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I’m so excited to show you

…what lies behind these doors!

As I’ve said before our goal was to have a beautiful, country chic and romantic bedroom.  We wanted neutral tones so that we could accent with whatever color we wanted too without having to worry about it matching the wall color.

This is the view when you first open the french doors.  The support beams, which we painted white and wrapped in grapevine, are lit with pendant lights that are on a dimmer switch.  The chimney, which we left in the original color of the beautiful brick, proved to be a little difficult to design around but I think we did pretty good!

To the right you see our bed and on the left is our whirlpool.  These are our two favorite parts of our room!

First off the bed…

Because of the low knee walls we built a low platform bed with a mantle headboard that we painted to look antique.  The bed is spread with an ivory quilted coverlet and accent pillows in antique shades that include our first accent color, blue.

(A couple more views of the bed.)

These are the pictures that are on the wall by our bed and my nightstand.  The window frame is an old antique window that was pink.  I stripped the paint and repainted it to give it an antique feeling.  I then edited some of our favorite pictures of us in a sepia tone and printed the saying “Love Me Like There Is No Tomorrow” on card stock (antiquing the card stock as well) and placed them in the window panes.  My nightstand holds a picture of us from last fall and my blue classic Jane Austin’s “Mansfield Park” book.

Our whirlpool bath!  

When we decided to change the attic into our master suite we knew we wanted a whirlpool bath and I am so, so glad we did.  We opted for a corner bath, since it’s nice and big, and surrounded it with framed panels we made and a little step to make getting in and out a little easier.   I placed a blue picnic basket that we received as a wedding gift beside the bath and filled it with a bath mat, towels, washcloths, and a plaque that reads “Happily Ever After” which are all tied up with a big blue ribbon.  The wall sconces and rusted metal mirror add a little romantic feel and lighting to our whirlpool corner.

Hall and window seat.

I love that I have a little reading nook now!  The window seat panel matches the panels on the whirlpool bath.  The top of the window seat lifts up for a little storage area of our feather quilts and extra bedding.

The door on the left is our bathroom…

(I apologize for the odd tones of the pictures.  I think the bright flourescent lighting in the room made it difficult to capture it well.  It’s the same cream as on the trim and ceiling in the main room.)  We plan to build some storage into the knee wall, but opted to wait for awhile and explore more just how we want to do that.  I also would like some decor on the walls in here but haven’t found just the right things yet.

The door on the right side of the hall is our closet…

David’s side is on the right…

(He used an old rake head to hold his belts.)

In the middle is our shoes (I think I may have a few more pair than he does)…

The left is my side…

My favorite part of my side is what’s in the center.  My jewelry & make-up area….

My necklaces hang from drawer knobs screwed into the wall and bracelets surround two old stair spindles cut off to fit in here nicely.

In the top left picture on the very left of my jewelry section is my earring holder that as you can see below is on piano hinges so that it can fold out and display my earrings nicely.  I’m pretty sure I’ll need another one of these on the right side some day soon.

Not shown is a full length mirror on the left side near the door of the closet where I do my make-up which is all organized in the top drawer just below my jewelry area…

Back out into the hall and a view of the room from the window seat and hall

View of entry wall from back corner beside bed…

Pictures of our settee and other furniture and decor on that wall…

This trunk was my great grandmother’s and it holds a vase full of one of my favorite flowers, blue hydrangeas, another picture of us, a pair of antiqued lily candle sticks, and  a “Love is Patient” plaque.  On the floor beside the trunk are blue hydrangea stacking boxes.

In the right pictures is a piece that was love at first sight!  As soon as I saw this settee I knew it was made for our bedroom.  It’s covered in a beautiful script fabric with matching pillows that I added blue ribbons to.  We couldn’t find an end table we liked for beside it yet so as a temporary fix I placed an old bucket upside down on a stool and placed a lamp inside another blue hydrangea stacking box.

In the bottom picture of this set is our television that we framed to look more like an art piece than a television.  The table below it was an old dresser of my great grandmothers.  The top two drawers were irreparable so my husband built bottoms for them and turned them into shelves.  The top of the dresser is adorned with an old family bible, a picture of our hands, a blue pie platter with blue accent balls, and a little jewelry chest my husband made me when we were first dating, way back in 1996.  In the shelves are a couple more plaques that say, “P.S. I Love You” and “Grow Old With Me The Best Is Yet To Come”, the rest of my Jane Austen book collection and a few books that were gifts from my husband while we were dating.

Lastly, my husbands office…

It isn’t complete yet because he’s not sure how he wants to do it but here’s what it looks like now…

I apologize if I overwhelmed you with pictures.   It was so hard to choose what to get pictures of.  I actually wanted to show more but was worried I have too many as it is.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to pin away if you see anything you like.  Also, clicking on any of the photos will allow you to see them bigger if you wish to do so.

To see the before pictures you can look here.  If you are interested in seeing all the thoughts that went into our room you can look herehere, & here.  Also feel free to check out my Pinterest board Dream Master Suite.


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Romantic chic was what we wanted out of our bedroom.  Simple, beautiful, romantic. A sanctuary that had a hotel suite or romantic Bed & Breakfast feel to it.  A room we never wanted to leave.

Before deciding on a color for our bedroom I started researching quilts because that would help decide which color paint I wanted on the walls.  I loved these quilts…

The problem was that I loved them all so much that I couldn’t decide on which one I liked so I decided that I needed to do a neutral tone in our bedroom so that I could change-up the quilts as I wanted to and the color would match all of them.

The next step, was to then google neutral toned bedrooms to get some inspiration.

Since we have white trim in every other room of our home we wanted to continue with that in our new room so we knew we wanted a darker neutral tone on the wall like in the last picture rather than white on white like the middle two rooms.  I also noticed another thing about these neutral toned bedrooms that I was really liking.  A neutral toned quilt with a splash of color at the foot of the bed with a folded quilt…beautiful!  I was now shopping for a neutral toned quilt.

Finding the perfect neutral toned quilt was harder than one might think.  I ordered and sent back so many cream/ivory quilts over a two month span that I lost count.  I just couldn’t find the right one.  Either I didn’t like the color (too buttery, too white, some were just plain yellow) or once seeing the quilt up close, rather than in a picture, I didn’t like the quilting pattern on the quilt.  I finally found the perfect quilted coverlet at a local Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now we had our quilt and paint color and it was on to what style bed we wanted.  David like the idea of a platform bed so that we didn’t have to buy a box spring because our knee walls would be too low for a bed frame, box spring and mattress.  We looked at lots of images like these…

However, I was quickly discovering that most platform beds are way to modern looking for my antique country taste.  Also, none of them fit that “romantic chic” look we were looking for.  We knew we wanted a platform bed but it was apparent we’d have to make it ourselves to get the antiqued, country look we like.

We continued searching what other beds frames we liked to see what we wanted to incorporate into our platform bed.

Drapes always add a very romantic feel to a bed, but how would we do this with our knee wall and vaulted ceiling?

We also liked the nook bed but once again, how to do it with knee walls and a vaulted ceiling?

I saw this idea on Pinterest, using an old door as a headboard and since I have a couple of those around we thought that might be a neat idea.

This mantel headboard is BEAUTIFUL but we thought our knee wall was too short, that after you put the pillows on the bed you wouldn’t see it anyway.

So maybe we should just make a plain fabric headboard since it probably wouldn’t be seen by anyone but us.

What color did we paint our room?  What does the quilt I deemed “perfect” look like?  What bed style did we decide upon? You’ll have to come back next Monday when I finally reveal our dream master suite!  I’m so stinking excited to share it with you all!!!  I confess I haven’t even taken the pictures yet because I know if I had pictures I would have posted it before now, LOL.

If you are interested in checking out all the things I pinned as ideas for our bedroom, please feel free to do so here.

*All pictures have been linked back to their original home page as long as I was able to do so.

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When we started this endeavor to create our dream master suite we knew it had to include a whirlpool bath.  There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath…unless it’s a hot bath in a whirlpool tub!

We knew after talking with other people who had whirlpool baths that we did not want a small one like this…

…because it was too small for two people to fit in.  So that left us with a corner whirlpool bath like this.

So figuring out what type of whirlpool bath we wanted was quite easy.  Much easier, in fact, than figuring out what type of surround we wanted.  Did we want tile surround similar to the picture above?

The framed looking panels are nice…

…but so is wainscoting.

This was my absolute favorite!

But being that it would be on the third floor of our farmhouse that is almost 100 years old we thought the castle rock would be too heavy and might send our tub plummeting through the floor into our sons room or just keep on going until it reached the basement.  Since we didn’t want that to happen we passed up this beautiful tub surround for something that I think is absolutely exquisite in its own way!

To find out what we did come back at the end of the month for the big reveal of our master suite.

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Master Suites!

Since our room is finally finished I thought I’d take the rest of July to share with you the many thoughts and ideas that went into making my husbands and my dream master suite, then at the end of the month I’ll do the big reveal and let you see the finished project!

It would be an understatement to say that a lot of work went into transforming this…

…into a beautiful master suite.  In fact, it took an extreme amount of work, time, patients, energy, drawing, drafting and admittedly a little  healthy discussion, that could be mistaken for arguing, to get us where we’re at now.

As you can see our attic wasn’t one of those nice clean attics that was used for storage.  It was a filthy, bat and mice infested area that still makes me shiver in disgust when I think of how nasty it was.  In these pictures you see we’ve already made some progress, as in some of the blown insulation is cleaned up, stairs have been built up to it (They are under the pink foam insulation at the end of the room in the bottom picture.) and a window has been cut out so that we could get the lumber, drywall and other big items up.

By this stage we had drawn up blue print after blue print of what we wanted our bedroom to look like.  Working around knee walls, a chimney and one window proved to be more difficult than one might assume.  We also needed to decided if we wanted to cover the support beams by having a low ceiling or go with vaulted ceilings and incorporate the beams into the room.  We both drew up several designs of what we imagined the bedroom looking like and compiled them into one plan.

The main room was the easiest part to work on, it was the bathroom and closet that proved to be the trickiest since we had to work around the bedrooms one window.  Do we put the window in the bathroom or closet?  How do we make a small bathroom, with low knee walls host a sink/cabinet, toilet and shower?

Here are some of the bathroom images I googled and pinned for future reference…

I love this bathroom for all the built in storage.  The drawers and cabinets built right into the wall is a great idea!  Our bathroom is very small and we need to add storage where we can which, for us, would be in the knee walls.  We haven’t done  any permanent storage yet because we aren’t quite sure how we want to do it but this is one of our favorite ideas.

I loved the simpleness yet beauty of this bathroom.  Plus since we had decided to go with neutral tones I loved the colors!

I think looking at walk-in closets was one of my favorite parts of the planning for our room!  Who wouldn’t love a closet like these…

Simple and functional and it was a reminder to me to make sure I had space tall enough for my knee high boots.

Ginormous is the first word that came to mind when looking at this picture and I loved the idea of having a little island in the middle of my closet but knowing our closet wouldn’t be big enough for the island, I thought something like this…

…with an ottoman might be better.  I know it’s still a BIG closet but somewhat simpler than the previous closet.  We liked the idea of having something to sit on while putting on our shoes and socks.  I thought that since we’re limited on storage space that maybe an ottoman with storage would be nice too.

If we would have done his and her closets I would have loved something as drool worthy as this…

Not only is this closet fantabulous, but the clothes are great too!  Note the jacket that matches the ottoman…Great material!  Though I have to say that this girl needs to go shopping and fill her hanging space up a little more.  But she’s got me beat in the shoe and purse category.  Once again, it’s a fantabulous closet!

Hope you enjoyed.  What master suite dreams, visions and plans will I bring you next?  Hmm…guess we’ll have to wait and see!

*Congratulations to last weeks 4th of July hair clip giveaway… bbhuls!  Email me  to claim your prize.

**All pictures are linked to their original site unless I could no longer get to their home page.

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