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To kick off my first monthly theme, which is “Summer Fun!!!” I’m going to share with you something you just might want to check out for yourself this summer if you live in the Hayward, WI area or are going to be visiting it…

Last week I had the privilege of chaperoning my oldest daughter’s fourth grade class on a field trip as they visited Scheers Lumberjack Show in Hayward, WI, a local small, but well known town.

While there I learned something about this little community that I didn’t know before…that Hayward is the home of the Lumberjack World Championships!  I knew that the Lumberjack shows were there, after all I had been to one of the shows when I was about my daughter’s age with my grandparents, but I thought it was just a fun local show (Which is sad because I’ve spent almost as much time in this town as I have the town I live in.).  I had no idea that it was so much more than that and that Scheer’s Lumberjack has hosted the World Championships for 53 years now!

I’ll be honest and say that my initial thought when I signed up to join my daughter’s class on this field trip was not, “Wow am I super excited to go watch men chop and saw wood!”    After all, we heat with wood during the winter months, so I’m quite familiar with the whole wood chopping thing.  No, the thrill of chopping and sawing was not what drew me, I signed up because I enjoy going on my kid’s field trips with them and I know it means a lot to my kids to have me there when I can.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and my initial thoughts of this activity greatly changed as I watched two men war it out with axes…

…saws (chain and hand saws)…

…climb 60 foot poles, incredibly fast, using only a rope and some fancy boots (Which by the way the kid in green is a brother of one of my friends and he is ranked 6th in the world for pole climbing!)…

I was beginning to really enjoy this show.  They put on a lot of silly fun skits for the kids and one side of the crowd cheered on the gentlemen in red (that was our side) and the other side cheered on the gentlemen in green (my friends brother) with shouts of “Yo ho!”  The gentlemen our side was cheering for was in the lead and my daughter was super excited that our side was going to win, but then the boom run came and my friends brother zipped across those logs with great speed and dexterity…

Our red lumberjack didn’t get too far!

This tied the competition up and there was only one event left, the one I was looking forward to the most, the log roll!  I never realized the little tricks and stuff the lumberjacks do on the logs to try to knock their opponents off.  (This could be be because I haven’t really watched it since I was ten.)  They do fancy foot work back and forth, kick water at each other, all while spinning a log and trying not to fall off!!!

As you can see from the look of pain on the red lumberjacks face, our side did not win, but it was still a lot of fun.  It’s something that I plan on having my family fit into our “Summer Fun” schedule and my husband and I are hoping to make it to the Lumberjack World Championships at the end of July!

If you live in the Hayward, WI area or will be visiting the area take the time to check out Scheers Lumberjack Show, you will love it!


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