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 Yes, the title of this post is a mouthful, but I have no idea what else to call this shirt.  As I promised I’m delivering a tutorial on how to make the shirt from the outfit I posted on Wednesday.  So for all of you who liked up this post both here at WordPress and on Facebook here’s how to make this shirt…

Step 1 –

Take a basic tee that fits you at least two sizes larger than your normal size.

Step 2 –

Fold it in half with side seams touching each other.  I then laid a low rise shirt on top to help get the cut I wanted…

Step 3 –

…then cut from front to back.  I followed my shirts line but if you don’t have a shirt to follow just be sure to start high in the front and work your way low in the back.  I actually made my new tee slightly longer in the back than the striped shirt on top is.  Start long, because you can always go shorter.  Once you have your length determined you are done!  No sewing involved!  LOVE it!

Step 4 –

Now to work on the sleeves.  Cut off the sleeve hem just along the inside of the stitching.  Next cut up the top side of your sleeve, all the way up to where the sleeve meets the body.

Step 5 –

Cut the bottom seam of the sleeve off at an angle to blend nicely with the rest of the sleeve.

Step 6 –

Take the two top part sections of the sleeve that have been cut up to the body (sections shown in step 4) and loosely tie 2 times. Be sure not to tie it tight to body.  You want to leave the hole, because it adds chic cuteness!  Repeat steps 4-6 on the second sleeve.

And voila, you’ve just done about 5-10 minutes of easy work for a super cute tee!

I hope I’ve explained it well but if you have any questions ask away:-)


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