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In December as we were saying prayers with our baby girl,  my husband and I decided that our daughter, who was nearing two, was quickly growing too big for her toddler bed and would need to get a big girl bed soon.  We decided that when the weather turned nice we would repaint and remodel her room for her, like we did her sisters and brother when they grew out of the toddler bed.

When I asked my daughter what she would like us to make her new bedroom like.  She was quick to answer and very specific. I think she may have already been planning it:-)  She wanted the walls in her favorite color, orange, and she wanted a quilt with oranges and pinks and an owl.

 I searched the internet for a quilt with orange, pinks and owls but came up empty so my daughter and I headed to a local quilting shop, Thimbles Quilt Shop, and I let her pick out her very own fabrics.  I’ve never done this with my other kids but decided it is something I will need to do for each of them now because it was so much fun!  They each have a baby quilt I made them but I picked out the fabrics myself when pregnant with them.  This she did all on her own and she felt pretty special!

As you are aware I spent months working on this owl quilt for her, here’s a few pictures of the progress…

School was out and we shipped her and her sisters and brother off to Grandma’s for the weekend while we turned her bedroom from this…

to this…

Now to take you picture by picture!

Before and after looking from her doorway…

From opposite corner and by dresser…

Looking at dresser…

From plain ceiling fan…

to girly pink ceiling fan…

I love the cute little beaded lamp shades and the pretty detail on the fan blades!

That’s all the pictures I have for comparable before and after shots but here’s some more afters…

First a full view of Elizabeth’s owl quilt!  This twin sized quilt is the biggest I have ever made.  I’ve stuck to table runners, baby quilts and throws up until this and I’ve never quilted detail into a quilt like I’ve done on this one.  It was a lot of work but worth it!

*(This and this were the inspiration behind her owl quilt.)

Full view of her bed and most of her bedroom from standing in her closet doorway.  My husband built the bed frame/boxes and fence and did a magnificent job!!!

I love having her little table in the center of her room!  I’ve always seen little kid tables in the center of a child’s bedroom in photos of kids rooms in magazines or online and was so happy that it worked in her room with the way we newly decorated!  Plus it means she can use all four chairs instead of one being up against a wall:-)

A close up of her bed…

At the head of her bed, inside her headboard box, are some books, her starlight turtle and her flashlight.  Resting on top are her E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H blocks her Grandma Sherry made her for her first birthday, her brand new lamp and battery operated multi color flower candle!  And a little owl friend stands atop a fence post to the left of her window!

At the foot of her bed is a matching box that holds her cd player and some favorite stuffed animals.  On top is her little people house set and an adorable little owl pillow that she saw at Thimbles Quilt Shop (link to shop above) that she wanted for her new owl room so I just had to get the kit and surprise her with it when she saw her new room when coming back home!

Also I had planned to paint a cute little tree and owl on her wall but when my husband and I went to Menards for supplies for her room we saw this wall decal that matched her quilt perfectly!  I was so thankful to see it because I knew it would save me hours of work!  (I also know you can buy it on Amazon if you are interested.) We didn’t, however, use all of the decal here, we used some of it on the window art above her dresser which I’ll show you soon:-)

A close up of the owl pillow, so adorably named, Owlivia!

The boxes at the head and foot of her bed are not actually attached to her bed at all.  They are secured to the wall and they each have room under them for bins full of toys…

Across the room resting in the same place as before is her dresser, however it’s dressed up differently.  Sitting atop it are two battery operated multicolored flower candles, like the one on her headboard box, a vase of multi colored tulips (I’d like to find multi colored gerber daisies, until then these will do.) and a personalized picture frame that my husband made Elizabeth when she was about 5 months old!  Hanging above the dresser is an antique window that my husband put some more of the owl wall decals on and I painted the words “Owl Always Love You” on it.  Beside her dresser hangs her dedication dress!

A close up of the dresser top and window…

So her room was newly painted, newly decorated and her new owl quilt was carefully placed upon her bed with excitement for when she came home.  So what did she think of her new orange owl room?

She was pretty pleased!!!

And LOVED every bit of it!

She went right for her Owlivia!

And has loved her since!

Owlivia has joined her favorite snugglies at every nap and bedtime since!

I think it’s safe to say Owlivia and all of Elizabeth’s new orange owl room are a big hit!!!


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49 weeks ago I pinned this outfit with the caption, “Super great comfy outfit!”  I loved it and have hoped to recreate it since pinning it almost a year ago.  However, when I originally pinned it I lacked both the loose gray sweatshirt and the bright yellow skinnies.

At the end of last summer I saw this sweatshirt and thought of this outfit immediately   And being that it had an awesome sale price to boot, I bought it!  Still lacking the bright yellow skinnies, I was yet unable to replicate this outfit…insert sad face.  That is until the latest skinny jeans courtesy of Old Navy!  

Now 49 weeks after pinning this super cute comfy chic outfit I am finally able to recreate this look!

(Sweatshirt & Sunglasses – Maurices, Skinnies & Earrings – C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI, Purse – Bath & Body Works, Shoes (old) – JcPenny, Bracelet – Target)

While I haven’t been loving our cool summer weather I love that I’ve had opportunity to wear this a couple of times!

They say patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait…this was an outfit worth waiting for!!!

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Last Day Emotions

It’s the last day of school and I am finding myself for the first time ever looking upon this day with mixed emotions.  Normally I am ecstatic, overjoyed and elated on this day!  I cannot wait to have my kids home with me for the summer!  These feeling are all still there, as you who follow LE’s facebook page can tell by our countdown Summer Bucker List we’ve been posting daily.  But this year as I peeked out the window and watched my son hand his bus driver a plate full of goodies and a thank you I felt a little sad.

You see my little man and I are embarking on a new adventure next school year.  He and I are trying out homeschooling.  He has asked several times throughout the year to homeschool and I’ve always wanted to homeschool my kids so my husband and I thought, “Why not give it a try?!”  At first my girls were on board with the homeschooling idea also but decided they would miss their friends too much so will be staying in the public school system.  My husband and I wanted them to make this decision on their own, praying God would lead them the way he wanted them to go, and we feel they both made a good decision.  They love school and truly would miss the social aspect of it as well as their teachers!

My son, however, is a little bit like his mama.  If my mama wasn’t a working mom I would have loved to have been homeschooled.  I’m a bit of a homebody and feel best when snuggled in my nest.  Not to mention that he still loves to nap (Admittedly I still love to do that too!) and frequently falls asleep either on the bus or in our van on the trip home from school.

I am feeling a little sad because this may be the last day that he ever gets on a school bus, may be the last day he walks the SES halls as a student, not just a visitor for his sister’s concerts or class plays.  Don’t get me wrong I am so excited to homeschool him.  So excited!  And I love the thought of having my little man at home with me all day too but while I’m excited about all the time we’ll share together I’m sad for what he may miss out on.

But these are choices we make in life.  When we choose one path, we are choosing not to partake in the things that may occur along another path.  It doesn’t mean one is better than another or more fun.  It just may be what’s best for you at that time and blessing will flow forth on whatever path you choose.  I am looking forward to what blessings I will have next year with my boy as I homeschool him!  There will be some exquisite memories made, for sure!

I also have to say that I am thrilled that my girls decided to stay in the public school system.   It was with tears in my eyes that I walked out of the Spooner Elementary School building last Thursday.  I love my time volunteering at the school.  I love the opportunity to get to know my kids’ teachers and classmates better.  I love spending time with all the kids!  The things they say crack me up and they are so encouraging and sweet!  When I left Thursday I didn’t know yet that my middle daughter would decide to stay at SES thus giving me an opportunity to still be involved in the school!  I am hoping homeschooling will not keep me so busy that I can’t volunteer there still next year.

So there it is, a mama with a heart full of emotions…excitement for summer, joy about her kiddos being home for three months of fun at the beach, camping and other fun activities, thrill of a new adventure with my boy in homeschooling, a little bit scared to homeschool too, haha.  Also I’m amazed and sad at how fast this year went and how big my kids are getting!  But the joy of watching them become the little men and women God has created them to be is awesome!

I hope you all have an amazing summer vacation!!!

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(Striped Blazer (old) – Old Navy, White Trousers (old) & Sandals – Maurices, Anchor Tank – Delia’s, Bubble Necklace – Urban Peach Boutique)

I have to say I might be becoming slightly obsessed with anchor things.  And it all started when I  saw this outfit on Pinterest a year ago…

and next was this bracelet (Pinned 33 weeks ago that I designed my tattoo around and then also bought the bracelet because I loved it so much!).  Since getting my anchor tattoo I kept looking at that outfit with the thinking I needed an anchor shirt to go along with my anchor tattoo so I bought this anchor tank.  I’m feeling pretty sailorish now!  Just need a boat:-)  

The bottom photo leads me into my second confession and one I believe I’ve mentioned before on LE…my obsession with chevron!  But have I mentioned my obsession with chevron manicures?!  No, I don’t believe I have.  But one has only to check out my Makeup & Nail Polish Ideas board on Pinterest and you’ll find that I’ve been pinning chevron manicured nails for sometime.  I was surprised to find that I’ve been pinning more than I thought without realizing just how many times I have done so.  I try to not pin things more than once because, well you really don’t need them pinned several times but apparently I need chevron manicures pinned multiple times because I have pinned thisthis & my latest being this one.  In my defense, none of them are the same chevron manicure pinned twice, just a few different chevron manicures!

Well, I decided to finally act upon my obsession this Saturday and while my kiddos were outside playing I had a little “pamper mama time”!  The results…

Yep, I LOVE it!!!

Okay, one more obsession confession!  I’m on a roll with them today!   Here it is…My latest tattoo!  Yes, I got another one!   Just had to get one more in before summer and my friend was so kind as to fit me in just one more time and give me a super great deal.  Thank you, Shane!  I actually got it a few weeks ago and was going to wait for summer to show it off on my blog but our temps are still cool and I just can’t wait anymore!  This one has no meaning besides that it’s dainty, pretty and I love dragonfly’s!

Okay, enough obsession confessions from me for today!  Though I am curious…What is your latest fashion obsession?   Confess away!

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