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I can’t believe June has passed and it’s already July, yet here it is!  And I’m busy getting ready for this years 4th of July camping trip!

I just can’t let this month take off without posting a fun little fourth of july themed post!

To start I don’t think I ever shared our yummy little patriotic s’mores bar from last years 4th of July camping trip (I looked back in posts and couldn’t find anything.), so I thought I’d share a few photos of it!

We had patriotic themed marshmallows on skewers…

…and in a bowl!

I also dipped graham crackers in chocolate and sprinkled them with patriotic sprinkles, beside them for s’more fun (catch that pun;-p) is short bread and mint girl scout cookies!  YUMMY!!!

 And just so that we had a slightly healthy treat, I dipped some strawberries in cool-whip and sprinkled them with blue sprinkles!!!  My kids LOVE cool-whip dipped strawberries!

In anticipation for this years camping trip, and to start preparing, the kids and I spent most of yesterday baking and decorating our annual 4th of July sugar cookies.  We made over 200 sugar cookies!  Don’t worry we don’t plan on eating all of them ourselves.  We are camping with 3 other families and we’re attending a resort picnic so we needed plenty to share:-)

I’m sure you’ve all seen the adorable patriotic snacks floating around Pinterest, I thought I’d show you what pinteresting things I plan on making to celebrate the 4th this year, that is besides the 200 sugar cookies!

I couldn’t find patriotic themed m&m’s so my three year old is currently sorting through a giant bag of m&m’s so we can make these up this afternoon!

I have licorice and whatever blue and red m&m’s we don’t use we’ll set in cute little dishes also!

My son has been asking for chocolate cake with strawberries so I thought I’d make a version of this and replace the raspberries with strawberries!

Of course there will be fireworks, sparklers, and much, much more patriotic fun!

What do you plan on doing to celebrate this Independence Day?  Whatever it is we hope you have a very…



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