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(TeeShorts, Earrings & Bracelet C/O –Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI, Shoes – (old) JcPenney)

Okay, while I said I was going to be more relaxed about posting this summer I really didn’t think it would be over two weeks since my last post and almost a month since my last outfit post.  Shame on me!  In my defense, if I’m allowed to plead my case, I had a busy, but super fun week in Wisconsin Dells with my family, then I had a busy week getting ready for homeschooling…well, I’m still doing that…

And then I really should have done an outfit post the last week and a half but my vanity got the best of me because I had the biggest ever cold sore (at least the biggest I’ve ever seen) right in the middle of my bottom lip!!  Even if I had wanted to be photographed I’m pretty sure the camera’s lens would have cracked had I even tried to take pictures with that hideous thing swelling up my bottom lip making me look like Professor Klump!

That being said…you can see I am cold sore free now and sportin’ a new outfit courtesy of Old Navy!  I love this shirt!  LOVE IT!  It’s made me think about my life and I have to say I am pretty much living my dream life.  Maybe not “the dream life” but my dream life.

When I was little there were four things I wanted to do with my life…become a country music star, fly with an umbrella like Mary Poppins, become a wife, and be a mom!  I think it’s too late to become a country music star and I tried flying like Mary Poppins and much to my disappointment it didn’t work (True story, ask my dad.)  But I am a wife to the most wonderful man and a mom to four beautiful kids.

Yep, I am livin’ the dream!!!

Guess what!  I just might be able to help you live your dream too!  At least a little tiny smidge of it:-)

If you like the bracelet in this post follow the instructions below for your chance to win this…


1)  Like this post & comment on what makes your life so exquisite and dreamy.

2)  Like Life Exquisite here at WordPress or on Facebook @LE on Facebook

3) Like Old Navy on Facebook

The winner will be announced here next Wednesday!  Good luck!


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(Striped Blouse & Skinnies – C/O Old-Navy – Eau Claire, WI)

I wore this outfit for the first time while volunteering at my kids’ school on Friday and I am LOVING it!  The pants are bright!  The shirt is oh so comfy!  And a little girl told me that I am beautiful and looked like I just walked out of a fashion magazine!  Mm-hmm, yep, she’s my new best friend!

This blouse is made of such soft, thin fabric that will feel so exquisite on cooler summer days!  Already have it paired with few things in my closet and looking forward to wearing them!  So just a heads up…it will be featured in a few posts this summer:-)

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(Entire Outfit C/O Old Navy – Eau Claire, WI  *All items that could be linked have been done so…Tank (similar), SkinniesBelt & Flats)

Spring is on my brain but Mother Nature does not seem to agree with me that it’s time to turn the seasons.  No, in fact, she protested against this spring casual outfit by sending an additional 5″ of snow yesterday!  The nerve!

Seriously, I’m starting to feel like I did at the end of my pregnancies.  All of you who have been there no what I’m talking about it’s that feeling, that fear, that you might just end up to be the only woman in history to ever have a never ending pregnancy.  This same fear is beginning to sound in my mind, What if winter never ends?! 

My youngest daughter and I decided to fight back against this never ending winter by giving ourselves a spring time mani and pedi this morning in honor of it being officially spring tomorrow!  


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Wow, I am super sorry it’s been such a low post month.  Okay it’s been practically a no post month but in my defense, it has been crazy around here with sicknesses and injuries that I just haven’t had the time, energy or even felt emotionally or physically up to putting on clothes let alone blogging.  Unfortunately we have a nasty virus in the midst of our home still, my middle daughter is the current sick family member, but I am feeling well enough to wear something besides yoga pants or pj’s so let’s hear it for a new outfit post!!!

P1230197 P1230201 P1230202 P1230245 P1230248


(Entire outfit & Jewelry courtesy of Old Navy-Eau Claire)

I got this ensemble from the Eau Claire Old Navy during Christmas vacation before my back went out on me and though I have worn it one other time, in the last month to a Monster Truck Jam with my family, it was yesterday that I felt good enough to actually get pictures of it.

Well actually I tried to get pictures of it but my back was still slightly sensitive and my stance in all the photos resembled that of an old lady’s.   You know something like this…

However embarrassing it may be to do so I will confess that I was even hobbling around with a cane just like this for about a week.  Only I didn’t have the cane in the first set of pictures of this outfit.  I swear!  Or did I…you’ll never know, haha!

It feels great to be wearing clothes and makeup and having my hair in some other fashion than a very messy bun.  And it wasn’t the cute messy bun either.  As fun as pajama days are, after a month of them, I am happily singing in my Oliver Twist voice…

Clothes! Glorious Clothes!  

Even Little Miss got in on the action in her little Old Navy dress and jeggings!


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(Chambray TopRock Star SkinniesPlaid Ballet Flats & Jewelry courtesy of Old Navy)

As the title says I have some EXQUISITE news to share with you!  

I am so super excited to announce that LE has it’s very first sponsor…The Old Navy in Eau Claire, WI!!!  I cannot tell you how blessed and honored I feel to be chosen to style their clothes for them on occasion.

Thank you so much Craig Deutsch and Old Navy Eau Claire for teaming up with Life Exquisite and blessing me with this opportunity!

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