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(Maxi Skirt – Maurices, Dragonfly Tank – Charlotte Russe, Necklace – Claire’s)

This tank has been one of my favorites for a couple of years now and, yes, you’ve seen it featured before…

You’re okay with seeing it again, though, right?  I hope so because I’m not going to promise it’s the last.  I like it too much!

I’ll confess that as much as I love my dragonfly tank and maxi skirts I am getting ready for some fall layers.  So glad fall is just around the corner!

And, as promised, it’s time to announce the winner of last weeks bracelet giveaway…

Congratulations to Tammy Ackerson!  Email me your address and I’ll get it sent to you right away!

And thank you, Old Navy – Eau Claire, for sponsoring this great giveaway!


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Just a quick reminder of the giveaway going on at LE right now.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win this bracelet from Old Navy!

Go to https://lifeexquisite.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/living-the-dream/ to find out how to enter.

Winner will be announced Wednesday!

Good luck!

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(TeeShorts, Earrings & Bracelet C/O –Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI, Shoes – (old) JcPenney)

Okay, while I said I was going to be more relaxed about posting this summer I really didn’t think it would be over two weeks since my last post and almost a month since my last outfit post.  Shame on me!  In my defense, if I’m allowed to plead my case, I had a busy, but super fun week in Wisconsin Dells with my family, then I had a busy week getting ready for homeschooling…well, I’m still doing that…

And then I really should have done an outfit post the last week and a half but my vanity got the best of me because I had the biggest ever cold sore (at least the biggest I’ve ever seen) right in the middle of my bottom lip!!  Even if I had wanted to be photographed I’m pretty sure the camera’s lens would have cracked had I even tried to take pictures with that hideous thing swelling up my bottom lip making me look like Professor Klump!

That being said…you can see I am cold sore free now and sportin’ a new outfit courtesy of Old Navy!  I love this shirt!  LOVE IT!  It’s made me think about my life and I have to say I am pretty much living my dream life.  Maybe not “the dream life” but my dream life.

When I was little there were four things I wanted to do with my life…become a country music star, fly with an umbrella like Mary Poppins, become a wife, and be a mom!  I think it’s too late to become a country music star and I tried flying like Mary Poppins and much to my disappointment it didn’t work (True story, ask my dad.)  But I am a wife to the most wonderful man and a mom to four beautiful kids.

Yep, I am livin’ the dream!!!

Guess what!  I just might be able to help you live your dream too!  At least a little tiny smidge of it:-)

If you like the bracelet in this post follow the instructions below for your chance to win this…


1)  Like this post & comment on what makes your life so exquisite and dreamy.

2)  Like Life Exquisite here at WordPress or on Facebook @LE on Facebook

3) Like Old Navy on Facebook

The winner will be announced here next Wednesday!  Good luck!

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Wednesday night my daughter and I went to her school and took her 11 year pictures…All I can say is that when I look at these pictures of my 11 1/2 year old my sentiments match that of old Tevye from Fiddler On The Roof and the song, “Is This The Little Girl I Carried” chorused through my head as I edited these photos.  How is it that my baby girl has grown up so fast?!  

She’s no longer a little baby snuggling her blankie and little lambie pie.  She’s a young lady who’s grown very beautiful and of whom her daddy and I are very proud!

Love those beautiful blue eyes!

She made the purse that is featured in both the top picture and the picture below last year in 5th grade out of an old pair of pants for a school project where they were supposed to recycle something!  She did AWESOME!  Recycling at it’s finest!

Gabrielle is going into 6th grade next year so we took her picture next to the 6 on the track!

And because our team is the Rails we had to include the train behind the big 6th grader…

Just because she’s getting older doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy playing still, so we got some pictures on the middle school jungle gym and this is where I captured my favorite pictures…

And as usual I’ve saved my very favorite for last!

Such a beautiful little girl!

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