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Another week of What I Wore Wednesday Is Here!!!  My desire for spring clothing has grown even more over the past week and unfortunately we just keep getting more snow and cold weather.  The weatherman keeps telling me that it’s going to be in the 40’s but his promises are broken daily as that has been pushed so far back it’s not even in the 10 day forecast…sigh.  Why is it that in the fall it can’t get cool fast enough and in the  spring it can’t get warm fast enough?

Oh well, at least I know this weather can’t last forever.  On with WIWW!


This outfit proves that march came in like a lion…I’m wearing three long sleeves here; a chevron shirt, a sweater and a blazer!

Blazer (similar) – Maurices

Chevron Top & Skinnies – C/O Old Navy – Eau-Claire, WI

Sweater – JCPenny’s

Boots – Charlotte Russe

Necklace – Urban Peach Boutique




On Thursday I looked at my peacock earrings and thought, “I haven’t worn those for a long time.  I think they need to be worn.”  And from that thought this outfit was born!  I also wore gold, blue and teal makeup as shown in the bottom picture!

The two photos of the back of my hair lead me to a confession…I have come to love extensions!  My beautician has been trying to talk me into them for a couple of years and I finally bought them shortly before Christmas and use them anytime I’m leaving my house.  My hair is just so thin, especially for how long I’m currently wearing it and I needed something to add some volume to it.  The left picture is without the extensions and the right is after I’ve put the extensions in.  As you can see my actual hair is slightly longer than the extensions, which means I need longer extensions or a trim.  Probably a trim.  Truly I love how much thicker my hair is with these things!  K…confession over now go by some extensions, you’ll love them too!

Blazer, Long Sleeved Tee, Shoes, & Necklace – Maurices

Bracelet & Earrings – Claire’s

Extensions – Sally Beauty Supply



 On Friday we had a touch of spring weather as the temps were in the low 40’s for the day!  I took advantage of the opportunity and wore my new orange blouse that has been sitting in my closet for over a month!  Love the peachy orange hue of this shirt and the blue polka dots!  You know me…I LOVE polka dots!

I also posted a couple photos of my hair this day because every time I wear it like this I get a lot of comments like this and people wondering how I do it.  Friday, was no different as a group of high school girls stopped me to ask how I do it.  Yeah, this 31 year old stil has it:-)  If you like it, be sure to like this post.  If I get 10 likes on this post I’ll do a little tutorial for you all next week!  Like away!!!

Blazer – Old Navy

Blouse – Francesca’s

Denim Trousers – Maurices

Necklace & Earrings – Forever 21

Flats – The Children’s Place


My need for bright colored clothes made it difficult to ignore wearing this new cardi sweater that’s been sitting in my closet for a few weeks.  I thought of wearing heels but since I had to go out in the elements and had a day of shopping ahead of me I opted for my boots with the orange zipper to go with the orange in my cardi.

Cardi-Sweater & Jeggings – Maurices

Tank & Boots – Charlotte Russe

Scarf & Bracelet – Francesca’s

Earrings – C/O Old Navy – Eau-Claire, WI


Yesterday, brought on more snow and cold.  I know boo-hoo, poor little Wisconsin girl.  In all honesty I really don’t mind it that much.  I prefer cold to heat, so I’ll take it while it lasts.  But I do love spring and fall temps best so that is why I’m doing a lot of spring time whining.  Bear with me for the next few weeks, please:-)

Sweater, Long Sleeve Tee & Boots – Maurices

Jeans – JCPenny’s

Scarf – Gift

I started a  Pinterest board for Life Exquisite so be sure to follow me there.  I will be using it to post my recipes, home decor, birthday parties, favorite outfits, etc.  Basically my favorites from LE will be featured there.  Right now LE’s Pinterest page is pretty blank, although I did pin some things so that it wouldn’t be empty when I posted it.  I do plan on having more than just LE’s things there, like DIY projects I’d like to make someday, recipes or cute outfits I wish I had, but I don’t have that up yet.  Sorry.

I also thought it might be fun to have you, my readers, vote on what your favorite outfit is from each WIWW post.  And the winner will get pinned to my Exquisite Outfits board!

That means you can start voting today and the rest of this week.  Next week I’ll pin what you voted as your favorite!  So comment away and enjoy peaking at Life Exquisite’s Pinterest board!

Don’t forget to stop by the Pleated Poppy and check out


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Sorry I missed last Wednesday’s WIWW, but as you know my family was taking a little break from all electronics, I’m back for this weeks WIWW and have two weeks worth of pictures!

Oddly enough you would think there would be a lot of outfits since there are two weeks worth but I’ve been doing a lot of crafting for spring/Easter and didn’t capture many of my outfits over the last couple of weeks.  I don’t even have enough photos for a weeks worth of outfits…gasp!

Before I get to the outfits here’s a sneak peek at some of the decorations I’ve been working on…

Now on with the show…

IMG_1331 2IMG_1330

I had more pictures of this outfit, the shoes, earrings, etc. but they were blurry.  I’m finding that my iphone’s pictures aren’t quite as clear as my camera but it’s so nice when it’s on hand and my camera is down to flights of stairs in my living room.

I’m also finding in this weeks pictures that my mirror needs to be cleaned…better do that today…maybe:-)

Blazer (similar) – Maurices

Blouse – Francesca’s

Pants – C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI

Jewelry – Claire’s

Heels – Gift


There’s nothing like layering up with a thick sweater and scarf on a cool winter’s day!

Sweater – Francesca’s

Long Sleeved Tee & Scarf – Old Navy

Jeans (similar) – Maurices

Boots – Charlotte Russe


You’ve seen this outfit before but it’s comfy and gray, not to mention, yellow are always fun together!  Spiced up my messy bun with a headband too!

Striped Top – Wet Seal

Jeans(similar), Gray Cami & Booties & Necklace – Maurices

Earrings & Headband – Claire’s

Bracelet – Target


I’ve been feeling the need for some color in my wardrobe which isn’t easy since most of my winter wardrobe is neutrals, black & gray.  This day just happened to be warm enough that I could don a 3/4 sleeve cardi sweater!  

Also rockin’ another messy bun!  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m the queen of the messy bun.  Now that I’m taking photos more regularly you’ll see how often I save time with my favorite up do.  I just change it up a bit with headbands, like the previous outfit or here with an upside down french braid.  It makes me feel a little bit like I’m not wearing my hair the same way every day:-)

My daughter took the last picture of her and I together!  She’s too cute!

Cardi Sweater & Earrings – Francesca’s

Yellow Tank & Skinnies (similar) – Maurices

Scarf – Kohl’s

Boots – Charlotte Russe

Chevron Bracelets – Urban Peach Boutique


Okay, so there are a lot of pictures of this outfit but I just love my new pants!!!  I had to show them off in a few different views!  I’ve been wanting a pair high waisted, wide leg jeans since I saw this & this picture last fall on Pinterest and the waist of these completely won me over!!!  Of course I had to wear my leopard print glasses to complete the ensemble!

Blazer & Boots – Charlotte Russe

Long Sleeved Tee & Jeans – Maurices

Scarf & Jewelry – Claire’s

Time to go clean that mirror!

Linking up with…

*All clothing items are listed with where I got them from, with links to the items that can still be found online.  If  the item wasn’t found, sorry no link.  When you see the word similar it means I found something very close to it from the same store and you can click on “similar” to link you to the item.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask:-)

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(Sweater – Maurices, Denim Top (C/)) & Tee – Old Navy, Skinnies – JCPenney, Boots – Charlotte Russe)

Yesterday was snowy and just the sort of day when I want to wear my favorite sweater and snuggle under a blanket with hot cocoa and a good book.

Well, I didn’t snuggle under a blanket with a good book but I did wear my favorite sweater, this gray one.  I wear this sweater all the time, winter, spring, summer or fall (Now you’ll have the James Taylor song in your head, you’re welcome:-)).  It’s an easy sweater to grab and slide on to add an extra layer of warmth.  Plus the color makes it so that it goes with everything.

Do you have a favorite cozy sweater that you wear frequently?  What does it look like?

I also included a close up of my hair because it’s one of my favorite lazy styles.  It’s super easy just braid a section of hair in the front than twist it around a side ponytail for an effortless but stylish look!

*LE is going to try out WIWW again.  If you recall I did this once on 9/12/12, but decided it wasn’t for LE because, well honestly I can’t remember why.  But my blog has turned into more of a style blog than a blog about Life and the Exquisite times with my family and the things we do together (family time, crafts the kids and I make, recipes, etc.) and that wasn’t my intention.  I’m going to try it again and work harder on posting the Exquisite moments in my life on here better.  So there will be no outfit post next Tuesday but check out WIWW on 2/13!

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I’m sitting here on my porch watching my daughters sit at their lemonade stand at the end of the driveway and working on fulfilling my promise to you…showing you the final outcome of my hair.  With the help of you, some friends and my husband I had it basically narrowed down to this color and style, but keeping my length.

This is what my hair looked like before…

After discussing with my hair dresser that I was looking to go auburn but did not want it to end up orange at all she suggested a dark auburn that turned out like this…

As you can see it took more to the dark then to the auburn so my wonderful beautician penciled me in on her day off, today, and added some red, red to it.  The result…

(I could really use some lipstick in both of these pictures!)

So it’s now red but still not what I’m looking for.  I was afraid to go with a red tone that might be orangey or brassy but I think when I go in again in a few months I’m going to go with something like one of these colors and not let my fears hold me back from getting what I really want.  If I don’t like it then I guess it’s back to my natural brown color.

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I’m sitting here in the dark on my porch in my favorite green sweater, wrapped up in my favorite quilt that one of my best friends made me and sipping chocolate milk (I know so adult).  The songs of several crickets, grasshoppers and frogs down by the pond serenade me and the cool August breeze blows about me causing wisps of hair to brush across my cheek.

Speaking of my hair that brings me to something else I’m doing…looking at pictures of hair styles trying to decide what I want to do to my hair next Thursday at my hair appointment.  The plan, currently is to get a cut and color.  The problem is I’m not sure exactly what I want to do so I thought I’d enlist some help from my friends and followers.

It’s a different kind of “Fashion & Beauty” post than usual but I thought it might be fun.  Here are all the styles I’m looking at with reasons why I like them…

Picture A – Cut & Color – I really like the color of Jennifer Garner’s hair here.  It’s the closest red color to my natural color so would be an easy up keep.  I also really like her wavy hair but would want to do this style with a bit more length.  I’ve worked a couple years to get my hair as long as it currently is and I’m not ready to lose the length yet.

Picture B – Cut Only – I’m only looking at the style of this girls hair not the color.  I use to do a lot of blonde highlights but am not really into the blonde right now.  I’m thinking warm autumn colors.  The style is actually very similar to what I have now with a side bang.  And so long and pretty.  I’m a bit envious.

Picture C – Cut & Color – The color of this girls hair is gorgeous! It also happens to be my favorite but I’m not sure I’m bold enough to go that different.  I’ve gone dark auburn in the past but never quite this red. But I just might do this.  And the big full waves are great too!

Picture D – Cut & Color Really – Love all the layers and bangs. of Jessica Biel’s hair here. However, I feel I need to warn you that I have a tendency to cut bangs and then grow them out right away. Love how bangs look but hate straightening them every day. And this color is a really gorgeous dark auburn!

Picture E – Leave it as it is – My husband thought I should post a picture of my current hair so that you had the option of saying you like my hair best the way it is.

Your job is to now comment below on what hair style/color you like best like this…  Style – A, Color – D and feel free to say what you like about it and why you think I should choose that style/color.

Thanks for you help!  I’ll post pictures of the winning style (aka my new hair) next Friday!  But only if I like it, ha, ha!

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