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After my kids and I drew GIANT sidewalk chalk art…

…we decided to take it to a whole new level!

They soared above roof tops with the birds, Mary Poppins style!

Had an “Alice In Wonderland” Moment among giant flowers and a shy giant baby butterfly!

Okay, our butterfly wasn’t being shy, she just didn’t like the sun in her eyes and decided she was through laying on the hard ground and looking into the blaring sun at this point…

They also got to be astronauts!  What child gets the chance to stand on the moon and touch the stars?!! 

As you can see the butterfly and her brother decided they didn’t want to be astronauts.  They said the sun was too bright so I think the next time I pull the camera out to take fun pictures with sidewalk chalk art I’ll do it on a cloudy day.  But it was still a lot of fun and they did all enjoy it, even the youngest two…at first!

Okay so this idea is not an all new idea.  People have been doing it for years in pictures like this…

And I always thought these were really cool and wanted to do something like it but I’m not that talented of an artist so when I saw this image on Pinterest…

I thought, “Hey now I can do that!!!”

I really wanted my kids to have a say in what these pictures would be like so I told them that we were going to make giant pictures that they could pose in for some fun photography moments.  I didn’t want to show them any of the images because I wanted their masterpieces to be original.  My oldest daughter did the outer space picture all on her own, and my second to oldest daughter helped me with the garden (That’s her ladybug that she wanted to pet in the picture.) and drew the Mary Poppins picture!  My youngest two helped fill in flower petals and stars and drew frogs and lizards in other places.  I have quite the little artists!

If you want to get pictures like this of your kids I would do the same thing, by not telling them what to draw, let them use their imaginations so that your pictures are all them!  Besides you child’s imaginations, sidewalk chalk and your camera, you will need a tall ladder so that you can get above your kids high enough to get a good angel on the pictures.  Oh, and wait for a cloudy day!


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