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May is Teacher Appreciation Month and I thought I’d share with you how we show our kids’ teachers that we appreciate the love and care that they pour out to our children 180 days out of the year.

Our school has a special week set aside for teacher appreciation and during that week my kids and I make up special gifts to give to their teachers. One for every day!  Last week was just that week and these are the 5 little gifts we made to say “Thank You”!

Day 1

Bracelet & Necklace


I knew that my son’s teacher liked the bracelet featured above because of a comment she made on FB so instead of making her something this day we got her this set of bracelets instead.  However, my daughter still wanted to make her teacher a necklace and made the one featured below.  (Directions on how to make this necklace here @ The Idea Room.)


Day 2

Mani/Pedi In A Jar…


We filled jars full of everything a woman needs for a DIY mani/pedi…

P1260318…a buffer, brush, files, cuticle pick, finger/toe dividers, nail polish and of course a bit of chocolate!  Then jazzed it up a bit with a leopard print tag and a special message!


Day 3

I completely forgot to take a picture.

Yep, two thumbs down for that one:-(

But it was a loaf of my basic white bread all tied up with fabric and bows and accompanied by a mini jar of homemade strawberry jam!

I actually do this one every year during Teacher Appreciation week because well, who doesn’t love a fresh loaf of bread and jam?!

Day 4

Monster Cookies are a SWEET thank you!


I found this idea on Pinterest only it’s ment to be a gift from the teacher to the students.  We switched up the saying from “Your One Smart Cookie” to “Thank You For Making Me A Smart Cookie!”

Day 5

This is another gift I’ve given every year since my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten,



I love to do flowers because it’s a simple way to say, “Thank you for planting seeds in my children and helping them to grow!”  I try to come up with a different saying each year but they always express the same sentiment.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how we made these…

I typed the saying “Teachers Plant Seeds Of Knowledge That Will Grow Forever!” on Word and pasted a swirly little design then printed it out.  Next I taped it to a window…


so that the outdoor light would make it easy to trace on to the precut fabric that I taped on top of that.


Then with my handy dandy Sharpe I traced over the words and design.


I then fastened this around the flower pot with some jute rope and voila!


I always have my kids sign the cards/tags that accompany each gift because their handwriting is special and helps to make it more personal.  Plus my kids like to do this!  On the last day I also include a little thank you card from my husband and I and express our gratitude for the time they’ve taken to work with our kids and the love and care they’ve shown them each day.

Good teachers are such a blessing and once again we were blessed with some great teachers this year!

Thank you so much Mrs. Swan and Mrs. Piskie for loving on our kids and making this school year fun for them!


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