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Okay, okay I know I’ve been horrible about posting but seriously it’s been crazy busy.  I know, I know there are a lot of other bloggers out there who are crazy busy too, but I guess I’m just a slacker, haha:-)

A lot has happened since last I posted, A LOT, and it’s left me wondering about Life Exquisite and its future and where its going to go.  Not to mention, my own future and that of my families…but before I get to far ahead of myself lets start from here…

Summer has ended and the kids started back up with school on September 3rd…

Gabrielle and Miranda are still in public school…

…but as I mentioned at the end of the school year last year Pierce has decided to homeschool and Elizabeth is starting preschool from home!

Even though homeschooling keeps me busier and my house a bit more messy then I’d like I’m loving having my boy at home with me.  I wish the girls were here every day too, though I think I may go crazy teaching them all, haha.  But, maybe someday, they do seem to be a bit jealous of all the fun things we do:-)

Even though I haven’t been posting I have managed to get pictures of some of my outfits.  And since you saw what my kids wore on their first day of school I’ll show you what I wore too…










I start with my hair down each day but by mid day when I’m doing craft/art time with my kids or running around outside for our “recess” I end up tossing my hair up in a messy bun.  Luckily my hubby is commuting now and doesn’t have to see me in my messy bun on a daily basis.

Say what?  My husbands commuting?!

Yep, that’s the change in the wind I mentioned in the title.  My husband has taken a new job in Minnesota and it wont be too much longer before the kids and I, still wearing our cheeseheads of course, head to The Land Of A Thousand Lakes to join him.  Our goal is the beginning of November before Mother Nature sends her beautiful blanket of snow to make driving and moving conditions less than enjoyable.

So it is not just homeschooling and keeping house that has kept me from posting but also I’ve begun to clear out stuff we don’t want to bring with us and pack things away we don’t need for now.  It’s all kept me very busy thus keeping me away.  It’s also left me wondering just what I’ll do with Life Exquisite in the future.  My hopes are to keep it going but it has gotten very busy, moving/packing aside, and I keep thinking with all this newness my family may need as much of me as possible and distractions, even a small one like a blog, may be too much for now.

I have thought of turning it into more of a personal blog for my family and friends to keep up with the goings on of our new life in MN but they can easily do that through FB also.

I’m really not sue yet, so stay tuned.  Who knows what will happen.  For now I’m excited to share with you our fun things we did for homeschool today on this beautiful fall day which also happens to be…

Johnny Appleseed Day!!!

We kicked off our school morning with an apple hunt!  I don’t have any apple trees so I hid some apples in and around our willow tree for my youngers to find!

Then we headed inside to make apple butter from out harvest!  They helped with the whole process from cutting the apples (with butter knives), to adding the sugars and spices and then stirring it all together in the crockpot!  It was my sons idea to wear pots on their heads like Johnny Appleseed did:-)

All this morning our curriculum was Johnny Appleseed themed with ideas I got from Pinterest like

this and this.  I also got a couple apple themed curriculums from teacherspayteachers.com like this and this.

Here’s how our Johnny Appleseed Craft turned out (We combined this with this, because I liked them having their names on the pot.)…

I even made them an apple themed lunch!  I was planning to just serve them apple slices and apple juice with sandwiches but when my daughter requested pancakes for lunch I couldn’t resist making these!

And before nap and rest time we concluded our Johnny Appleseed unit watching a movie my teachers showed me every year in elementary school and I loved watching it every year!

(Click image to bring you to youtube video.)

So much is happening, the kids miss their dad, I miss my hubby, but luckily we get to see him on the weekends still!  All in it’s been busy but fun.  And today, Johnny Appleseed Day, was super fun!!!


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As my final “Back To School Post” I decided to post a few outfits my kids will be wearing to school this year…

Waiting For The Bus

Outfits from left to right in bottom picture: M – Blazer & Boots – Target,  Pants – Old Navy, Tie – JcPenny’s, Tee – The Children’s Place; P – Plaid Shirt, Monster Tee & Jeans – The Children’s Place, Tennies – Gift; G – Top – Kohl’s, Skinnies & Zebra Scarf – The Children’s Place, Shoes – Gift; E – Dress & Tights – LLBean, Boots – Target

All of their backpacks are from LLBean because they have a lifetime warranty.  We get our children them at the beginning of Elementary, Middle and High School so Miranda’s is no longer featured since it’s her 3rd year using it but here is Pierce’s and Gabrielle’s.  We also get them the matching lunchbag.

Playing Preppy

From left to right in bottom picture: P – Plaid Shirt – Kohl’s, Vest, Skinnies & Boots – The Children’s Place, E – Skirt, Shirt & Tights – The Children’s Place, Boots – Target, Hair Accessory – Homemade, G – Shirt – Justice Girls, Skirt – The Children’s Place, Shoes – Gift, M – ShirtSkirt & Shoes – The Children’s Place

Schoolhouse Rock

From left to right in middle picture: G – Shirt and Scarf – Charming Charlie (Sorry they currently don’t sell things on-line), Pants & Boots – Old Navy, P – Gorilla Tee – Old Navy, Pants & Shoes – The Children’s Place, Costume Hoody – Kohl’s, E – They are all items from when my older girls were young, so sorry but can’t find them, M – Pants & Tee – The Children’s Place, Skirt – Kohl’s, Boots – Target (I apologize that all of the items for her outfit seem to be sold out so couldn’t get any links.)

My kids helped pick out all of their outfits and we had so much fun, playing around and laughing while getting taking these pictures!  I’ll try to download a slide show to LE’s FB page later on that shows you more of the fun photos I took.  We laughed so hard when looking back at them.  Though it may be one of those things that’s funnier for us than you!  

For now it’s time to say good-bye to the “Back To School” posts.  We leave tomorrow to go camping over labor day weekend and when we come back it will be a busy schedule with school starting September 4th and extra curricular activities quickly getting underway, but we are looking forward to them all.  (The kids a little more than my husband and I, ha, ha.)

Wishing you all an EXQUISITE school year!

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