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(Cardigan – Charlotte Russe, Halter Top – Thrifted, Jeans & Sandals – Maurices, Bangels & Earrings – Maurices & Claire’s)

…from head to toe.  Well shoulders to toe, because, technically, there is no teal on my head, at all, in any of these pictures.  Sadly, I’m also missing teal shoes.  I have my eye on this pair from Kohl’s, but I will need one of you to get them and allow me to live vicariously through you since this attic/bedroom closet is using up all of our money.  

I considered naming this post Teal Tigress but I couldn’t decide if these are tiger stripes or zebra stripes on my cardigan.

Even after consulting my husband and kids I reached no consensus.  Yes, it’s sad, but true, we were a divided family on the matter.  Therefore, I went with Totally Teal.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised if I refer to them as zebra or tiger stripes in a future post.  I guess it will depend on my mood.  Will I be a tigress or a zebra?  Hmm…


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I can never resist a play on words!

(Pants, Blouse & Earrings – Maurices, Shoes – Old Navy, Purse – JcPenney, Bracelet and Necklace – Claire’s)

Friday night was April’s date night.  Originally we thought we’d have our master suite done by now and had a home spa day planned but since it’s not done that has been postponed and we decided to go out instead.  

Living in a small town means that dressing up is never warranted, but even though I’m a small town girl, I have a big city mind and I like to dress up when I go out.  So I seized the opportunity to wear this outfit that’s been waiting in my closet since March.  I thought the bright red pants needed Red Revival lipstick (by Maybelline) to go with it!

My husband choose to switch our spa date with a Chinese restaurant date so after a little time at the park for a walk and picture-taking we went to the super chic…

…China Buffet!!!  Okay so maybe it’s not chic but it’s one of my hubby’s favorite local spots.

Of course no date is complete without a stop at …

…Menards to blow more money on our bedroom.  I feel like we spend so much time (not to mention money) there, we’re now on a first name basis with most of the workers.  Okay maybe not first name but they do recognize us.

We had planned to go see a movie, but the thought of going home to a quiet house void of children where we could watch something that isn’t made by Disney or Dream Works was too wonderful to disregard so we headed home to crawl into pajamas and bed and watch a couple of movies. 

It may not sound like the most exciting date ever, but for parents of four loud, energetic kids it was pure perfection!

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When I see pictures like the ones above or below my heart skips a beat and I get a warm fuzzy feeling!  I LOVE schedules, meal plans, freezers full of frozen meals, labeled pantries, tidy bins that are also labeled, alphabetized book and movie shelves…  If it’s got anything to do with organization I will fall head over heels!

I confess I put the second picture above there because my closet is organized like a rainbow!  The first picture is my new pantry, it’s not as organized as I’d like, I still need to label and buy bins for some things, but everything has it’s place and I love having a pantry!  The third is something the kids and I were just talking about starting so that they have more of a say in meals.  (Click the image for a link to where I got this idea.)

Even though I tend to be a bit annal retentive I desperately long to be more organized.  As of late, my house and life have been way less organized then I appreciate.   When my son was a baby I created a spreadsheet that maps out a two week schedule for cleaning my house and keeping it organized.   This schedule worked great for quite a while but our lives have gotten busier and it only factors in my cleaning.  I’m struggling to find ways to fit in other things that are relevant and actually more important to me. Things like my children’s extra curricular activities, library/park time, play time, and what about time for me and blogging, sewing or crafting?  These are things that I just fit in wherever and it’s becoming a headache to me to try to fit these in and not accomplish all the things I need and want to.

I was complaining to my hubby (for what is probably the 50th time in the last couple of months) about my lack of schedule and how stressed it is making me and then found this post by Modern Parents Messy Kids.  I love that she has this list of how organized she is and how wonderful her life is.  I read that blog post thinking, “Yes, this is how I use to be and this is what I want again,”  and then she ends her list with, “And then I woke up…”!  This is great!  Because no matter how Type A, annal retentive I am, it’s never enough.  I feel like I am never organized enough and it’s so nice to know I’m not alone.

Modern Parents Messy Kids post helped give me the motivation I needed to finally listen to my husband and get out excel and  better plan my weeks.  This schedule will not only include cleaning and household maintenance but play time with my family and some me time as well.  I’m sure things wont go exactly how I’d like them, after all there are only so many hours in a day and I know that no matter how hard I aspire to be her, I am not Super Woman.  As long as I can keep my life as clutter and hectic free as possible is all that matters.  Another one of those lessons I’m still learning.  Can’t wait to get started!

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(Blue & White Striped Jacket – Old Navy, Red & White Striped Shirt & Sparkly Cowel – Maurices, Belt – Express, Jeans & Red Purse – JcPenney, White Hoop Earrings – Claire’s, Cross Charm Bracelet – Gift, Polka Dot Flats – Hmm….I may or may not have got them at The Children’s Place)

Don’t make fun of me for shopping in children’s stores, it’s one of the perks of being vertically challenged…I mean petite!  Plus I’m in them so often shopping for my kids that if I can’t talk one of my girls into something cute, I wont pass it up for myself.  You have to admit they are CUTE shoes!

This was surely one of those EXQUISITE moments.  My husband and I were laughing so hard during this photo session and I was really playing the “model” roll.  I dared not post those pictures because they are quite cheesy and a bit hilarious! Though I did post a couple of silly ones for you all (two photos before shoes), only because they are actually cute and showing what a good time we were having.

I LOVE this outfit.  It will probably be one of my “most worn” this spring and summer.  I’m super excited for a future post when I lose the jacket and show off the pretty lace back and sides on the red & white striped shirt!  

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Jacket & Aqua Tank - Old Navy, Red Cami, Jewelry & Heeled Sandals - Maurices, Boho Belt - Charlotte Russe, Skirt - Me

We had GORGEOUS weather this Saturday!  So gorgeous that, as you can see, I didn’t leave my new denim jacket on for very long.

With the sun shinning and the birds twittering away I couldn’t resist wearing my new skirt.  I fell in love with the retro zigzags immediately when I saw this material at The Scarlett Poppe (HERE).

I was a little scared I wouldn’t have anything to pair the skirt with, I don’t own very many retro style shirts, but with a boho spin on it I think it turned out pretty well!  Plus I love my boho belt with a long skirt and I only had one other one that I wore it with so I’m super excited to have another skirt to wear my belt with!

Would you believe that it got so warm this day that my children were running around in their bathing suits having a water gun fight and yesterday morning I woke up to snow covering the ground!  Only in northwestern Wisconsin!

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My ears react to that word, not in a good way, but more like nails on a chalkboard. My body tightens up and shutters as though it’s the absolute worst thing I could do for it.  When in truth, I know that exercise would be one of the best things I could do for my body & health.  Why does something that’s supposed to be so wonderful for me have to be so dreadfully disgusting and repulsive?

I would rather starve than exercise.  Seriously!  That’s saying a lot too because I LOVE food, especially in the form of ice cream, Cheetoes, any kind of cookie, cake, Tostitos with Salsa Con Queso,…  Have I ever mentioned my extreme fondness for carbs?  LOVE pasta, breads (Especially fresh out of the oven homemade bread!  I could eat half a loaf…or more!).  Oh and I forgot to mention donuts! As you see, I have a wonderful relationship with food and if I’d rather give that up than exercise you see how much I loathe exercising.

Since I have no self-control, I have to exercise.  However, I haven’t been on the exercise bandwagon since November.  Gasp!  Okay, I admitted it.  It’s out there.  I feel better having confessed this.

Sure, I might have hopped on my treadmill once or twice every couple of weeks or did a push-up here and there.  When I felt the agony of it the following day I decided it really doesn’t fit into my daily schedule.  After all, if my body seems to have an obvious objection to it, how good can it really be for me?

However, every winter my gut and butt expand by an inch or so as I pack five extra pounds on.  I know, big whoop, right?  WRONG?  I really do care.  My clothes feel the strain and swimsuit season is fast approaching and as a mother of four, I spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer.

Pinterest has been trying to motivate me with images like this:

I confess that when I read the quote featured on the last motivational picture I realized I would be separated into the loser group.  This photo quote much more explains my outlook on getting in shape and losing weight:

To think that a year ago I was doing P90X!  Someday I’d love to do that again and look as great as I did last summer but that was a huge commitment and I just don’t have the time for that right now.  I am, however, working myself out of that loser group by starting up Jillian Michael’s “30 Day Shred”.  I had to be careful because my shoulder is still reminding me of my ski injury but at least I’m starting something and hopefully I can stick with it.

In spite of the pain and annoyingness that accompanies exercise, I am really looking forward to looking like Jillian in 29 more days!  Wish me luck!

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This is one of those less than pleasant posts that I am embarking upon here.  It’s taking a toll on my vanity and humility and comes with a great deal of embarrassment but I feel I would be doing a disservice to my followers if I didn’t share this with you.  Plus I know how much you all like to laugh at my minor tragedies.

It’s been Zit City around her lately.  When I say “around here” I am of course talking about the general area of my face.  I never struggled with acne.  When I was in high school I would get an occassional tiny zit that was barely noticeable.  That was it, no embarrassing zitastrophes (I like to make up my own compound words.). Supposedly I’m hitting puberty late and my recent complexion has been extremely complexing.

I’m going on more than three weeks of one zit after the other, and each one feels the need to out do its predecessor in size and brightness.  They aren’t even waiting for the old zit to leave before filling yet another spot on my face.  They just find open ground.  Inconceivable! (Said like Vizzini from The Princess Bride.  LOVE that movie!)

So when the last one was the size of a pea causing the area between my eyes to puff out as though someone had struck me between the eyes with a hammer (May be dramatizing it a bit, but it was by far the biggest zit I’ve ever had.) I decided it was WAR!

I looked online for the fastest was to get rid of a zit and found a few articles that stated that hydrogen peroxide not only stings horrbily when you apply it to a gaping wound, but it also zaps a zit dry like nobody’s business.  So I attempted this and in this case, let me tell you, that war is good for absolutely nothing!

Before going to bed I applied this nasty solution to my volcano sized zit and it immediately filled the zit with white fizzing pain.  However it didn’t fizz back out, it just bubbled and filled the entire zit area leaving me with a dime sized white spot right smack dab in the middle of my eyes!.  I crawled into bed that night with my husband calling me Bullseye (Isn’t he sweet?!) praying that the pain would stop and that it wouldn’t be white when I woke up in the morning.

Well God is faithful to his children.  After all he says, “Ask and it will be given to you.”  However, God also has a sense of humor.  The white is no longer there, as I had prayed for.  No, it now looks like a blood blister and I am wishing someone had hit me between the eyes with a hammer so I had that as an excuse for this unwanted blemish now upon my head.  I guess God feels I need a lesson in humility.

All this to say…DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ON YOUR ZITS!  Though, I do have to say the skin around the zit is very dry.  It looks like old lady skin.  So maybe if the zit hadn’t been open it would have dried it nicely instead of forming a blood blister.  Though supposedly it’s supposed to be open for the hydrogen peroxide to get inside and do it’s damage, I mean magic.  I know I’ve learned my lesson and will not be trying this again.

Here are some images of before (pink) and after:

As you can see, it really wasn’t that bad.  Though, the pictures don’t do the grotesqueness justice.  (I think that’s an oxy moron.)  At least with make-up I was able to conceal it pretty well when it was just a red bump.  Now, make-up just dulls the red/blackness but it’s still VERY visible.  What felt like a volcano between my eyes has now definitely taken on the appearance of a fierce firey volcano and I should have just left well enough alone.  The good news, I don’t have any big event over the next few days that I have to look glamorous for!  The bad news, there are two new residents taking root on my chin.

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