An Introverts Journal

Let’s Revisit Those Journals

Next week we’re going to be moving back to “Excerpts from and Introvert’s Journal”, but before we do, I thought it would be a good idea to do a slight recap for those of you who may have forgotten what I had shared in those posts, as well as for those who are new to Life Exquisite.  After all, it’s been more than a month since we’ve talked about much besides Advent and Christmas.

Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 1

In this first part of “Excerpts…” I shared that I was a bit of a mess in the six-month break that I had taken from blogging.  In those six months my health had begun to fail me.  What started as influenza last March, led to pneumonia, and then another infection and then another, which led to digestive issues and autoimmune diseases.  We were unable to get rid of the infection in my body.  It just kept moving around and we didn’t know where it was or how to fight it.  My body could no longer handle antibiotics, my creatinine levels were high, my white and red blood cells out of whack.  I was scared but didn’t want to worry so busied myself with the drug of distraction.

Until one day…

You can read more of Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 1 HERE.

Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 2

In part two of “Excerpts…” I shared how my health began to affect my relationships.  I could no longer be the mom to my babies that they needed me to be and that I wanted to be.  And while my younger two are still young enough that some snuggles on the couch with a movie, book, or a game is all they need, my older two needed much more. 

They needed a mama they could talk to about all the things that teenage girls deal with.  But my sickness was creating such a mental fog that I couldn’t have conversations.  How could I be the mom they needed when I could barely remember the last word they said let alone an entire sentence or conversation?

My girls began to stop talking to me, knowing I couldn’t handle it.  And it hurt.  It was beyond frustrating to feel so weak and fallible.

You can read more of Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 2 HERE.

Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 3

Part three was the hardest to share.  It took a vulnerability that I didn’t really have the strength for, but with the feedback that I received from you my readers and friends, I know beyond a doubt that God gave me His strength to push the publish button on this blog post.

Between my failing health and my husband traveling for work so often well…

But there is always hope in the redemptive and healing power of our Heavenly Father.

You can read more of Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 3 HERE.

Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 4

This is where we left off right before Christmas.  You may be noticing a theme with all of my journal excerpt posts.  Relationship.  And how perfect is it that God gave me the phrase, “Say yes to relationship” for 2019.  All those “saying yes to the good portion of relationship” posts that I had studied for and blogged January through May of last year, were just what I needed as I walked through the pain of brokenness in my body and relationships.

Part four is about my relationship with myself.  Which it turns out is a lot more important than I ever thought it was.  For years I had beat myself up and listened to the lies Satan whispered about me.  How I was inadequate, unimportant, insignificant.  I didn’t love myself, or really even like myself, and believing in myself, that I was created for a purpose, was pretty much impossible.

You can read more of Excerpts from an Introvert’s Journal – Part 4 HERE.

So, now you’re up to speed on all the excerpts from my journals that I have shared so far.  There are a few more left that I am going to be sharing with you and then…who knows what God will have for this year.

I know that at some point, hopefully soon, I’ll be sharing some news with you all.  And I have goals for this year, that include working on my book and other projects.

And also, this year of reNEWal!  God has already begun to work in my body and relationships.  And as he continues to work and renew my body, mind, and soul I know that He is healing me and making me new physically, mentally, and spiritually!

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