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If you follow Life Exquisite on Facebook you already know that I had the super awesome opportunity to photograph my friends’ baby boy in his earliest hours.  I felt so blessed to be a part of their big day and watch as my friends welcomed their sweet little boy into this world.

There is something awesome in new life.  The strength of love you feel as you look upon your new baby is awing and incomparable.  I always felt like the love and bond between my husband and I grew with each baby we welcomed into the world and as I saw the love in the eyes of Matt and Brooke, not only as they looked at sweet little Henry but at each other also, I was moved to tears.

I am super delighted and excited to be able to share this moment with all of you as well…

IMG_3309 IMG_3306IMG_3302P1260107IMG_3304P1260197P1260164P1260145P1260188IMG_3311P1260165IMG_3295IMG_3303P1260228P1260238P1260237P1260240P1260122P1260121P1260091P1260135P1260136P1260254P1260130P1260127

Congratulations Matt and Brooke on your beautiful baby boy and welcome sweet little Henry!

*You may have noted the watermark on all the photographs.  This was my way of sharing with you that I am working my way towards having a photography business and am really excited about it!  Also note I named my business after my blog “Life Exquisite”.  After all capturing life one exquisite moment at a time will be my job as a photographer and you all know I love to do just that!


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P1260256P1260272P1260273 P1260264

Sweater & Blouse – Francesca’s Jeggings (similar) – Maurices, Boots – Charlotte Russe, Necklace – Urban Peach Boutique, Earrings – Claire’s)

I wore this outfit on Friday night when my husband and I went on my most favorite date ever!!!  You would think that after 4.5 years of dating and another 12.5 years of marriage that we’ve already done all the super fun dates, but you would be wrong!

We had a totally new kind of date, for us anyway…a tattoo date!

Yep, that’s right after a delicious dinner of Alfredo we went and got some tattoos!  I’ve wanted one for years, years, year and years.  Basically since high school but have been too much of a wimp to get one.  I’ve had several planned out in my head for what I want and actually met with a friend of ours who is a tattoo artist last spring to start discussing getting one with him, but put it off on the pretence that I was waiting until after summer so the sun didn’t fade my new tattoo at all.

Notice I said “under the pretence”.  It was just a guise.  I was truly just too much of a wimp to get one.  But then my hubby got one this fall and that really got me chomping at the bit so I started working on the design, figuring out just where and how I wanted my very first tattoo and at the ripe old age of 31 I finally took on the needles!

Here’s a few picts during…


P1260057IMG_0497 2P1260075IMG_0500


Yep, I am even smiling in a couple of those!  I don’t know what I was so afraid of this whole time it really didn’t hurt bad at all!  

I wanted a tattoo that represented my family so my tattoo design is two dandelions representing my husband and I with four seeds blowing off into the breeze.  These seeds represent our four kids.  Flowing with the seeds are the words “Dandelion Wishes Come True”.  As a child I blew many a dandelion and wished for this exquisite life of mine.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and four fantastic children.  God truly answered my prayers and wishes when he gave me them!

IMG_3263 2

My husband decided to get his second tattoo that night also and put one of his favorite chapters out of the bible on his chest.  Psalm 91 is a chapter full of the promises of a wonderful and loving God. 

IMG_3258 2

BEST DATE NIGHT EVER!!!  I can’t wait for the next tattoo date night!  Like I said I’ve had a few planned for some years so I have some catching up to do:-)

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P1260043P1260047P1260045P1260051 (1)

It is spring, right?  The calendar says yes but Mother Nature seems bent on proving otherwise.  I am doing my best to embrace the cool weather (aka dress warm, so I don’t freeze) but also fulfill my need for spring colors and pretty blouses.  

I feel the only thing that could have made this outfit better was a pair of mint ballet flats or heels.  My 5’2″ frame would prefer these heels…

Blouse – Francesca’s 

Lace Blazer – Forever 21

Jeggings – C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI 

Necklace – Urban Peach Boutique

Earrings – Charlotte Russe

Heels – Gift

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I can’t believe it’s WIWW already!  For the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that I’m not looking as put together as usual.  That is because I started my second round of P90X and it has changed my morning routine drastically.  I don’t feel like getting up any earlier than I already do to do my exercise (Because exercising at 4:30 am sounds horrifying!) so I don’t have time to do it until my kids are on the bus at 7:20.  This means that while I am usually dressed with makeup and hair done by the time my kids are awake, I now still look tired and icky in my workout clothes.  At 7:20 I do my hour long workout then need to shower and finally get ready for the day by about 9.  Did you see that?  I’m not doing my makeup and hair until 9!!!

This has been bothering me a bit because I like to get ready right away in the morning so that I have the rest of the day to do the things I need and want to do.  But now I can’t even do my makeup and hair until 9 or later, some days.  Which means I’ve been a lot more relaxed about the way I do both my makeup and hair.  The bare minimal is what you would call what I am now doing.  Admittedly, my vanity is suffering a little bit here and I feel a bit self conscious of my lack of togetherness, but I also miss exercising and being in shape.

Hold that, I miss looking like I exercise and looking like I’m in shape.  I in no way actually miss exercising.  I confessed, about a year ago in this post my loathing of exercise in any form.  Once I’m dong it I usually like it, but to get myself to the point to start each day is difficult.   But since I like to eat oreos and look good while I do it, I must start my exercise regiment up again.  Actually, I’m really enjoying it right now because my sister and I are Xing it together and my oldest daughter is training to run her first 5K with me.  I find exercising much more enjoyable when someone is doing it with me!

Anyway…all of this rambling to say, that exercising is my excuse of why this will be my last WIWW and I am going to just start posting my very favorite outfits when I have time to do so.  This also means that things will be a lot slower around Life Exquisite.

God has been showing me that I have some other things to focus on right now.  That by sharing my life’s exquisite moments, I’m not fully enjoying my exquisite life like I need to.  Some changes will be coming to Life Exquisite in the future, though I’m not sure yet how near or far that may be.  So while you may not even see me on here once a week, I am still around working on “Capturing Life One Exquisite Moment At A Time!”

Be sure to follow me on Facebook for the “Exquisite Moment Of The Day” and you can also stock me on Pinterest!  This may give you a look into what God is inspring in me.

Now on with the last WIWW, at least for a season, perhaps we’ll revisit it someday!


Love my tiger tank.  It always adds a little sassy something to an outfit!

Blazer – Maurices

Tiger Tank – Charlotte Russe

 Jeggings – C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI

Heels – Gift

Bangles – Claire’s



When you see me in bright colors that means it’s a gray day and I need something to brighten up my day to make me feel like it is actually spring.  Hence outfits like this!

Striped Sweater Cardi & Jeans – Maurice’s

Tank – Charlotte Russe

Flats – C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI

Necklace, Earrings & Wrap Bracelet – Francesca’s


The casual side of me which doesn’t come out very often.  Usually when I’m camping or dong outside work, haha!

Hoody (old), Striped Tank and Purple Tank  –  Old Navy

Jeans – Maurices

Flats – The Children’s Place


Dressed up for Easter Sunday.

Dress – Francesca’s

Blouse – Thrifted

Blazer – Maurices

Necklace, Bangles & Earrings – Forever 21

Shoes – The Children’s Place


I don’t tend to wear dresses or skirts much in winter because it’s too cold, but I’m growing sick of the cool temperatures and even though it wasn’t very warm yesterday when I wore this the sun was melting some snow away and I just had to go outdoors to shoot this outfit.  I miss outdoor outfit photos!

Chevron Shirt & Flats & Necklace- C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI

 Maxi Skirt and White Tee – Old Navy

Owl Earrings – Francesca’s

Bracelet – Gift

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