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I love summer and fresh strawberry’s just for these babies right here!

A large dollop of Cool Whip and Strawberries on top of two chocolate chip pancakes with Hershey’s Syrup drizzled on top…Yep, this is my favorite way to have pancakes!!!  It may not be healthy but it is Y-U-M-M-O!


Prepared desired pancake batter (I cheat and use Hungry Jack Just Add Water Extra Fluffy Pancake Mix.  Don’t judge.)

Chocolate Chips

Strawberries cut & mashed (however many you want)

sugar (to sweeten strawberries if desired)

Cool Whip

Hershey’s Syrup


Pour pancake batter onto a hot pan or griddle and add chocolate chips to the top of these.  Flip when ready and cook the rest of the way.  While these are cooking add the sugar to sweeten the strawberries.  I usually add about 1/8 c per pound of strawberries.  After the pancakes are done you will move them to a plate and top them with as many strawberries, as large of scoops of Cool Whip, and as much Hershey’s syrup as you like!  Enjoy!

*I usually do not add Hershey’s syrup to mine, my kids enjoy this but I think it tastes better without the syrup.

** I categorized this under Recipes-Breakfast but we have never actually had it for breakfast it’s usually a desert or very unhealthy dinner.


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