside if you want,” but he didn’t want to.  He wanted to watch Dad, and he did, gagging the entire time.  There are other funny stories of my poor sons weak stomach but I’ll spare you.

I felt so bad last night, as I always do, to have to wake my husband to ask for his help in cleaning up the mess.  The poor guy has to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to go to work, the last thing he wants is to lose sleep because he has to spend the night cleaning puke.  I did my best to help him.  I covered my face with a clean rag and tried not to look as I used a mass of paper towels to pick up the offensive stomach refuse, but would gag every time I could feel the sliminess through the paper towels. To which my husband would say, “You better not puke, because I don’t want to clean up yours too.”  I can happily say I kept it all in as we cleaned it the best we could in the dark.

Which brings me to point one…my OCD tendencies.

I am and always have been a germ phoebe.  I honestly think that if my parents had taken me to a doctor for it when I was in school I could have been clinically diagnosed.  Luckily being a mother has helped me out a lot.  Which probably isn’t saying much since I still get accused of being anal retentive.

Because of this one OCD tendency (Yes, there are more.) I could not just let the floor be left as it was after the cleaning the night before.  My husband had just grabbed a bucket filled with hot water and Dawn dish soap.  Not adequate in my opinion.  I could not stand the thought of walking through all those sick germs, let alone watch my youngest child drag her snugglies and blankie through it.   (Which she did and they immediately went in the washing machine on the sanitize cycle.) Not to mention my “weak constitution” could not get past the smell still lingering upon my carpet.

I set to work right away this morning with a bucket of HOT water that contained disinfectant soap and with my one good arm I scrubbed that 20+ feet of germ infested carpet.  I was also worried about stains so I got my trusty shout out and scrubbed some more.  After that, I still wasn’t satisfied that all the germs were gone, so I rubbed my carpet down with many Clorox disinfectant wipes and to help with the smell I covered the floor in baking soda and sprayed Febreeze.

All of my rags went where my youngest daughter’s snugglies and blanket went, the washing machine on, you got it, the sanitize cycle.  And just in case the sanitize cycle isn’t clean enough I threw in some bleach.  I then went around with my beloved Clorox disinfectant wipes and wiped down all the surfaces that she, my husband or I may have touched (I do this every time there is sickness in my house.) so as not to spread the sickness.  I also changed my clothes because I felt like, after kneeling on the pukey floor, I was covered in sick germs.

All this while my son bellered for me to come kill the bad guys on his PS3 game and my baby girl cried, from the bottom of the stairs, where I had put a gate so she couldn’t come up into the “sick” area,  for me to “oldy” (hold) her.  I felt like a horrible mother making her cry and for having to yell at my son to kill the bad guys himself or quit playing.

Oh, and speaking of bad mother, while I had been scrubbing the floor my sick child was in the bath trying to bring down her temp and rid herself of vomit odor.  For some reason when she and my oldest daughter get out of a bath they traipse all over the bathroom, sopping wet, covering the floor in puddles.  When I went in to pull her hair back after her bath I stepped in one of these puddles and went down. Hurting my bad shoulder and, admittedly, yelling at my poor sick daughter because I almost broke my neck.  Thus making me feel like an even worse mother for yelling at my sick child.

So here, I sit on my couch, while my three children that are at home sleep soundly in their beds, revealing a few embarrassing traits of mine and some of thee not so fun moments that have occurred over the last few weeks.  The worst of it was definitely last night and this morning.

As I tell these events though, I am now finding humor, somewhat, in the situation and hope that maybe this disgusting and humbling story will bring a little humor to your day as well.  If not, maybe this will…

Humor:  My thoughts exactly!




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I am not a movie critic and you wont catch me writing a movie review often but I recently went with a friend to go check out the most recent “chick flick” and it left me with many thoughts with which to wonder upon.

(Warning:  If you haven’t seen The Vow yet there are some spoiler alerts in the paragraphs that follow.)

This is a movie definitely worth seeing.  Going into it I knew it was based on true life events so the entire movie meant so much more to me.  I kept thinking, “Oh that poor woman, she’s so confused and is trying so hard to put it all together,” or “That poor guy I can’t imagine how hard it must be to not have your wife love you like she use to.”  It was a very good love story that kept you hoping she’d finally remember how much she loved this man who was so unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her.

I have to be honest and say that the end of this movie left me wishing for more.  I felt as though it had ended too soon.  I wanted to see her fall head over heals in love with her husband again and was a little disappointed the movie didn’t show any of this.  I found myself drawn to find the real story behind The Vow.

In The Vow Tatum Channing and Rachel McAdams play Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who’s wedded bliss was traumatically cut short just 10 weeks after they said, “I do.” While both of the Carpenter’s were wounded in the accident it was Krickitt, who’s unconscious body had to be cut from the wreckage and airlifted to the hospital where she lay in a coma.  When she finally came to, nearly four months later, she could recall nothing.  Not even the strong love she once had for this man that she was told was her husband.  Can you imagine?!

As I watched Leo (The character based on Kim Carpenter.) patiently try to win over his wife’s affections once again I wondered, if I were in a similar situation as Paige (The character based on Krickitt Carpenter.), would I fall in love with my husband again?

Yes, I believe I would but I believe it would be different this time around as it was for Krickitt.  There would probably be no rush of blood and my heart probably wouldn’t skip a beat.  Of course, I wouldn’t be that love at first sight, awestruck 12-year-old declaring that I was going to marry him some day.

No rather, it would be a choice I would have to make daily, as Krickitt did.  You see she recalled nothing.  NOTHING!  At first she couldn’t even remember how to walk or brush her teeth, though with the help of intensive care her long-term memory was quickly regained.  Her short-term memory however did not come back.  She wasn’t able to recall what she was first attracted to in Ken.  Never able to remember his first declaration of love, or hers for that matter.  She was just all of a sudden living with a man who was supposedly her husband but yet she knew next to nothing about him.  I cannot fathom the confusion, frustration and anger that she must have dealt with on a constant basis.

There were parts I liked about the movie better than what I’ve read about the real life story so far.  However, there is one thing that I absolutely LOVE about the Carpenter’s story versus Hollywood’s.  While in the movie Leo and Paige get a divorce because Paige is unable to find happiness through all her confusion in the Carpenter’s story Krickitt decided to remain true to her vows.

Krickitt is quoted to say, “I had made my vows in front of my family and friends, to stay together, for good and for bad, in sickness and in health … Slowly, over time, my love did grow for Kim deeply, but it was never a fluffy, gooey falling-in-love feeling again. I know that is what everyone wants to hear, but that is not what happened second time around,’ she says, with brutal honestly. ‘My heart didn’t skip beats; I didn’t feel swept off my feet. I would love to have felt that, but it isn’t the truth – I made a choice to love him.”  (excerpted from  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2100527/The-Vow-Real-life-story-couple-Hollywood-movie.html#ixzz1n4lIu3K)

Isn’t that what marriage is really about, loving each other through sickness and health, for better or worse, ’til death do us part?  Even in the best of marriages there are tough times, there are trials to face and dry seasons to walk through.

While my heart occasionally skips a beat at the sight of my husband when I see him walking towards me from across a store and at times I will have that ooey gooey head over heels in love feeling for him, this is not how I always feel for him.  That “heart beat throbbing” stage from when you are dating or first married is not meant to last forever.    Sure I’d love to feel that way towards my husband all the time but it just isn’t reality.  If our relationship were based upon the “Gooey Fluffy Love Gauge” we wouldn’t have a very good marriage.

Let’s face it there are times when I don’t even like him, never mind the ooey gooey lovey feeling.  There are times when I have to choose to love him like Krickitt Carpenter did on a daily basis with her husband.  However, I have it easier, because I can remember all those things that first made me fall in love with my husband and all the wonderful things he does now that make me love him.  Krickitt didn’t have those memories to build upon.  She had to choose to love a man who frustrated and pushed her to her limits with no recollection at all of why she originally fell in love with Kim.  There were no memories of the better days to make her fight for her marriage.

I find myself applauding this woman for the courage she showed in staying true to her faith, her convictions and her marriage vows.  I confess that I am one of those people who would like to hear that she had experienced, as Krickitt calls it, a “fluffy, gooey falling-in-love feeling” once again.  But what an awesome testimony to be able to say that she overcame adversity!  That she stayed on the path that most people would have given up on, and conquered the mountain that stood in her way!

For Kim also, I’m sure it was no walk in the park to stand by a woman and continue to love her when she didn’t return that love.  That he too decided to stay by her side and walk through this with her shows awesome character!

To this day, Krickitt’s memories of her and Kim before the accident have sadly never been regained.  The couple has made new memories that have made their marriage and new love strong.

I find myself thinking that if I were ever faced with having to choose between that ooey gooey love feeling that really is for just a short time or a steadfast love that stands the greatest hardships, I would choose the latter.  I feel blessed to be able to say that I believe I have and am experiencing both kinds of love and am so grateful to God for a husband who loves me with as much depth.

The Carpenter’s story is truly inspirational and I find myself now realizing that the movies ending was perfect.  There was a reason why the writers don’t show Paige falling head over heels with Leo again, because that wasn’t what happened for Krickitt with Kim.  Her love grew for him because she decided to stay true to the vows she made.

I hope this movie touches many hearts and marriages.  If you get the chance to see it, please do.  I also encourage you to read the book that the real life couple, the Carpenter’s, co authored.  My copy of The Vow is already on order and I can’t wait to learn more about the true story.

In honor of this couples integrity I am holding Life Exquisite’s first give away.  To enter you chance to win a copy of The Vow please follow my blog and like this post and I will post the winner of the give away in two weeks.

May the Carpenter’s prayer of inspiring people to be men and women of their word come true!

For more of the real story behind The Vow visit:




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That 30 in the title has nothing to do with my age, though I bet there are a few of you who, knowing I just recently celebrated the big 3-0, thought it had something to do with it.   No, that 30 means 30 pieces of clothing mixed into 30 different outfits for 30 days.


Hmm…lets see if I can explain it better.  I am taking on a self-imposed challenge in which I am allowed to pick 30 articles of clothing from my closet and dresser. That’s combined, not 30 from my closet and 30 from my dresser.  30 pieces of clothing total.  I will then mix and match these 30 pieces to make 30 different outfits over the next 30 days.

I loved the idea when I saw it on a blog I follow called Kendi Everyday.  (Here’s a link)  Why?  Because I am the perfect embodiment of this…


Yep, been there, done that, tons of times.  Though, I don’t have that many pairs of shoes.  Wish I did, but don’t.  Little green monster slightly appearing here.

My poor husband, I can try on about 20 outfits, give or take a few, and still cry out in exasperation, “Ugh, I have nothing to wear!”  True, the “nothing to wear” is just a lie my ego is telling me as I blankly look at my closet full of clothes. Sure there are lots of items reaching out to me in hopeful expectation that I will choose to let them fulfill their purpose of adorning my body but they just aren’t exactly what I’m looking for.  Or maybe  it doesn’t make me feel the way I want to feel at that moment.  Maybe I don’t look as good in it as I thought I did.  The list of excuses goes on.  Plus new is always more enjoyable, right?  Come on, Ladies, fess up.  I know I’m not the only one out there torturing myself and my man with the “I have nothing to wear!” grievance.

As I mentioned before, I am a clothing snob.  In my defense…

Pinned Image

As for my clothing selections for the “30 Wardrobe Challenge”…  Well, lets just say picking 30 items wasn’t easy but I finally narrowed it down to these items…

8 bottoms

14 shirts

5 sweaters/cardigans

2 jackets and 1 vest

I had to throw a skirt in there for church and I, of course, could not leave out my favorite Green Bay Packer’s shirt.  Agh…it’d be a scary 30 days without that.

Note that I didn’t post any pictures of cami’s, though I will be wearing them also. I figured they are more of an accessory, kind of like a necklace or earings, rather than a piece of apparel.  After all you rarely see anything but the bottom and top lace anyway.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself since they would have put me over my 30 limit.  Eek!  They really are a necessity to a woman’s wardrobe these days, kind of like a bra or panties, right?  Yeah, that’s right, cami’s are an accnessary!  (Like my play on words?  Accessory + necessary = accnessary!  Okay, I just revealed my quirky humor but you just watch you’ll be pinning accnessary some day and laughing at my wonderful wit.)

I will be reediting this post and updating it every Thursday over the next 30 days in order that all 30 outfits can be viewed from one post.  If I happen to publish another post in between Thursdays and you missed a week, “30 Wardrobe Challenge” will be categorized in “Fashion & Beauty-What I Wore”.  Please follow me as I spend the next 30 days to find ways to mix and match these clothes to make 30 different outfits.

I challenge you to embark upon your own “30 Wardrobe Challenge” and if you’d like to share your outfits with me please email me your pictures.  I will be selecting 5 of my favorite outfits that you, my followers, send me.  Don’t be shy and send as many as you’d like!

Warning: My kitchen counter will be taking the pictures for me since my husband will probably be gone by the time I’m able to take a picture each morning.  It will do it’s best to create quality photos but it’s not promising anything

Bear in mind that I am a stay at home mother of four so my daily wardrobe will be practical.  I am not a sweat shirt and hoodies kind of mom, I like to look presentable because it helps me to feel better and more awake and it makes me ready for unexpected visits to town or if surprise company were to appear at my door.

Without further delay:

Day 1  (2/16/12)

I have a thing for leopard prints! sweater, undershirt, jeggins and earings (Maurcies), black knee high boots (Charlotte Russe), leopard print scarf and bracelets (Claire's)

I usually don't wear my glasses for photos but I had to show off my leopard prints ones!

(Updated 2/23/12)

Day 2 (2/17/12)

The next four photos are more casual outfits because I was traveling out of town for some layed back days of Scrabble playing and spending time with my grandma, mom and kids! pants and blue cami - Maurices, plaid shirt - JCPenney, blue hoodey - Old Navy, red tennies - Pay Less

Day 3 (2/18/12)

pants - JCPenney, blue shirt, boots and necklace - Maurices, green sweater - thrifted @ The Scarlet Poppe

Day 4 (2/19/12)

pants and shoes - Maurices, cami and shirt - Aeropostale

Day 5 (2/20/12)

Heading back home in my favorite Packer shirt! shirt - Packer Pro Shop, pants - thrifted @ The Scarlet Poppe, boots - Maurices

Day 6 (2/21/12)

sweater and bracelet - Maurices, pants - JCPenney, boots - Charlotte Russe, necklace and earrings - Claire's

Day 7 (2/22/12)

I spent the day in my pj’s because I had the flu.  I guess I’ll have to post for 31 days now.

Day 8 (2/23/12)

shirt, cardigan and boots - Maurices, pants - JCPenney, bracelets, necklace and earings - gift

(Updated 3/1/12)

Day 9 (2/24/12)

jacket - GAP, vest - JCPenny's, undershirt - Aeropostale, jeggings - Maurices, boots - Charlotte Russe

Day 10 (2/25/12)

For some reason my cat felt the need to be in on these pictures. yellow striped shirt - Wet Seal, undershirt and jeans & boots - Maurices, necklace and earings - Claire's

Day 11 (2/26/12)

shirt & jewelry- Maurices, skirt - JcPenny's, belt - Charlotte Russe, shoes - gift

Day 12 (2/27/12)

sweater, cami and jewelry - Maurices, undershirt - Aeropostale, pants & boots - JcPenny's

Day 13 (2/28/12)

shirt and jewelry - Maurices, leggings - Charlotte Russe, shoes - gift

Day 14 (2/29/12)

sweater & boots - Maurices, striped sweater - Old Navy, pants - thrifted @ The Scarlet Poppe

sweater & boots - Maurices, striped sweater - Old Navy, pants - thrifted @ The Scarlet Poppe

Day 15 (3/1/12)

I LOVE peacocks! Knowing that my son got me all of these peacock accessories last mother's day! He picked them out all on his own, he'll make some woman very happy some day! Cardigan, cami's, jeggings & necklace - Maurices, belt and boots - Charlotte Russe, Peacock and teal jewelry - Claire's

(Updated 3/8/12)

Day 16 (3/2/12)

If I were to label this outfit it would be "Sparkle Me Happy"! I love sparkles and this outfit was full of them from the spakly butterfly's in my headband, the spakly cowel, my jewelry and my favorite my sparkly shoes!!! Headband - Claire', shirt, cowel and jewelry - Maurices, jeans - JcPenny's, shoes - Younkers

Day 17 (3/3/12)

Jacket, cami, bracelt, ring and belt - Maurices, pants - JcPenny's, boots - Charlotte Russe, necklace and earings - Claire's

Day 18 (3/4/12)

This entire outfit, besides shoes are from Maurices. The shoes were thrifted.

Day 19 (3/5/12)

You may recall me posting a picture in my very second post "What I Love" of an outfit that I like to replicate. This is my take on that outfit. (Click image to link you to the inspiration behind this outfit.) Entire outfit - JcPenny's

Day 20 (3/6/12)

Sweater - thrifted @ The Scarlet Poppe, brown/multi shirt - thrifted, cami and boots - Maurices, pants - JcPenny's

Day 21 (3/7/12)

Sweater,pants,boots and hat - Maurices, earings - Claire's

Day 22 (3/8/12)

Shirt, earings and bracelet - Maurices, jeans - JcPenny's, shoes - thrifted

(Updated 3/15/12)

Day 23 (3/9/12)

shirt - Wet Seal, Pants, thrifted - The Scarlet Poppe, shoes and jewelry - Maurices

Day 24 (3/10/12)

shirt, pants,bracelet and necklace - Maurices, belt - Charlotte Russe, shoes - Payless, earings - claires

Day 25 (3/11/12)

Everything in this outfit except the boots are from Maurices, the boots are Charlotte Russe.

Day 26 (3/12/12)

shirt - Aeropostale, boots and cami - Maurices, pants - JcPenny's. I'm seriously starting to run out of ideas or the desire to piece outfits together at this stage and super wishing I hadn't been sick one day so I don't have to do this anymore ha, ha!

Day 27 (3/13/12)

shirt, pants, boots & earrings - Maurices, belt - Express, scarf - made by my daughter (I wore it this day because it was her B-day!)

Day 28 (3/14/12)

Was so glad on this, our first 70 degree day, that I had picked out at least one short sleeved shirt! shirt - thrifted, cami, pants, shoes and jewelry - Maurices

Day 29 (3/15/12)

I think I stared at my closet for half an hour this morning trying to pick out a decent outfit. Not thrilled with it, but it's been 30 days of the same 30 clothes and I'm running low on ideas, LOL. Jacket - GAP, shirt - Aeropostale, pants - thrifted @ The Scarlet Poppe, boots & earrings - Maurices, scarf - Old Navy

(Updated 3/19/12)

Day 30 (3/16/12)

Shirt - Packer Pro Shop, Pants,cami, boots & jewelry - Maurices, belt - Express

Day 31 (3/17/12)

cami & boots - Maurices, plaid shirt and jeans - JcPenny's, belt - Charlotte Russe, jewelry - Claire's

Humor…I just couldn’t resist making my very first photo quote just for you!













Pin it…I dare you!  Oh, and if you do, let me know and I’ll repin it from you!

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Yes, it’s true, I can make it through a date without having to make a trip to the emergency room.  Yay me!  Honestly our ski date was the first time an injury has ever been inflicted upon my body while on a date.  Well, besides maybe a broken nail (Hate that!).  It was pretty difficult to injure myself on this outing since we didn’t spend much of it “out”.  Before I get ahead of myself let me go back to Christmas morning…

All the kids had opened their gifts, with sounds of glee and gasps of “I’ve always wanted this!” and it was now David’s turn to open his gift from me.  He looked slightly confused, and I think a little less than thrilled, when he was given a red canvas bin full of manila envelopes.  He probably thought each envelope held a clue to where his gift was and that he was expected to hunt it down.  (Which would be funny. I’ll have to remember that.)   As he opened each envelope and pulled out each carefully scrapbooked page, he pleasantly smiled as it dawned upon him what this gift was…a prepaid date for each month of the year!

We aren’t very good about setting time aside for dating each other, except for on our birthday’s and anniversary.   Three times a year just isn’t enough and we both complain that we don’t do it more often so I thought this was a perfect gift when I saw it at http://shannonbrown.typepad.com/ .  Each months date is something that I know David would enjoy.  While I really wanted to throw some girly things into the mix, I restrained myself and concentrated on what David’s likes are and planned accordingly.  The only one he probably wouldn’t have come up with if I’d asked him what he wanted to do, is an at home spa day. Though, he doesn’t seem to mind the idea of soaking in our whirlpool bath with bubbles, receiving a massage and being pampered all day.

I’ll share each month’s date with you in future posts and I encourage you to do something like this for you significant other.  Maybe not exactly this but set time aside to date each other. Even though your married and see each other daily, it’s still extremely important to find time to date your spouse.  This becomes really difficult after you have children but you still need to do it.  We both feel rejuvenated after a date and are, I think, happier parents.   After all you were a family before you had kids and it’s good to be selfish once in a while and be just the two of you.

Okay enough marriage advice from Dr. Kalli.  Let’s get back to David’s gift.

January’s date was, you guessed it, a ski date (https://lifeexquisite.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/ski-date/) which, as you may recall, did not end pleasantly.  February’s date was a…

PlayStation date!!!  (Don’t make fun of my scrapbooking, I’m just beginning.) Every married gamers dream, a whole day devoted to playing PlayStation with the wife’s permission!

Below is the first edition of “What I Wore” as I show you my outfit choice for February’s date.

brown velvet jacket (GAP), knit hat and scarf (Maurices), mittens (handmade (not by me)), yellow striped shirt (Wet Seal), green lace cami (Maurices), red skinny jeans (JCPenny's), boho belt (Charlotte Russe), knee-high mukluks (JCPenny's), necklace and bracelet's ((shown in last picture) Maurices)

I confess that was a rather awkward photo shoot.  It was so hard not to laugh at my husbands professionalism, or lack thereof, but we made it through it and I hope this outfit inspires you.  It is one of my favorite color blocking outfits!  Plus I think I may have just found myself a new Facebook profile picture in that second photo of me above!

Anyway back to our date… Before we sat ourselves in front of the television all day we wanted to go to the grand opening of our friends’ new store.  We dropped our little whipper snappers off at my husbands parents and ventured to our friends’ new store which, I might add, has the cleverest name.  The wife is the cutest little red-head and their last name is Poppe which makes for an awesome business name, “The Scarlet Poppe”!

click here to view the Scarlet Poppe’s Facebook page.

The Scarlet Poppe is a consignment store where they sell not only stylish second-hand and extremely low-priced, originally tagged items, but also bolts upon bolts of the most beautiful fabrics in modern and vintage designs.  LOVE IT!  I tried on so many clothes and would have loved to try on more but my sore shoulder just couldn’t cope any longer.  Both David and I walked out with a HUGE bag full of clothes with name brand items like Lucky, J. Crew, GAP, Old Navy and more for less than $90!  More fun…all but two of those items still had the original store tags on them!  We were thrilled and I promised my friend I’d be back soon to pick up fabrics for some summer dresses for the girls and maybe a skirt or two for me.

Quick shout out to my friends Mike and Morgan, you’ve done an awesome job! LOVE your store!

If you live in the Hayward, WI area, or if you are ever visiting, I encourage you to stop by The Scarlet Poppe and check it out.  You wont be disappointed!

After our shopping trip it was lunch time and we stopped for a bit of nutrition at the Panda House restaurant.  Mmm, Chinese cuisine!  I found my fortune cookie held a very appropriate fortune for the day…

I thought it was humorous considering that my husband would be calling the shots all day since this date was his present.  And wow was he a dictator, making me play Call Of Duty all day and into the wee morning hours!   Ugh, I could hardly stand it (wink, wink)!

Yes, it’s true.  I probably love playing PlayStation about as much as he does. Maybe not quite as much, but it’s close.  However it fills me with EXTREME frustration because it’s another one of those things that he’s better at than me. Ugh, why is he so good at everything?!

In spite of my lack of gaming skills it was a really fun and relaxing afternoon and evening (and early morning hours) playing Call Of Duty and bringin’ down the bad guys.  We ate food, which the dictator made (his famous macaroni and cheese) drank a couple pina colada wine coolers and munched on goodies.

As the early morning hours ticked away our enemy kills were desperately waning, even for Mr. Perfect, and we finally decided to call it a night.  Which is when my husband so sweetly mentioned, as he kissed me goodnight, that he was kind of disappointed that he had nothing to tease me about after this date.  Stinker!

When my husband looked at his watch to reveal that it was 11:00 am when we finally awoke on Sunday morning (Oops, guess no church.)  neither of us could believe we’d slept that late.  Sure we had stayed up extremely late, or early, or whatever it is when you go to bed at such ungodly hours, but neither of us had slept that late since…well definitely before children.  We sprang out of bed, brushed our teeth and headed to his parents to pick up our kiddos and thus quickly concluding our relaxing time together.  I would definitely do a PlayStation date again and I’m pretty sure he would too!

Now I leave you with a little marriage humor…

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I have edited and reedited this post at least 50 time this week.  I really wanted to be able to share more with you than what is in this post, but found that writing about every little joy of mine, while fun for me, was becoming very drawn out.

After much tweaking I finally came up with, what I hope, is an interesting way to show you what to expect from this blog and to help discover me; what is significant in my life, things I find undeniably fun and what drives me and makes me who I am.  So without further ado, the avenue I meant to take with my previous post, sharing with you…

What I LOVE!






Yes, its cliche, but did you really think I wouldn’t mention my family as one of my loves?  I can’t help that I love them.  They are too amazing not to love!

I’m excited about sharing with you all the things we enjoy and how we spend time together as a family.  In future posts I’ll share with you some of our family trips, our family tradition of Friday’s as pizza/movie/popcorn night, baking and craft time with the kiddos, date time with my hubby and more.

I always love blogs that show how families spend their time together and see the creative things they do with their children, so I’d like to do that with you also. However, I don’t want you falling under the false impression that we are the perfect family and that I am the epitome of the 50’s house wife and mother who smiles and sings her way through cleaning and cooking each day.  To prevent this from happening I will also share with you the moments that make me want to pull out my hair.

Speaking of 50’s housewives, I love this vintage photo!

Ha, ha...

Fashion & Beauty

Confession time…I am a clothing snob.  Well actually I am a clothing, shoe and accessory snob!   My obsession with fashion doesn’t stop at clothes, shoes and accessories though.  No, I am also enamored with hair, makeup and nail polish! I just can’t help myself!

I enjoy styling my hair and doing different things with it.   Up do’s are my fav.!  As far as makeup, well my sister has teased me about having “a palette” of makeup, so you’d be correct in assuming I have a large assortment.  I love all different colors from neutral tones of browns all the way to blues, purples and black!  My nail polish collection is also extensive and I don’t always use just one color at a time.

I also confess that I cannot wait until my new bedroom is done and I can organize all of my clothes and shoes in my closet.  To be able to organize my makeup and nail polish in my bathroom vanity will be a dream come true.  I know, it is so sad that that is a dream of mine, but I currently share a bathroom with 5 other people, and there are little hands that like to find my things.

In the future I hope to inspire you by sharing pictures of the way I do my makeup, nails and hair and my favorite outfits.  With one arm off duty I’m not feeling like I fit into the “Fashion & Beauty” category so for now I have posted some photos below of how you could expect me to look if you might run into me.

The first is a nail polish made by Essie called “over the edge” and is one of my current favorites.  The second is a very alluring way of doing smokey eyes with neutral tones.  Great makeup choice for the woman who wants to add a bit of drama around her eyes but isn’t quite ready to try blacks yet.  The third photo is my “go to hair” when, for lack of a better explanation, I am too lazy to do anything to my hair.  I’m always amused at all the compliments I get when I wear my hair like this because it’s super simple and, as I said, my lazy style.   The last picture featured is an outfit that I found this fall and have replicated a few times.  I love the plaid and stripes layered over a pair of skinny jeans and knee-high boots. I would call this the “casual chic” look.  Super cute!

Cute casual look.


I’d like to say that I am a health savvy woman, who eats only the most nutritious foods, but then I would be a liar.  I do my best to eat healthy but lets face it there are just too many delightfully delicious foods out there that don’t fit into the lower five sections of the food pyramid.  The fact that I love to bake and cook doesn’t help that tiny little triangle at the top of my pyramid stay small.  And even if the foods that I enjoy do fit into the lower five sections of the pyramid, my pyramid is greatly unbalanced.  I definitely know the grains section of my pyramid would be larger than it’s supposed to be.  I’m a sucker for carbs especially in the form of homemade bread fresh out of the oven.  Mm-mm good!

Another confession (Wow, I have a lot today.)…I work out so that I can eat what I want and not gain weight:-)

To start off my Food posts I’ll share with you one of my favorite beverages…

Hot cocoa with Cool Whip and Hershey’s syrup drizzled on top with a candy cane on the side for that bit of peppermint taste!

The recipe for this delicious drink is simple and I’m sure you already know it.  Stir 2-3 scoops of hot cocoa mix into 8 oz of hot water, add a heaping spoon of cool whip on top and drizzle with Hershey’s syrup.  Last, but certainly not least, hang a miniature candy cane from the inside and enjoy!


I am a type A, my mother says, anal-retentive woman.  My skin crawls when my house gets messy and out of shape.  My kids know that everything has its place and everything should be in its place or mommy get’s a little twitch.  Okay, so I’m not quite that bad.  Well I don’t twitch but my skin really does crawl when things get too out of hand.

A clean house is but a dream these days since I am Kalli One-arm.  (That’s the pirate name my humorous hubby has bestowed upon me.)  Having only one mobile arm is very limiting.  I can’t reach up to put things away, just folding clothes is painful.  I can’t even make my bed properly, which is something I do every morning.  I can’t stand crawling into an unmade bed and slack sheets, blegh!

It’s not just the one arm that is currently trying on my anal-retentiveness.  We are in the middle of yet another remodel job, turning our attic into our master bedroom.   Though I have many wonderful attributes, patience is not one of them.  I’m the type of person who prays, “God, give me patience and give it to me NOW!”  Needless to say the mess is getting to me.

Not that my bedroom was ever a place that I felt was a beautiful sanctuary. Which is why I am so excited about my, soon to be, new room.  We’ve never made our room special because we knew someday we’d be turning the attic into our dream master suite.  But currently I am dealing with this mess and we have a long way to go…








My faith in Christ is a HUGE part of who I am.  How simple is it to just be loved by my savior and relish in all that he’s blessed me with!  That’s it, as simple as that.


So Much To Share

I could go on, and on, and on about all the things I love but I don’t want to bore you.   Instead here’s a little collage to sum up who I am and what you can expect to see in future posts…

Dainty-420 Womens <em>Red</em> Satin High <em>Heels</em> Shoes

Stay at home wife and mom who’s pretty sure her family is nonpareil.  Small town girl with big city aspirations.  Lover of clothes, shoes, well we’ll just say fashion in general.  Loves to laugh, have fun and hang out with family and friends. Do it yourself crafter, quilter and all around resourceful kind of gal.  Packer fan, game lover…bring on Scrabble!  Baker, cooker and enjoyer of great tasting food. Hates disorganization, clutter and messes.  Yes, I may be a bit OCD.  Enjoys loud, crazy fun times with her family of six,  but also cherishes quiet time, reading a great book and soaking in a hot bubble bath.  Firmly rooted in my faith and standing on the promises of Christ.  Already looking forward to my next post!
I hope this makes you want to come back to see what’s next.  I plan to end each blog sharing a bit of…
(Photos in this post courtesy of photobucket.com, adelynstone, kaboodle, health.com, and Hobby Lobby)

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Ski Date!

I was hoping to show you, my readers, a little bit of some of the things that are fun and important to me in this, my second post, but my life took an unexpected twist this past weekend and I have decided to put that on hold for the present. I am now going to share with you about a date that my dear husband and I had this past weekend. A ski date! A ski date that was long overdue considering it’s been four years since we’ve last gone.

Allow me to set the picture… It was a typical cool January morning in northern Wisconsin when I woke with excitement at the thought of getting away with just my husband for an entire day of skiing. His excitement seemed to match mine and we wasted no time as we gathered our things and climbed up into his gray Dodge Ram. The hour drive to Duluth, Minnesota seemed to drag by, but at last we reached our destination.  Spirit Mountain!

We were happy to arrive early enough that it was not overly crowded yet and we excitedly paid for our 8 hour lift tickets, donned our gear, including new ski goggles, and hit the slopes. He was all confidence, for nothing scares him. Not to mention that for some reason he is perfect at everything, so what was there to fear for him? I on the other hand skied with a bit more timidity. After all it had been four years since I’d last gone so wasn’t sure how rusty I would be. But hill after hill I gained my confidence as my skis made a soft swooshing sound over the snow and the wind whipped happily by my speeding body. I now remembered why this was so much fun!

We took only two breaks, one for lunch and another for a warm drink and all too soon it was getting dark and our date was winding to a close.

“I think we’ll ride this lift to the top then ski over across the right side of the mountain. Ride that lift up and ski back across this way,” David said, gesturing to the left. “Then over to the lodge and we’ll be done for the night.”

“But our lift tickets still have two hours.” I protested, though inwardly hoping he would stick to his plan. The darkness was making visibility limited and I was getting a little nervous. I’d already had one small spill due to the lack of light and didn’t want a repeat.

“That’s fine,” he said, “It’s hard to see now and I’m getting tired.” To which my happy thought was, “Ahh.”

We pushed off the ski lift and had a discussion over who would lead. He wanted me to go first since my fall had just occurred on the last hill we’d gone down and he had waited a bit nervously at the bottom. I wanted him to lead since I was unsure of exactly what path across the mountain he wanted to take and I really didn’t want him behind me in case I did fall again. My confidence from earlier was wearing off now with the darkness and fact that I had just fallen. I won the lovers quarrel with, “You’re the leader of the family, lead.”

I followed behind him as he cut through some paths and across other hills, but all of a sudden I hit a rather slick patch and then my front ski got caught in a bit of loosened snow and going from ice to fluff caused my right ski to fall off. Terror struck me as I realized I was falling and falling hard. I heard a slight crunching sound as my left shoulder struck the hardened snow. It hurt so bad that for a moment I just laid there in fetal position crying and thinking, “Okay this isn’t fun anymore. I am officially done.” My second thought, that followed quickly on the heels of the first was, “Darn it, why the crap does he have to be better than me at everything?!!” (I’m a bit competitive and it really burns me that I don’t have just one thing I’m better at than him.)

I would have lingered there on the ground crying, after all it was dark and not many people were skiing anymore. Not one person had skied by me as I laid there in agony, but I knew David was waiting at the bottom of the hill. I painfully picked myself up off the, now offensive, snow and carefully trekked myself back up the hill to wear my wondering right ski had settled. I positioned my toe into the binding and stomped my heel down to secure it. Even this action brought my shoulder pain. I skied the rest of the way across the mountain, still unable to see the lift, with my left arm hanging limply at my side.

I spotted David at the bottom, it appeared he had just decided to come looking for me, for he was slashing his way back up. I waved with my right, good arm and tried to act as if I was fine.

“What happened?” he asked, laughing, obviously not concerned.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said, smiling it off and gliding past him to the ski lift.

“Is there a reason your left arm is hanging dead at your side?” he asked with a bit of a twinkle in his eye, not knowing how much pain I was in.

“I fell.”

He laughed and we waited our turn to board the lift, me in pain and him still laughing because apparently me falling is funny. It wasn’t until I cried out in pain as I sat on the lift that he realized just how much pain I was in. He became serious and helpful as we ended our ski date with him helping me get my boots and everything else off. I felt so bad that this was how our date had ended.

He insisted that I be seen by a doctor, to which I kept protesting. I was certain I was just badly bruised, but when I was still unable to move my arm or even laugh at his jokes about me being old and brittle (This just had to happen right after turning 30!) without my left shoulder hurting I contacted my nurse grandma the following day, Sunday, who said to go to the ER.

X-rays showed that I was worse off than I’d thought. Sure I was badly bruised but I also had a minor fracture to the collar bone, a bone chip along my shoulder and possible tendon damage. A follow-up with my primary physician the next day confirmed what the ER doctor said and she scheduled an apt. with an orthopedic specialist for the following day.

Between the ER doctor, my doctor and Dr. Google I was sure I wasn’t getting through this episode without surgery and prayed, and prayed that the orthopedic specialist would deliver some good news to me on Tuesday when I saw him. The thought of surgery had me wanting to lie and say a miracle had happened and I was suddenly better but I didn’t and after more painful palpitation of my pain wracked shoulder and having to perform amazing tricks of barely moving my arm from my left side, he looked at the images of my arm and delivered the news…I did have a bone chip and small tendon damage, but the damage was very minor and, praise God, he was 98% sure I would not need surgery!!!

I do have some follow-up visits and physical therapy in my future and it will be about two months until I’m fully recovered but my spirits have been lifted!  Not to mention that I look awesomely chic in my stylish bling, I mean sling;-)

I am still in a lot of pain and it sounds as though I will be for awhile but having just recently watched Soul Surfer  (http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/soulsurfer/  Great movie based off of a true story. A must see, but have tissues on hand.) has caused me to look upon my misfortune with gratefulness that my arm loss is not permanent as Bethany Hamilton’s is. This too shall pass and even if it does take a full two months to recover, I will recover. What’s two months time? A blink really.

All my husbands jokes about me now being old and brittle and that he thinks it’s time to check me into an old persons home have worn off on my 4-year-old son and he’s now cracking jokes at my expense. I really don’t mind though, besides the fact that laughter is not appreciated by my pain sensory because it hurts when my shoulder shakes, it’s good to find humor in unfortunate events. After all laughter is the best medicine!

I’m just praising God that my chances of surgery are slim to nothing and that in a couple of months I will be back in action again!!!  And, yes, I do plan on skiing again in the future.  Obviously not this year but hopefully next year.

Allow me a bit of melodrama here. I want to thank a friend who sent a faith boosting text to my husband while we were waiting in the office of the orthopedic specialist. Until your text I was certain surgery was inevitable, but hope arose within me upon reading your text and I started claiming a good report then and there. Also my sweet, wonderful and humorous husband, I thank you for being so attentive to my needs, taking on all my chores that I can’t currently do, making me laugh at my predicament and for spoiling me. To my oldest daughters, Gabrielle and Miranda for doing my hair for me every morning and for all the extra help you’ve been, thank you. And I can’t leave out my youngest two, Pierce and Elizabeth I know it’s hard to remember that Mommy is in a lot of pain right now and can’t wrestle, play with or hold you like you want, but I’m good for one arm snuggles on the couch:-) And to all of my loved ones who have been lifting me up in prayer, thank you so much.

Hopefully my life will be less eventful and my next post can feature what I was originally planning, but to quote Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

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