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When we started this endeavor to create our dream master suite we knew it had to include a whirlpool bath.  There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath…unless it’s a hot bath in a whirlpool tub!

We knew after talking with other people who had whirlpool baths that we did not want a small one like this…

…because it was too small for two people to fit in.  So that left us with a corner whirlpool bath like this.

So figuring out what type of whirlpool bath we wanted was quite easy.  Much easier, in fact, than figuring out what type of surround we wanted.  Did we want tile surround similar to the picture above?

The framed looking panels are nice…

…but so is wainscoting.

This was my absolute favorite!

But being that it would be on the third floor of our farmhouse that is almost 100 years old we thought the castle rock would be too heavy and might send our tub plummeting through the floor into our sons room or just keep on going until it reached the basement.  Since we didn’t want that to happen we passed up this beautiful tub surround for something that I think is absolutely exquisite in its own way!

To find out what we did come back at the end of the month for the big reveal of our master suite.


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