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 Yes, the title of this post is a mouthful, but I have no idea what else to call this shirt.  As I promised I’m delivering a tutorial on how to make the shirt from the outfit I posted on Wednesday.  So for all of you who liked up this post both here at WordPress and on Facebook here’s how to make this shirt…

Step 1 –

Take a basic tee that fits you at least two sizes larger than your normal size.

Step 2 –

Fold it in half with side seams touching each other.  I then laid a low rise shirt on top to help get the cut I wanted…

Step 3 –

…then cut from front to back.  I followed my shirts line but if you don’t have a shirt to follow just be sure to start high in the front and work your way low in the back.  I actually made my new tee slightly longer in the back than the striped shirt on top is.  Start long, because you can always go shorter.  Once you have your length determined you are done!  No sewing involved!  LOVE it!

Step 4 –

Now to work on the sleeves.  Cut off the sleeve hem just along the inside of the stitching.  Next cut up the top side of your sleeve, all the way up to where the sleeve meets the body.

Step 5 –

Cut the bottom seam of the sleeve off at an angle to blend nicely with the rest of the sleeve.

Step 6 –

Take the two top part sections of the sleeve that have been cut up to the body (sections shown in step 4) and loosely tie 2 times. Be sure not to tie it tight to body.  You want to leave the hole, because it adds chic cuteness!  Repeat steps 4-6 on the second sleeve.

And voila, you’ve just done about 5-10 minutes of easy work for a super cute tee!

I hope I’ve explained it well but if you have any questions ask away:-)


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May is Teacher Appreciation Month and I thought I’d share with you how we show our kids’ teachers that we appreciate the love and care that they pour out to our children 180 days out of the year.

Our school has a special week set aside for teacher appreciation and during that week my kids and I make up special gifts to give to their teachers. One for every day!  Last week was just that week and these are the 5 little gifts we made to say “Thank You”!

Day 1

Bracelet & Necklace


I knew that my son’s teacher liked the bracelet featured above because of a comment she made on FB so instead of making her something this day we got her this set of bracelets instead.  However, my daughter still wanted to make her teacher a necklace and made the one featured below.  (Directions on how to make this necklace here @ The Idea Room.)


Day 2

Mani/Pedi In A Jar…


We filled jars full of everything a woman needs for a DIY mani/pedi…

P1260318…a buffer, brush, files, cuticle pick, finger/toe dividers, nail polish and of course a bit of chocolate!  Then jazzed it up a bit with a leopard print tag and a special message!


Day 3

I completely forgot to take a picture.

Yep, two thumbs down for that one:-(

But it was a loaf of my basic white bread all tied up with fabric and bows and accompanied by a mini jar of homemade strawberry jam!

I actually do this one every year during Teacher Appreciation week because well, who doesn’t love a fresh loaf of bread and jam?!

Day 4

Monster Cookies are a SWEET thank you!


I found this idea on Pinterest only it’s ment to be a gift from the teacher to the students.  We switched up the saying from “Your One Smart Cookie” to “Thank You For Making Me A Smart Cookie!”

Day 5

This is another gift I’ve given every year since my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten,



I love to do flowers because it’s a simple way to say, “Thank you for planting seeds in my children and helping them to grow!”  I try to come up with a different saying each year but they always express the same sentiment.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how we made these…

I typed the saying “Teachers Plant Seeds Of Knowledge That Will Grow Forever!” on Word and pasted a swirly little design then printed it out.  Next I taped it to a window…


so that the outdoor light would make it easy to trace on to the precut fabric that I taped on top of that.


Then with my handy dandy Sharpe I traced over the words and design.


I then fastened this around the flower pot with some jute rope and voila!


I always have my kids sign the cards/tags that accompany each gift because their handwriting is special and helps to make it more personal.  Plus my kids like to do this!  On the last day I also include a little thank you card from my husband and I and express our gratitude for the time they’ve taken to work with our kids and the love and care they’ve shown them each day.

Good teachers are such a blessing and once again we were blessed with some great teachers this year!

Thank you so much Mrs. Swan and Mrs. Piskie for loving on our kids and making this school year fun for them!

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Easter is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas!  It’ s celebrating our savior’s sacrifice to give new life to all of us!  What a blessing.  How appropriate that we celebrate his resurrection and gift of life to us in spring since spring is all about new life and new beginnings.

I don’t have a lot of time to post because I want to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with my kiddos on this wonderful Good Friday but I just wanted to pop by and wish you all a Happy Good Friday & Happy Easter and show you a couple of cute crafts my kiddos have made for Easter.  Maybe your kiddos will enjoy them too!


The adorable little egg bunting that my youngest daughter made was her very first sewing project which she had a lot of fun doing…


It hangs in our big dinning room window as shown above, but we also used it in a little mini Easter photo session…



Besides the Easter egg bunting, my girls made these cute little toilet paper roll bunnies with my mom last weekend and it sounds like they really had fun doing this.


Not sure where my mom got the idea probably Pinterest since I was able to find it on there.  The image I found didn’t link to a  tutorial but there is an image here, if you’d like to check it out.

Yesterday the girls and I (my son still wasn’t feeling up to par) made these super easy and cute scrapbook paper eggs…


They are so sweet and you adorable and super easy!  You will find the tutorial here at Craft And Creativity one of my new favorite blogs for finding crafts to do with my kids!  Be sure to check it out, they have lots of brightly colored Easter crafts!

Okay, time to get outdoors with my kids.  Wishing you all a very Happy Good Friday, A Blessed Easter and lots of sweet treats!

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As promised on Tuesday, when I showed you my Easter decorations, I’m going to show you how I made my Spring, Spring, Spring banner!!!

I always love banners when I see them on Pinterest and decided it was time to make one of my own.  Whenever I think of spring I think of the Spring song from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and I wanted my banner to be happy like that song is, yet fit in with my primitive/country decor.  Which means, in this tutorial you will learn my method of aging paper.  I’m sure there are other ways but this is how I’ve done it for years and it’s very simple and fast.

What you’ll need:

White card stock with the words Spring on it (See step 1)

A spray bottle with water in it.

Instant coffee grounds

Scrapbook or some other decorative paper

Decorative scrapbooking scissors

Hole punch


Medium sized safety pin


1)On card stock print out the word SPRING three times in letters that measure about 2 1/4 inches tall.  I used  Word, Cambria font, size 150.  Be sure to have them spaced apart to allow room for cutting.

2)After they are printed out allow ink to dry for about 10 minutes.  Then lay on plastic or a well protected surface.


(In this picture and the next, ignore the bottom right printout.  I opted not to use that in my Easter decorations.)

3)  Here’s where you’ll start the aging affect on your paper.  With water bottle on a mist spray, lightly spray each paper evenly and sprinkle with instant coffee grounds.


4)  Using your finger tips, gently rub the coffee ground around the paper until you achieve a nice golden effect…


5)  Allow your papers to dry completely.

6)  When papers are dry, use a decorative scrapbook scissors to cut a pretty edge around each letter…

noname copy 4

7)  Glue these onto scrapbook sheets or other decorative paper.  Thicker paper/scrapbook sheets work best for banners.  Be sure to leave about a 1-2 inch space between each letter as you glue them down so that you’ll have room for a nice thick border around each letter.  I didn’t measure, completely free handed so my borders aren’t all “exactly” the same.  Close enough:-)

8)  After the glue has dried and letters are secure to scrapbook paper use a decorative scissor (I used the same scissor for both the letters and the border piece, but feel free to use a different one if you’d like.) to cut a 1/2 – 3/4 inch border around each letter.  Then punch a hole in each upper corner…


9)  After you have punched holes in all your cards unwind a long piece of ribbon, but do not cut it off the spool yet in case you wish to lengthen or shorten your banner.

10)  Now you will need your safety pin.  Attach your safety pin to the open end of the ribbon.  By using a safety pin you wont have to worry about trying to get an unraveled ribbon through each hole.  The safety pin makes this easy! Slip the pin through one of your holes from the front side of your card.  I was working backwards with my words so had to put the pin through the right hole first, from the top side of the card.  Do not put it through the bottom or the ribbon will show across the front of your letter.  You want it behind.


11)  You will bring the pin back up through the backside of the second hole now.  And your ribbon is hidden behind the card!


12)  Continue adding all of your letters, in the correct order.  After they are on you can play with spacing and arrange them as you desire.  After everything is spaced and in its desired place cut the ribbon.

13)  Now it’s time to hang your banner!  After it’s hung you may want to move the letters around a little more.

14)  Stand back and enjoy your beautiful artwork!!!


Happy Spring!

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I’ve been wanting to do this craft with my youngest daughter since I saw it on Pinterest. So simple but so cute! Plus kids just love any craft involving paint!

With her sister and brother making Valentine boxes for school…


She has been wanting to make one also. So I thought why not turn the Pinterest art into one?! Thus this was pinspired (photo tutorial to follow:-))…


1. Protect your child’s workspace if you don’t want any paint splatters on the surface being used. I taped down an unused trash bag.
2. Gather assorted paints, something to pour them on to (I used an ice cream container lid.), enough toilet paper cardboard for each color paint (be sure to shape them into hearts) and paper (we used card stock). Pour all the paints onto your lid and place a TP cardboard in each paint color.
3. Allow your child to be creative and have fun as they stamp away!
4. My daughter also used some clear glittery and pink puff paint that I had on hand. She loved squeezing this onto the paper!
5. When your little Picaso is done allow them to dry completely.
6. When they are thoroughly dry fold the card stock in half.
7. Let your child help you punch holes along the side of their folded artwork.
8. Teach them how to sew as they string yarn through the holes! Be sure to tie off each end. Also make sure you leave enough extra yarn on each side to tie it to the back of a chair, as we did, or wherever your child’s lite heart desires:-)
9. Your preschoolers bin is ready for some Valentine’s treats and some love notes from Dad, mom and siblings! Feel free to embellish with a big bow like we did, or whatever else you can think of.

My 3 year old truly had a blast as we worked on this together. She enjoyed the stamping part so much that each member of our family has a Valentine’s bin tied to the back of our dinning room chairs! I’m going to encourage our kids to leave little notes for each other, that say why they love them. I also plan on doing this and am excited for when they discover the notes I’ve already left in their bins!

*My apologies to you who viewed this post right after it was posted.  It’s my first job posting to my blog from iphone and there were a few hiccups to work out.  Hopefully it wont happen again:-)  

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Valentine’s Day is on Thursday and since my oldest daughter has been asking me the last couple of years to decorate for it, I made a last minute decision last week to do some Valentine’s crafts!

Yes, this is the first time I’ve ever decorated for the Valentine’s holiday.  It’s not that I don’t like Valentine’s, we celebrate it every year with a fancy candle lit dinner and fun family time at home.  I just never thought all that bright red and pink fit into my county, primitive decor.  But I found some ways to make it work and make my daughter happy!

One of the reasons I don’t decorate for Valentine’s is because I don’t want to spend money on a bunch of decorations that don’t really go with the country/primitive decor of my home, so I set to work finding things around my house I could use to grunge up and sort of fit in with the rest of my home.  (Sort of, I’m not much of a pink girl, when it comes to my living spaces, which may be another reason I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day before.)  The only thing I bought was the M&M’s to fill two of the candle jars on our mantel Lucky for me I already had the gum balls and red hots!.

My mantle is rarely without an old window, I have 4 of them that I circulate and redecorate for the current season.  I came up with the idea of putting the word “Love” in my four pained window and my oldest daughter asked if she could make it

P1230558It was really hard on my OCDness to not offer any advice, because I knew her artsy side wanted to just create on its own so I fought off the urge to suggest how to do it and let her work on it.  She did a pretty good job, didn’t she?!


My youngest daughter helped me make the jars.  Basically she filled them with the candy while I set to work on decorating the outside of the jars.  But it was a great job for her because it worked with her on her colors while she had to sort through multi colored gum balls for only the pink, white and reds!

I set the jars amidst and on old books, one being a Jane Austin (Romance at its best!) and a very old family bible (The ultimate LOVE story!) with red beads draping without.  Although the bible is typically on my mantel, using books to set the jars on was inspired by this Pleated Poppy post.


I decorated the jars with scrapbook tags and paper, buttons I had around from past projects.  The first jar holds red, white and pink gum balls and a scrapbook tag with hearts and a big button, tied with jute rope.  The second jar holds red hots and a newspaper flower, with a tiny pink button center that is glued in the center of a pink ribbon bow.  The third jar is filled with Valentine’s M&M’s and wrapped in a cream crocheted band with jute rope flowers that have pink button centers.

noname (1) copynoname (1)P1230576

I had just enough of this script fabric (purchased from The Scarlet Poppe a couple of years ago) left over in my fabric scraps to make these romantic hearts.  I wrote the word “Love” on the largest heart with red and pink magic markers then coffee stained all of them, along with some torn strips of scrap pink fabric I had, before filling them with batting and sewing them shut.  I then wrote on the stained pink strips with a black magic marker the words “Be Mine”, “I♥U” and “XOX” on the three smaller hearts and pinned the strips on with rusted safety pins.


I felt the need to give credit where credit was due and add a couple of pictures of my daughter working on the window.  She even let her little sister help a bit and they had a lot of fun together!

noname (4)noname (5)

I also made a few decorations for our dinning room table.  Unfortunately these pictures aren’t the best quality because of the sunshine streaming through my dinning room windows but you’ll get the gist.  Set upon my red woven runner are two bed spring candles and a small primitive white drawer box set with some Valentine fillers.

noname (8)

I put some red pipberries in the drawer of this primitive box and set the top with an old rusted heart, some cookie cutters and a few burlap “love” hearts I made last week.  As I promised when I posted a picture of these hearts on Facebook last week a tutorial on these will be given at the bottom of this post!

noname (6)

I was fortunate to find a whole twin size mattress of springs when walking through our woods one day this fall.  I have lots of plans for those springs!!!  So far all I’ve done with them is make these bed spring candles at Christmas time.  Of course I didn’t put them away at Christmas because they can be easily altered for every season or holiday.  For Valentine’s I tied pink ribbon on them and used my Scrabble letters to spell “LOVE” vertically on the middle strand.  I love the game Scrabble so LOVE all the Scrabble crafts and art I see on Pinterest and was super pleased to be able to do one myself!

noname (7)

I just couldn’t resist adding my sons Valentine’s box we made together last night for him to bring to school today!  I knew he wouldn’t really want something covered in pink and hearts and when I saw this picture on Pinterest…

I was inspired to make this…

My son was THRILLED with his boyish Valentine’s box and was so excited to bring it to school today and show it off!

noname copy 2

And now as promised…

First I pinned a piece of burlap onto a cardboard box.  A pin board would work also, but mine are used for organizing our families schedules, school things, etc, so I used a cardboard box.  Make sure to pull the burlap tight.  If you don’t the burlap will bunch up making it difficult to write on or causing the words you’ll write to look funny and distorted.

noname copy

Next I used a black magic marker to write “love” in a few different places on the burlap.  Be sure to space these apart quite a bit so that you don’t cut into the space of each heart.

noname (1) copy 2

After you are done writing on the burlap, remove the pins and take the burlap off the box or pin board.  Set your box/pin board aside, you will not need it again.  Fold a large piece of coffee stained fabric in half and pin this and the burlap together, with your words face up.  (If you don’t know how to coffee stain fabric there is a good tutorial here.)  When I pinned my fabrics together I just put three pins around the three points of the word where I would cut my heart shape from.

noname (2)

Next I cut different sized hearts around my “love” words.  I didn’t draw a heart on the fabric to follow, I just free handed it, but you can if you are more comfortable with that.

noname (3)

In these next pictures, close ups of my hands, pay no attention to how badly my nail polish needed to be redone, yikes!

Now unpin your hearts and take the burlap heart and without turning it…

noname copy 3

…simply just place it on the back side of the coffee stained hearts, with the word love facing the backside of the middle heart.

noname (1) copy 3

Pin your three hearts together, with at least three pins, one at each point of the heart.

noname (3) copy

Sew a 1/4 inch hem around the outside of your heart…

noname (4) copy

…making sure you leave room to turn the heart right side out and for putting batting inside.  You’ll see I left mine pretty small but yet big enough to do this.  The less hand sewing the better!

noname (5) copy

Turn your heart right side out by holding the two muslin pieces in one hand and the burlap in the other hand and push the heart through the opening.  This will make sure the word “love” is out.  Be careful to do this correctly so that you don’t end up with the muslin as your two outside pieces and the “love” word on the inside.

noname (6) copyThis is what it will look like when you turned it out correctly…

noname (7) copy

Next you will fill your burlap hearts with batting and sew it shut.  Heads up burlap is a bit tricky to hand sew because of how it likes to pull apart.  Last…enjoy your burlap hearts!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and all of my new Valentine’s decor.  I know my kids certainly are and I’m glad that I finally did this for them!

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I have the mindset that at Easter and Christmas my family should all match.  This doesn’t mean we wear identical clothes (I’m not really into mommy and me outfits) but we are all in the same colors and hues, or as close to it as possible.  You know, incase anyone is wondering if we belong with each other.  This Easter’s color choices were based off of the material I bought at The Scarlet Poppe for my daughter’s skirts…

Yellow, White & Blue

Gabrielle chose a tiered skirt because she loves long dresses and skirts! I totally had to wing this one because my computer crashed last week when I needed to sew this together. For those of you who are interested in sewing one for yourself click this image for a DIY link.

Miranda, on the left, chose a gathered two layer rectangle skirt, claiming, "It's so princessy!" This was by far the easiest of the three skirts I made. I couldn't find a tutorial for the whole ensemble but you can find simple instructions for a rectangle skirt and if you click on this photo it will bring you to a tutorial on how to do the gathering.

Elizabeth, who is only two, had no say in what skirt design she wanted but seemed to love her bustled skirt! I couldn't find a tutorial that fit exactly how I wanted to make her skirt so embellished the tutorial that is linked to this photo. I'm pretty sure I will be making some of these to sell if you are interested in one for your little girl let me know.

Isn't that the cutest little tushie?!

My handsome little man! I made absolutely nothing for him but he requested a shirt with Easter eggs on it. Bad mommy for not making him one! Though he didn't seem to mind. His shirt and pants are from Old Navy & Shoes are The Children's Place.

After several blinks, Pierce choking Elizabeth, undies showing and several other mishaps we finally got a good photo of our little rugrats!

How I Did Yellow, White & Blue…

Blue & White Striped Jacket - Old Navy, Yellow Blouse - The Buckle, White Pants, White Heeled Sandals & Jewelry - Maurices

I wasn’t planning on debuting this outfit, hence the reason I’m not looking absolutely spectacular in any of the photos, LOL.  But since my hubby snapped a few pictures of just me I thought I’d put them out there incase anyone felt inspired to replicate it.

In all honesty, I was feeling less than thrilled with this outfit.  I had such a hard time finding something that went with the rest of my families outfits and put this together Easter morning.  I really wanted a pretty 60’s dress with a full skirt but couldn’t find anything I liked that went with the yellow, blue and white color scheme.  Okay, pitty party over.

We had a really great Easter!  It’s one of my favorite holiday’s.  I always cry with joy and thankful to my Lord and Savior for giving his life for me and all of you!

Happy Easter, from The Schroeder Family!

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