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Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Quite honestly, I am not true to the 2% of Irish blood that courses through my veins (not sure if it’s even that much, though it could be more).  I do not go all out for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure you could say I even go a little out.  I don’t wear green every year on this lucky day.  Nor remember to put my kids in green.  I do usually give my kids Lucky Charms for breakfast on St. Patrick’s day and make them a shamrock shaped sandwich…that counts for something, right?

This year was no different…none of us wore green yesterday.  Except that I happened to wear this mint green necklace…not purposefully.

The rest of my family may have been pinched but luckily I had this baby on:-)

In my defense one of the reasons I didn’t do anything special yesterday was because I had made up some special things for my kids to have for lunch…but we didn’t have lunch at home yesterday.  I was at a friends baby sprinkling (A baby shower but less extravagant since it’s her second baby…thus a sprinkling!) and my husband and kids ate at my brother-in-laws since my sister was with me at the sprinkling.

Since our St. Patrick’s Day was full with church and other activities I decided to save our celebrating for today and this is our way of celebrating the luck of the irish, four leaf clovers, rainbows and leprechauns (Yes, I know that’s not the real meaning behind St. Patrick’s Day, but to my kids it is, haha)…

Along with a little note, their little hearts will be surprised as they open their lunches to find a gold and rainbow treat (Inspired by Pinterest, though admittedly my ziplock bags aren’t nearly as cool as there’s.  I’m not winning coolest mom on this one.)  they also have the usual shamrock sandwich, some “gold” fish crackers, green apple juice (the color is green, not the flavor), and rainbow jello.

We also had the usual breakfast of sugar loaded Lucky Charms!!!  I think I like this stuff just as much as my kids if not more!  This year I filled my old milk bottle up with green milk!  (Also inspired by Pinterest.)  I think I got a best mom award for the green milk.  My son found it especially awesome!

What special things did you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Did you where green or are you full of bruises from all the pinches you received yesterday?


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