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Master Suites!

Since our room is finally finished I thought I’d take the rest of July to share with you the many thoughts and ideas that went into making my husbands and my dream master suite, then at the end of the month I’ll do the big reveal and let you see the finished project!

It would be an understatement to say that a lot of work went into transforming this…

…into a beautiful master suite.  In fact, it took an extreme amount of work, time, patients, energy, drawing, drafting and admittedly a little  healthy discussion, that could be mistaken for arguing, to get us where we’re at now.

As you can see our attic wasn’t one of those nice clean attics that was used for storage.  It was a filthy, bat and mice infested area that still makes me shiver in disgust when I think of how nasty it was.  In these pictures you see we’ve already made some progress, as in some of the blown insulation is cleaned up, stairs have been built up to it (They are under the pink foam insulation at the end of the room in the bottom picture.) and a window has been cut out so that we could get the lumber, drywall and other big items up.

By this stage we had drawn up blue print after blue print of what we wanted our bedroom to look like.  Working around knee walls, a chimney and one window proved to be more difficult than one might assume.  We also needed to decided if we wanted to cover the support beams by having a low ceiling or go with vaulted ceilings and incorporate the beams into the room.  We both drew up several designs of what we imagined the bedroom looking like and compiled them into one plan.

The main room was the easiest part to work on, it was the bathroom and closet that proved to be the trickiest since we had to work around the bedrooms one window.  Do we put the window in the bathroom or closet?  How do we make a small bathroom, with low knee walls host a sink/cabinet, toilet and shower?

Here are some of the bathroom images I googled and pinned for future reference…

I love this bathroom for all the built in storage.  The drawers and cabinets built right into the wall is a great idea!  Our bathroom is very small and we need to add storage where we can which, for us, would be in the knee walls.  We haven’t done  any permanent storage yet because we aren’t quite sure how we want to do it but this is one of our favorite ideas.

I loved the simpleness yet beauty of this bathroom.  Plus since we had decided to go with neutral tones I loved the colors!

I think looking at walk-in closets was one of my favorite parts of the planning for our room!  Who wouldn’t love a closet like these…

Simple and functional and it was a reminder to me to make sure I had space tall enough for my knee high boots.

Ginormous is the first word that came to mind when looking at this picture and I loved the idea of having a little island in the middle of my closet but knowing our closet wouldn’t be big enough for the island, I thought something like this…

…with an ottoman might be better.  I know it’s still a BIG closet but somewhat simpler than the previous closet.  We liked the idea of having something to sit on while putting on our shoes and socks.  I thought that since we’re limited on storage space that maybe an ottoman with storage would be nice too.

If we would have done his and her closets I would have loved something as drool worthy as this…

Not only is this closet fantabulous, but the clothes are great too!  Note the jacket that matches the ottoman…Great material!  Though I have to say that this girl needs to go shopping and fill her hanging space up a little more.  But she’s got me beat in the shoe and purse category.  Once again, it’s a fantabulous closet!

Hope you enjoyed.  What master suite dreams, visions and plans will I bring you next?  Hmm…guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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**All pictures are linked to their original site unless I could no longer get to their home page.


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