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Yesterday was the last day of school for my daughters and I love that all of my kids will be home for three months now!!!

 We always celebrate the last day of school with a trip to Dairy Queen and a camping trip, but since our budget is tight now because of our bedroom project (There I go blaming the project again.) we didn’t do our end of the school year camping trip.  However, we still got Dairy Queen!!!

See this chocolate on the ground…

…it’s supposed to be here on my ice cream.

RIP, hard chocolate coating.  Your untimely demise maid my chocolate covered strawberry sunday a little less gratifying.

Okay, now that I’ve paid my respects, on to the Schroeder family officially kicking off “Summer Fun”!!!

We took our Dairy Queen treats to the park where we ate and played.

The kids were thrilled their cousins decided to join us…

My husband was trying to decide if he could fit in the child’s swing…

He decided he couldn’t, but I thought I’d give it a try since I had done it in high school and fit…

Guess I’m not quite the same size I was in high school!

Yes, we do this type of stuff frequently.  (You should see the picture of my husband riding in a baby carrier on my brother-in-laws back!)  Yes, we are a little strange, but we’re okay with it because it’s fun!  And, yes, I did need help getting out!!!

I love our daughter looking at us laughing!!!  She’s thinking, “Silly Mommy that swing is for kids!”

After one more dizzying spin on the twirly thingy (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical name for it)…

We headed home to make our Summer Bucket List!!!  Every summer we make a “Things We Want To Do This Summer” list up on the computer, laminate it and then randomly choose activities off the list.  I changed it up a bit this year thanks to Pinterst!  Same idea just cutified! (I just made up a new word!)

You may like to do this too for a fun way of choosing this summer’s fun activities!

I used scrapbook paper to decorate a tin can…

The kids then wrote things like: have a water balloon fight, go hiking, have a tea party or catch frogs (Hmm…wonder who wrote that one?) on little cards that I had made up.

Once or twice a week we’ll draw a card from our bucket and do the activity on that card!  It’s a great way to let your kids have a say in your summer activities!

Not sure of what things you’d like to do this summer?  Here’s a bucket list I found on-line, it’s got some great ideas!!!

Since we couldn’t camp this year my husband and I decided to surprise the kids by laying out the sleeping bags, blowing up the air mattress and having a movie/popcorn night in Dad and Mom’s new bedroom!  (We frequently do slumber parties in Dad and Mom’s room or in the living room.)  The kids love it and it was our way of celebrating the new carpet and the beginning of summer vacation!

Thus commences summer fun!!!  We are all looking forward to some time off of school and schedules, sleeping in, the beach, hikes and many more summer activities!!!

I’m super looking forward to when I’ll be sleeping in my new room every night and on a much more comfortable bed than the air mattress!!!


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