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I’m a big time crafter and love to do craft projects with my kids also.  All the things I will be sharing here are crafts we have already made or, since our summer vacation just started last week, plan to do sometime this summer.   Admittedly pretty much all of these have been pinspired!  Thank you, Pinterest, from me and my children!

What We’ve Made So Far:

Ocean Waves

Okay, we actually made this one back in May for my sons birthday, but my kids are still playing with their ocean waves in a bottle!  This is the one craft I didn’t get from Pinterest, it’s all thanks to my middle school days!

What You’ll Need:

A bottle that has a lid/cap (Most people use two liter soda bottles, we used 20 oz water bottles.)

Clear or opaque oil (We used baby oil because I couldn’t find a clear oil at our local grocery store.)

Water from your faucet

Blue food coloring

Hot or Super Glue

clear or white craft sparkles (If desired)

Shells or other items that will float (If desired)

Fill 1/3 of your bottle with water add blue food coloring and stir to mix thoroughly.  Next add your sparkles and floating pieces.  Fill the rest of your bottle with clear oil.  Make sure you fill it almost completely to the top for best results.  Last, put glue around the rim of your bottle and secure cap.  (The glue will help to make sure your kids don’t accidentally open it when they are playing with their ocean waves.)  Gently move bottle back and forth tipping it lightly to create an ocean wave effect!


Umbrella Wreath

All you will need for this simple craft is a foam ring and cocktail umbrellas.  Open the umbrellas up and allow your children to stick them into the foam wreath, creating a beautiful summer wreath to hang on your door!  (It is a little tricky because they like to break and the tooth picks on our umbrellas were too long so we had to break them off.)  The kids really enjoyed making this and want me to by more umbrellas so they can each have a wreath for their rooms!

Hungry Caterpillar Day

Yes, we made a day out of it and actually we did this one today!

First we read the book:

Then we did a craft:

What You’ll Need:

Blue, Red, Green, Yellow & Brown non-toxic paints

White construction paper

Your kids cute little hands

First paint the palms of their hand with the green paint and their fingers (excluding the thumb) with the brown.  Have them press their hand to the paper three times to make the body.  Wash this off and then paint the palm of their hand red and their middle and ring finger brown, and press this at the front of the first three prints.  Wash those darling little hands again (Yes, there’s a lot of hand washing involved.)  You will then paint the tip of their thumb yellow and press this onto the red head twice for the outer eye part.  Next you will paint their pointer finger green and press it into the center of the yellow thumb print for the inner eye parts.  Last you will paint their pinkie finger brown and press down for the little nose.  Allow to dry and hang their masterpiece where they can enjoy it and show it off!

Last we had a snack:

I laid out a buffet of some of the different foods from the book that “The Hungry Caterpillar” eats and I made a special “Hungry Caterpillar Snack” inspired by this picture that came up when I googled images for a Hungry Caterpillar snack.

What You’ll Need (For the Caterpillar Snack):

2 Granny Smith Apples (I only used 1 1/2 apples)

Caramel Cream Cheese Apple Dip

Red Food Coloring

Red Grapes

One orange

Make the  Caramel Cream Cheese Apple Dip and mix in your red food coloring until desired color is achieved.  Wash and cut your apple into slices and arrange on a plate shaped like the caterpillar.  After your apple is arranged how you’d like you will add some of the apple dip and shape it into the caterpillars round head.  Next cut  two red grapes in half, one big and one small.  Put the two bigger halves where the eyes should be and one of the small halves where the nose should be.   Next you’ll cut three bigger grapes into of little caterpillar legs and position them where desired.  You will then cut an orange in round slices, going opposite of the grain.  Put one of these slices in desired location for the sun.  Last cut the rind off of one of your slices and cut into 1/2 – 3/4 long inch pieces and arrange around the sun to make rays.



Crafts We Plan To Make:

*Since we haven’t made these crafts yet I have created a link to the sites of these crafts creators so that you can see how they did it.  Just click on the pictures of the crafts and it will bring you to their sites.

Natural Art

I’m not sure if we will do both of these this summer but we will definitely do one of them!  All you’ll need is some construction paper, paint and let nature supply the rest!

Another fun way to use nature for a fun summer craft …


Popping Poppies!

I know my girls will really enjoy this one because they love a chance to use my scrapbooking supplies!  Though I’d like to think of something boyish like this to make for my son while the girls do these poppies.


Who’s Too Cute?

These Are!  My oldest daughter and I have a thing for owls and these are just so darn cute.  Unfortunately she doesn’t give a detailed tutorial so ours will probably not end up near as cute but we’ll give it our best shot.  I can’t wait to make these little guys.

*Since there is not a detailed tutorial for these adorable little owls here is link for how to make the base.

Lava Lamp

My kids love lava lamps when they see them in stores so I  knew when I saw it on Pinterest that we had to try this one out this summer.  Though I think it’s more of a science project then a craft.  I thought it was interesting when I saw that the creator of this craft/science project had “Summer Fun” in the heading since that’s LE’s theme this month!

Sparkling Fairies

This is another one I’m really looking forward to!  Mostly because I know that my kid’s faces will be bright with smiles and full of awe if this is as cool as it looks.

Paper Plate Aquarium

A maintenance free aquarium, how great is that?!  Super!!! I think it would be really cute to put a mermaid in one too!


That’s All Folks!

Yes, that all we have planned to do this summer.  I’m sure that these along with things I’m making for our master bedroom and my daughter’s room will keep us pretty busy crafting this summer, although I’m sure there will be lots of other things working their way into our summer schedule as I become even more pinspired.  I hope you’ve been inspired to make some summer crafts of your own!


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