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As promised on Tuesday, when I showed you my Easter decorations, I’m going to show you how I made my Spring, Spring, Spring banner!!!

I always love banners when I see them on Pinterest and decided it was time to make one of my own.  Whenever I think of spring I think of the Spring song from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and I wanted my banner to be happy like that song is, yet fit in with my primitive/country decor.  Which means, in this tutorial you will learn my method of aging paper.  I’m sure there are other ways but this is how I’ve done it for years and it’s very simple and fast.

What you’ll need:

White card stock with the words Spring on it (See step 1)

A spray bottle with water in it.

Instant coffee grounds

Scrapbook or some other decorative paper

Decorative scrapbooking scissors

Hole punch


Medium sized safety pin


1)On card stock print out the word SPRING three times in letters that measure about 2 1/4 inches tall.  I used  Word, Cambria font, size 150.  Be sure to have them spaced apart to allow room for cutting.

2)After they are printed out allow ink to dry for about 10 minutes.  Then lay on plastic or a well protected surface.


(In this picture and the next, ignore the bottom right printout.  I opted not to use that in my Easter decorations.)

3)  Here’s where you’ll start the aging affect on your paper.  With water bottle on a mist spray, lightly spray each paper evenly and sprinkle with instant coffee grounds.


4)  Using your finger tips, gently rub the coffee ground around the paper until you achieve a nice golden effect…


5)  Allow your papers to dry completely.

6)  When papers are dry, use a decorative scrapbook scissors to cut a pretty edge around each letter…

noname copy 4

7)  Glue these onto scrapbook sheets or other decorative paper.  Thicker paper/scrapbook sheets work best for banners.  Be sure to leave about a 1-2 inch space between each letter as you glue them down so that you’ll have room for a nice thick border around each letter.  I didn’t measure, completely free handed so my borders aren’t all “exactly” the same.  Close enough:-)

8)  After the glue has dried and letters are secure to scrapbook paper use a decorative scissor (I used the same scissor for both the letters and the border piece, but feel free to use a different one if you’d like.) to cut a 1/2 – 3/4 inch border around each letter.  Then punch a hole in each upper corner…


9)  After you have punched holes in all your cards unwind a long piece of ribbon, but do not cut it off the spool yet in case you wish to lengthen or shorten your banner.

10)  Now you will need your safety pin.  Attach your safety pin to the open end of the ribbon.  By using a safety pin you wont have to worry about trying to get an unraveled ribbon through each hole.  The safety pin makes this easy! Slip the pin through one of your holes from the front side of your card.  I was working backwards with my words so had to put the pin through the right hole first, from the top side of the card.  Do not put it through the bottom or the ribbon will show across the front of your letter.  You want it behind.


11)  You will bring the pin back up through the backside of the second hole now.  And your ribbon is hidden behind the card!


12)  Continue adding all of your letters, in the correct order.  After they are on you can play with spacing and arrange them as you desire.  After everything is spaced and in its desired place cut the ribbon.

13)  Now it’s time to hang your banner!  After it’s hung you may want to move the letters around a little more.

14)  Stand back and enjoy your beautiful artwork!!!


Happy Spring!


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