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My son has been planning his 6th birthday party since August when preseason football started and the Greenbay Packers hit the field.  I’m pretty sure you can guess he planned a…


My son wanted his Packer party to be a Packer vs. Viking party because his daddy is a Viking fan and he wanted the Packers to beat the Vikings.  Something I had no problem with:-)

I set to work transforming one of our dinning room walls into Lambeau Field’s scoreboard.

I hung 2 yellow table cloths from the ceiling and strung green and yellow balloons across the top.  My scoreboard is 2 pieces of black tagboard taped together and enhanced with pictures from Packer/Vikings games and the score reflected here is the score from the last game the Packers and Vikings played together (Wild card Packers vs. Vikings 2013).  I also made sure that the scoreboard proudley announced “Lambeau Field Home Of The Greenbay Packers” and their 13 World Championship Titles!!!

The table is set with a field goal post made from PVC and some of my Packer’s memorabilia, except the Packer helmet and that nifty Vikings’ hat with the Packer emblem, those are the birthday boys!

Featured on the left side of the cake table is an official NFL football, that awesome Vikings’ hat that just needed a Packer’s emblem, a copy of my Packers Stock Certificate, a sign I got while at my first Packer game at Lambeau Field and some cute little cupcakes with cake balls on top in the shape of footballs!

Better image of the cupcakes…

On the right side of the table is my Packer flag from when they won Superbowl XLV, my son’s Packer helmet, some Packer Yearbooks, Sports Illustrated, etc.  Also the passes from the tours my husband and I took of Lambeau Stadium and the invite for my son’s party lean against the soda bottle!

A close up of the invitation to the big event!  I made his invitations look like a ticket to a football game!

And the cake…

I should have taken a picture of all of the food but I didn’t and for that I apologize, but we celebrated football style and served up all sorts of football/appetizer type of foods.  Some of them I’ve blogged about in the past like jalapeno popper dip & layered taco dip.  In addition to these we had plain (for the kids) and BBQ cocktail weenies, fruit salad, chicen nuggets and lots of chips.  We also had green punch for the Greenbay Packers!

We were supposed to go outdoors and play a game of football but the day was cold and rainy so we didn’t get to and I had no back up plans as far as games go for this party but we had a lot of fun without games just hanging out with each other!

A few more fun pictures from his friend and family party, where he hit everyone up for money in hopes of getting a Kindle Fire…

His actual birthday when he got a big boy bike without training wheels, a bat for t-ball and some other small gifts, some play time at the park and then Dairy Queen!

And, yes, he got his Kindle Fire!!!

Happy Birthday, Pierce!  We love you so much!!!


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Last weekend we celebrated my daughter, Miranda’s, 8th birthday!  Per her request we had a Candy Shoppe themed birthday party and boy was it ever a sweet party!!!


The table was set with all sorts of sweet treats…


…from salt water taffy, Tootsie Rolls, gum balls, M&M’s, cupcakes and more!



(The cupcakes were homemade Wacky Cake with homemade Peanut Butter Frosting and a Peppermint Cream Cheese frosting I found online.  Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese frosting use to be my two favorite frostings but this Peppermint frosting has joined the two of them.  May even be my very favorite!!!)

There was also a great deal of candy decor!


(I got the idea of the balloon suckers and lollipop topiary from Pinterest.)

Even the chandelier was given a little facelift, with a string of pink beads and some cheap candy Christmas ornaments, so that it looked like it belonged in a Candy Shoppe!


My favorite decoration was the old window I painted teal and set with burlap to pin pictures of my daughter in and then her name in flower and butter fly letters set in front of it!



The kids made candy necklaces with life savers…


(Yarn and lifesavers, easy!)

and played a GIANT game of Candy Land in which they were the game pieces!!!  They absolutely loved this!


(It was super easy to set up.  Just print out pictures of the Candy Land characters, ie Princess Frostine, The Gingerbread Man, King Candy, etc., and then lay them out with colored construction paper following the pattern of the game board!  Super huge hit!!!)

Everyone seemed to have a really good time, indulging in sweets, playing games and enjoying each other’s company, especially the birthday girl!!!


Happy 8th Birthday, Miranda!  I love you!

Sorry, No Football Food post this Monday.

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