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Yesterday my children and I donned our swimsuits, packed the cooler full of drinks and food and headed to the beach!  I originally thought that my youngest would just sit on the edge of the beach where the tiny ripples of current meet the sand, while I, well lubed with tanning oil, would lie on my towel near by trying to catch up on some reading.  As you can see from the photo above, that’s exactly how my day went and I was able to get a lot of reading done.  For about 3 minutes…maybe.

It didn’t take much watching of her older siblings splashing around and playing in the water for her to decide she was a big, brave girl this summer and that she was ready to try out her flippers.  Thus extinguishing the nice little dream I had of actually getting a chance to read.

Was I bummed?  Yes, I was (After all, as a mother of four I get very little reading in unless it’s late into the night, which could technically classify as wee morning hours, and then I’m extremely tired and zombie-ish the next day.), but as I watched the excitement on her face as she ran, foraging for fun in the sparkling water, I willing laid down my book and chased after her.

We are so busy during the school year, usually only having one, maybe two nights, a week when we have nothing going on.   Life seems so rushed, flying from one activity to the next.  Some days I feel like I haven’t seen my school aged children or husband except to hurriedly say hello and good-bye as we scurry off to the next thing on the calendar.

As I got caught up in the laughter, splashing and games being played by my children I thought, “This is what I love about summer!”

I’m not much of a summer person, I hate heat and humidity.  I would so much rather trudge 5 miles through a blizzard than walk 5 steps outdoors in the hot sticky air.  But this time that we have off from school and all of our extra curricular activities. being able to lay aside our agenda, schedules and the busy-ness of life and taking the time to just enjoy being with each other is EXQUISITE!

I say bring on the heat if it gives me more moments like the ones I’ve already enjoyed this summer…


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