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Romantic chic was what we wanted out of our bedroom.  Simple, beautiful, romantic. A sanctuary that had a hotel suite or romantic Bed & Breakfast feel to it.  A room we never wanted to leave.

Before deciding on a color for our bedroom I started researching quilts because that would help decide which color paint I wanted on the walls.  I loved these quilts…

The problem was that I loved them all so much that I couldn’t decide on which one I liked so I decided that I needed to do a neutral tone in our bedroom so that I could change-up the quilts as I wanted to and the color would match all of them.

The next step, was to then google neutral toned bedrooms to get some inspiration.

Since we have white trim in every other room of our home we wanted to continue with that in our new room so we knew we wanted a darker neutral tone on the wall like in the last picture rather than white on white like the middle two rooms.  I also noticed another thing about these neutral toned bedrooms that I was really liking.  A neutral toned quilt with a splash of color at the foot of the bed with a folded quilt…beautiful!  I was now shopping for a neutral toned quilt.

Finding the perfect neutral toned quilt was harder than one might think.  I ordered and sent back so many cream/ivory quilts over a two month span that I lost count.  I just couldn’t find the right one.  Either I didn’t like the color (too buttery, too white, some were just plain yellow) or once seeing the quilt up close, rather than in a picture, I didn’t like the quilting pattern on the quilt.  I finally found the perfect quilted coverlet at a local Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now we had our quilt and paint color and it was on to what style bed we wanted.  David like the idea of a platform bed so that we didn’t have to buy a box spring because our knee walls would be too low for a bed frame, box spring and mattress.  We looked at lots of images like these…

However, I was quickly discovering that most platform beds are way to modern looking for my antique country taste.  Also, none of them fit that “romantic chic” look we were looking for.  We knew we wanted a platform bed but it was apparent we’d have to make it ourselves to get the antiqued, country look we like.

We continued searching what other beds frames we liked to see what we wanted to incorporate into our platform bed.

Drapes always add a very romantic feel to a bed, but how would we do this with our knee wall and vaulted ceiling?

We also liked the nook bed but once again, how to do it with knee walls and a vaulted ceiling?

I saw this idea on Pinterest, using an old door as a headboard and since I have a couple of those around we thought that might be a neat idea.

This mantel headboard is BEAUTIFUL but we thought our knee wall was too short, that after you put the pillows on the bed you wouldn’t see it anyway.

So maybe we should just make a plain fabric headboard since it probably wouldn’t be seen by anyone but us.

What color did we paint our room?  What does the quilt I deemed “perfect” look like?  What bed style did we decide upon? You’ll have to come back next Monday when I finally reveal our dream master suite!  I’m so stinking excited to share it with you all!!!  I confess I haven’t even taken the pictures yet because I know if I had pictures I would have posted it before now, LOL.

If you are interested in checking out all the things I pinned as ideas for our bedroom, please feel free to do so here.

*All pictures have been linked back to their original home page as long as I was able to do so.


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