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Today is the last segment of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!”  I hope that you’ve been enjoying my home and decorations and that maybe it’s inspired some ideas for your own Christmas decorating.  At the end of this post I will link an image to all the other “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!” posts.

As I mentioned in my last Christmas post, I will be sharing…

My Kiddos Christmas Trees and My Bedroom!

Yes, they each have a Christmas tree in their room, that is full of their homemade ornaments, school made ornaments and ornaments they’ve received as gifts…

As you head up stairs the first bedroom you will come to is our youngest child’s, Elizabeth.   Her tree is a little white one that sits on top of her table and in front of it is a Little People’s nativity set.  Her tree is topped with a sparkly pink star and tied with sparkly purple ribbon that drapes down along the sides of the tree.  Her ornaments match the colors in her bedroom, pinks, teals, purples and all sorts of girl colors!


Across the hall from her room is my son, Pierce’s bedroom.  Usually he has a taller tree but this year he has a 4′ tree that I put in our wagon and he set some of his stuffed animals in it and toys around it to look like Christmas gifts he’d received…Clever little guy!  He wanted to decorate his tree all by himself this year, which was hard for my OCD tendencies but it’s his room, his tree, so I let him and he did a great job for a 5-year-old!  He loves the traditional colors of Christmas and always picks out or makes ornaments that are red, white and green.


Down the hall from his room is our daughter, Miranda’s room.  The ornaments on her tree match the colors of her room in mostly pinks, and whites, she too decorated her own room and has been busy making presents and wrapping them to put under her tree and give out to friends and family at Christmas.  Please overlook the lego  and zuzu pet village on her bench, ha, ha.


The last of our children’s Christmas trees is our oldest daughter’s, Gabrielle, who was the one to ask me to put their trees on my blog.  I wasn’t planning on showing our bedrooms, but she thought I should and why not?  They do have Christmas decorations also.  Her tree is tied with a HUGE bow and mostly covered in her favorite colors…teal, purple and green.  She too has been busy making and wrapping gifts!


Up another flight of stairs is the master suite and I just need to say I’m still in love with my new room!  It was so fun to decorate it for Christmas.  I always enjoyed seeing pictures like this of bedrooms decked out for the holiday’s but never really had a nice bedroom to do this.  But now I have a beautiful, big room and am excited to share it’s Christmas decor with you…

As you stand in the door way you will be greeted by our skinny little pine standing in front of our chimney.  It’s covered in primitive ornaments of whites and creams and rusted metal ornaments.  Our tree does not have a tree topper because above it hangs a large stick star with an angel in the center.


On the right of the above picture you can see our bed.  Our mantel bed is perfect for decorating with a pine garland that is lit with white lights and has red pip berries strung through out.  Our bedding stayed the same, but I added a red quilt I made this fall, a few Christmasy throw pillows and a primitive little angel.


The angel on our bed is probably my favorite prim doll.  I love the berry/star garland on her wings.  The throw pillows I made this year.  The checkered one goes with the throw at the foot of the bed and I made the “Silent Night” and “Holy night” pillows the very day I put them on the bed.  It was super easy…all you need are a couple of fabric squares and a sharpie marker!


Not only will you see our Christmas tree and bed from our doorway but you will see our whirlpool bath which features another pine garland wrapped in white lights and on the step sits my daughter who felt like she and her cup of ice chips needed to be in this picture…yeah, she was giggling and thinking she was pretty funny!


Beside our bath is an old crate filled with some towels, wash cloths, some faux greenery (I didn’t want pine pitch getting on our towels) and a little red sign that says, “God Bless Us Everyone”.  On one side of the crate is some grapevine twine and the on the other side is my violin.


I made some snowy white letters that spell out “NOEL” and attached them to the rustic metal mirror above our bath and tied a red burlap bow on it.


My window seat has been set with Christmas pillows and a small pine garland wrapped in red burlap sits atop the window frame.


I dressed up our sitting area a bit by adding a Christmasy plaid pillow and tieing red burlap bows around the pillows that came with the settee.  I also wrapped a string of red balls around the lamp for a little bit more of a red accent.  (I also see that this picture was taken when my scentsy plug-in was playing hide and go seek!)


The old dresser, turned entertainment center/table has been set with a little box my husband made me when we were dating filled with pine,  in front of it stands a little Christmas caroler.  In the center is a wooden bowl filled with greenery, bells and a snow angel, and a little prim tree sampler stands to the right of that.


Closer view of the top of the table…My mom bought the little snow angel for my oldest daughter when she was two because she loved making snow angels.  I’ll admit I’ll be a little sad when she’s older and wants to have it because this little snow angel has been a very pretty part of my decorations.


Thus concludes the end of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!”  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I know I am enjoying my home this holiday season.  I love it when it’s dark at night and the only thing lighting my home is the warm glow of Christmas lights and flickering candles that smell of pine, candy canes and all other good Christmas smells!

As promised here are links to all the other “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!” posts…Enjoy!


Living Room






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I can’t believe Christmas is only two weeks away!  Are you all as excited as I am?  I’m not sure what I’m more excited for, a week and a half of my husband off work and my kids off of school, watching my kids excited little faces as they tear open their gifts, celebrating my saviors birth with friends and family…I’m just so excited for it all!!!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been giving you a little Christmas tour of my home by showing you around my home and all the ways I’ve decorated for the holiday’s this year.  So far I’ve shown you my porchdinning room & kitchen.  Today I’m going to share with you my…

Cozy Christmas Living Room

The first two pictures are from different angles of my living room; the first from the frame between the living and dinning room the other by my sewing/craft room door (the door you see in the first picture).

The quilt hanging above our chair has been switched out for a Christmasy colored one.  The windows are draped with pine garlands and trimmed with burlap bows and the room is lit with warm white lights.  I love evenings at home snuggled on the couch with the lights off and only my Christmas lights lighting the room!



Now I’ll walk you around my living room counter-clockwise starting from the dinning/living entry.

Our television/entertainment center…My husband built this beautiful cabinet a few years ago and I painted and distressed it.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my home.  Little stockings hang from each of the side doors.  On top are pictures of my kids and an old dough bowl set for Christmas…


My dough bowl is full of greenery, set with bed springs holding votives, snowmen and “Believe” red and white striped stars.  In front of it is a long skinny sign that reads, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”. (The sign is actually a creamy white color but has a green tint to it here for some reason, sorry.)


Beside my cabinet is one of my favorite Christmas crafts I’ve ever made.  My little snow girl!  If you could see her up close you would love her too.  Her face is rug hooked (This was my first rug hooking project and it took me sooooo long!)  Her dress, coat and hat are fashioned like something you might see out of “A Christmas Carol” with even the back of her coat being bustled so adorably! I just love her!  She doesn’t always hold things in her arms but I added these primitive stars to her this year.


My absolute favorite part of my living room and one of the big reasons why I fell in love with our home when we bought it twelve years ago…my fireplace!  Like everything else in our house it needed some updating and maintenance but now it’s just perfect and I love that all this rock work is an original part of my 1917 farmhouse. (Not sure why the fire looks pink in the picture.  There are no weird gasses burning in there, ha, ha.)


Atop my mantel, and center place is an old ceiling tile with the words “Let It Snow” on it.  This rests in front of an old window that is topped with a pine garland, lit with white lights.  Pine boughs have been laid on each side fo the mantel with a candle tucked within.  Every year my mantle has a pine garland hanging from it that gets decorated differently each year, this year it’s large and small primitive snowflakes.  And of course, “The stockings are hung by the chimney with care”!



A closer look at the ceiling tile and old window setting.  Also in front of the old window is a Belsnickle Santa (I’ve wanted one for years and finally got him last year!) and a pair of ice skates, tied with a pretty bow and filled with greenery and primitive pipe cleaner candy canes.



 A closer look at one of the primitive snow flakes.  I bought one of these but once I got it home I knew one wouldn’t be enough so I made the other two large ones and smaller ones myself.  I think they are so cute!



I made my kids stockings of red and white striped material and topped with a light tan muslin and hand embroidered their names in a matching red.  (I actually made these when my middle daughter was two but knowing I wanted to have more kids bought extra material so that all of my kids could have matching stockings.)  They will be filled Christmas Eve when my kiddos are dreaming sweet Christmasy dreams!



Standing beside my fireplace is this primitive church that my husband made for me.  Most of the year it sits plain but I added the little wreath and garland to it for Christmas.


Standing in the window is an old sewing machine (the lighting was bad and it kept coming out dark when I tried to get a picture of the whole setting) set with red and green woven material.  Two angels stand beside a lamp and in front of the lamp is a Praise sign.


I love this lamp because I can put different fillers in it depending upon the holiday or season.  Currently it is full of dried cedar and cranberries along with some small rustic bells and mini vintage books.


Beneath my sewing machine resting on the pedal is an old box filled with greenery and pip berries lit with white lights.  This box is what inspired me to paint the outside of my home red!


On my couch is a postage stamp quilt and matching pillows that I made a few years ago.  I also made the little sheep pillow, that’s sitting center on the couch.  Love those little sheep!


Above the couch on my old barn door is a pine garland and one of the first signs I painted (It actually might be the first.) That says, “The Blessings Of Christmas…Peace, Hope, Joy, Love.


Tucked in a corner, standing tall and beautiful is our Christmas tree.  My Christmas tree is very special to me because everything on it, even the Christmas skirt below it are things that my kids and I have made together over the years.  They’ve helped me sew, stuff and paint everything you see here and that is so special to me!

Our tree is decorated with the traditional colors of Christmas of red, white and green but all are tea/coffee stained for a primitive feel.


Also below our Christmas tree is a basket full of wrapped Christmas books.  The kids get to open one book each night as a count down to Christmas!  I got the idea from Pinterest but Elle Keeps Moving is where the pin came from so I want to thank her for such a great idea!

Over the years my kids and I have painted, sewn, stuffed and stitched these chunky candy canes, both 5 point and 6 point starts, rustic bells, primitive little snow angels and snow flakes.  Some people don’t like that I have a themed tree, but these ornaments are all so dear to me because of the memories I have of making them with my kids.


Our angel stays out all year, just not on top of our tree, obviously, but at Christmas she takes her spot at the top of our tree heralding the news of the birth of our savior who brings “Peace on Earth”.


Beside our tree on an old step ladder sits a prim scrawny little Santa that I got a great deal on after Christmas a few years ago (He was $3!!!).  In his arms  is a prim little reindeer I made (Like the one on my kitchen cupboard.) and beside him on the ladder is a cutsie little stocking I made filled with pine and pip berries!


There’s nothing quite like the glow of a Christmas tree!  I love how my kids lay beside or under it looking up at the beautiful glow of the lights!  There’s something magical about a simple pine decorated for the Holiday’s!

There’s only one Christmas post left in which I’ll show you my kids’ Christmas trees and my husbands and my room.  Decorating my new bedroom for Christmas was so much fun and I can’t wait to show you!

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Last week I began sharing my Christmas decorations with you by starting with my porch on Tuesday and on Friday I showed you my dinning room.  Today I am sharing with you my…

Holiday Country Kitchen

The first few images are of the room from a few different angles so that you can get a feel for the layout of my kitchen.  That and we just remodeled it a year ago and I haven’t really featured it on here yet and I’m still in love with it so thought I’d show it off a bit!  And really, you need to see it from all sides. You do.  Really.  (Have I convinced you that I’m not just showing it off, because I’m not at all..wink;-))

View from my dinning room door (No, that bread box in the bottom right part of this picture, is not neon green.  It’s the same green as the walls but it’s showing up bright green for some reason.)


View from same wall but in front of cupboards to show more of the room on that side.  I love the twiggy Christmas wreath on my pantry door…


View from opposite corner, standing by hutch and laundry/bath door…


Now to get up and close with my kitchen’s Christmas decor.

On the peninsula is a patchwork table runner set with large jars, one featuring assorted nuts and another with peanuts.  One of my favorite Yankee Candles, North Pole, glows in front of these jars and helps my kitchen smell of mint and vanilla!  In front and to the right of this is two little chocolate molds, one of St. Nicholas and the other a little boy on a sled.


Center and right are two primitive wooden bowls filled with greenery, berries and a potpourri I made last year of dried oranges, apples and cranberries.  The largest bowl also holds a large pillar candle.  The small one sits in front of a small Christmas Blessings sign and a large antique spool that holds a small pip berry wreath and pillar candle atop it.


Also on my counter and to the right of this a bit, is an old box with a drawer full of greenery and berries.  Atop it are a small jar of wooden candy canes (You’ll see that I collect candy canes and they are usually featured in my kitchen every year!) and some scented Christmas coasters.  To the right of this are a few mini vintage Christmas boxes with a little snowman sitting on one fo them and standing behind them is a primitive little angel holding a candy cane.   On the left side of this display is a jar of scented gel, behind it is a large glass pillar candle holder, which holds both large wooden candy canes and some twisted fabric candy canes, I made a couple of years ago.  Beside this is a yellow stone wear bowl lit with an electric candle and full of greenery, pip berries and a few grungy fabric ginger bread men I made a few years ago (featured more closely below).



The opposite corner of my cupboards are decorated no less and I just couldn’t resist posting these pictures of my kitty before I show you the decorations.  He loves to lay by the oven when I’m baking and until it’s cooled down.  He just can’t resist that warmth…



Now off of my adorable little kitty, Snowball, and onto the point of this point…the decorations!  These lucky decorations get to sit along with my favorite two appliances in my house, my Kitchenaid and my cappuccino machine!!!  To the left of my cappuccino machine is a rustic sleigh and cowbell.  The cowbell sits out all year round, but gets a little Christmas makeover with some greenery and pip berries tied on with some Christmas fabric.


Standing between my cappuccino machine and Kitchenaid are a primitive little snowman, holding a candy cane and a primitive little box, that features three little compartments full of more of my homemade apple/orange/cranberry potpourri, some grungy little fabric candies I made a few years ago and some vintage cookie cutters.


The far right of my cupboards corner Christmas display is a Christmas Raggedy Anne doll I made a few years ago.  Her apron says, “I Love Christmas” and she holds two little ginger bread friends in her arms.  Beside her is a fabric heart which I painted the word “Believe” on…


On the opposite wall and the other side of the peninsula stands an old table that my great-grandfather made.  Above it is a rusted medal hanger that holds some striped little prim stockings I made several years ago, that hold greenery and berries and are tied with a bow and bell.


I love these little stockings with their elfin toes!


Atop this wonderful family heirloom and beautiful skinny table sits two skinny Christmas trees in enamel wear bins and decorated with ginger bread ornaments that my kids and I made together about five years ago (not quite sure on the age).  Between the trees is a “Farmhouse Christmas” sign (Because I LOVE my old farmhouse!) and a tall skinny primitive Santa I made, holding a grungy little sack full of greenery and pip berries and is tied of with a little rustic star!


On the bottom shelf of this table sitting with my wooden sugar boxes is a collection featuring a felt snowman plaque and felt button tree.  Beside them is a prim little snowman holding a Christmas stocking and a trio of little penguins.


The last area of my kitchen I want to share with you features an early Christmas present from my husband…A primitive black cupboard!


Beside my Christmas present, is one of my favorite Christmas crafts I’ve ever made.  Old Man Winter, in his white and tan quilted cloak, is covered in frosty snow from the tip of his hat (which has a rusted bell) to his brown frosty boots.  Even his beard is covered in snow!  In his right hand he holds a staff and I change up what he holds in his left arm each year.  In years past it’s been a wreath, a sack full of toys or a lantern but this year I modeled him after the box he stands on a bit, and put a sheep in his arms.



On the bottom shelf of my cupboard is a striped runner with a Christmas box that holds lit greenery and candy canes.  In front of it is a mini candy cane sign.  On each side a penguin is featured; the left, a teapot full of Christmas candy and a needle punched penguin my sister made for me a few years ago (Remember my love for owls? Well I kind of love penguins too!).  The drawer below this setting is pulled out just a bit and filled with more greenery and painted fabric candy canes I made about 5 years ago.  They are actually the first candy cane craft I made!


On the very top of my cupboard is a Happy Holiday’s box full of pine boughs and pip berries.  The shelf below it holds my Christmas Gooseberry Patch cook books, a prim little Santa holding a star and a prim little reindeer I made several years ago. (I actually made a few of them, but he’s the only one that made it out of the Christmas decoration boxes this year.  Yes, it’s true, not all of my decorations are out, but most of them are.)  There is also a snowflake tin full of candy canes, a prim little candle holder, a Christmas stitchery and from the doors hang some grungy candles.



The stitchery is one of my newest crafts.  I actually finished it up during the evenings the week that I was decorating.  It says, “Here Comes Santa Claus” and features Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky.


I wanted to hang the tapers from these doors but had nothing to do it with so last minute grabbed some rusty wire and wrapped round and round the taper candles and suspended it from a pushpin on the inside of the doors.  I love how it turned out!


There are only two more posts left in which I’ll show you my Christmas decorations.  My living room and then our bedrooms!  I hope you are enjoying my Christmas decorations!

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In the first “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” post I showed you the outside of my home and porch.  Today I bring you indoors. I’m going to break the inside of my home down into a few posts because I have a lot of decorations and my post would be way too long if I were to try to put it all in one.  Today I bring you…

My Red Dinning Room Set With Christmas Greens…

My dinning room is one of my favorite rooms in my home!  I love the cranberry red walls, the big bay window and the built-in cupboards my hubby made, that sit on each side of the bay window.  Even when it’s not Christmas this room stays beautifully lit with white lights wrapped in the grapevine surrounding our bay window.

At Christmas I add to it, and this year is no exception as I have hung a pine garland, with burlap bows, around the big paned window.  The window holds a cranberry wreath and below it on a covered bench sits a primitive snowman atop some old throws and Christmasy linens.

On each side of the bay window, are two beautiful built-in corner cupboards my hubby made for me when my son was a baby.  I LOVE what these cupboards do for my dinning room.  Each cupboard shelf is set with different decorations…twiggy trees and a Christmas caroler,  primitive angels and snowmen.  Each middle shelf holds a small ring of pine, some sparkly, vintage angels and a taper candle.

What you see to the right of this last picture is one of my favorite Christmas signs I’ve made that says “A Child Is Born” and the words “And  His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, Prince Of Peace” written through it (quoting Isaiah 9:6, I was disappointed to find out after I’d finished painting it that I left out “Ever Lasting Father, but I still love it!  I may make another some day with the whole verse in it.).  Below the sign is a quilted advent calendar of the nativity scene that I made when I was first learning to sew.  In each little pocket is a piece of candy for each child and verses surrounding the birth of Jesus and some of the prophetic words of his birth in Isaiah.  I also put a slip of paper in it with an activity to do each day, like build a snowman, have a cookie & hot cocoa bar, go sledding, etc.  My kids love this advent calendar so much and have been asking me, “How many days ’til we get to do the calendar?!”

On the shelf of the bay window stands a primitive snow angel and J-O-Y blocks atop stackable primitive Christmas boxes…

At the each end of the bay window shelf is a little rustic tin with pine, button stems and primitive stars inside and a primitive angel beside it…

Every year my chandelier is strung with pine boughs and my table gets set with a Christmasy display…

On my table is a red and tan woven table runner set with CHRISTMAS blocks I made, an old rusty sleigh with boughs, pip berries, and a pair of bedsprings I’m using as votive candle holders.

The dinning room stair beams always has a pine bough garland on it, usually I hang primitive snowflakes or candy canes, this year I kept it simple with a few burlap bows…

Above the entryway between the dinning and living room is one of the first signs I painted, several years ago, that says, “Christmas Time Is Here, Happiness And Cheer” with a couple of snowmen pillars and more greenery…

I am so happy that Christmas time is here and so thankful for the happiness and cheer that accompany it!

I hope you are enjoying the posts of my Christmas decorations.  I’ll post more next week!

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Christmas, to me, truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!  I love everything about it!  From decking my halls, walls and everything in between, to shopping for the perfect gift for all of my loved ones.  There’s nothing quite like the smells of Christmas treats baking in the oven, the crackeling of the fireplace that warms my house, and stockings hanging on the mantel above.  Listening to holly jolly songs like “Jingle Bell Rock” and the soft beautiful songs like “Silent Night”, that sing of the birth of a tiny babe who would be the savior of this world.    The warm glow of the Christmas tree lighting the gifts below and the scent of pine filling the air, watching old childhood favorites like “It’s A Wonderful Life” and new ones like “Elf” while snuggled on my couch under my favorite quilts with my family.  The list goes on…it’s all so wonderful!!!

The fact that I love Christmas is no secret to those who visit my home this time of year.  I go all out with decorating and I’d like to share my Christmas home with you over the next couple of weeks.

Welcome To My Christmasy Home

I felt the need to show you it lit at night also…

I usually wrap pine boughs around the roof of my porch but this year I just did lights along the top and hung boughs with berries, a bow and a frosty star on each porch beam.

As you walk up the stairs unto my porch you would be greeted by twigs wrapped round the posts with stars, matching the ones on the beams.  On either side of the stairs are baskets covered in burlap and tied with a bow that hold more greenery and a bit of snow!

On either side of the stairs is an old wooden snowman and a rustic candy cane.

Hanging on my door is my husbands fishing creel that is tied with a red bow and filled with more pine and some pip berries.

To the left of the door is an old rusty milk can holding a scragely little pine tree standing over a piece of white fence, the chunky JOY letters my husband made me and a rustic candle holder.

Just to the right of the door is an old sled holding a pair of ice skates and a snow days sign.

In the chair beside the sled is a primitive snowman with his cardinal friend sitting atop a wool blanket.

Atop my old door turned table is more greenery which has different candles set throughout it.

Around the side of the house and on the opposite side of the porch nestled in my rocking chair is a basket of pine boughs and an old bench with an even older tool box holding more greenery.

Can you tell I love pine boughs?!  I love using pine with my Christmas decorations both outdoors and inside, wich I’ll begin showing you in my next Christmasy Home post!  Until then, thanks for stopping by to look at my porch and I hope I’ve helped inspire some decorating ideas for you and your home!

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