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Do you recall way back in April that I mentioned I wanted to make a menu board.  Almost four months later I finally made one!  Though I’m sure you already assumed that after reading the title.  Over the last few months I’ve been looking at other menu boards on Pinterest  to see what things I wanted to incorporate into my menu board.

 Here are some of the boards I looked at…

My Menu Board

The overall look of my menu board matches the looks of the first board above.  However, I only did one pocket on my board instead of two.  I use my one folder to put the meal cards in after they’ve been used so as not to use the same meal too closely together.

As far as the menu card clasps, I opted for the clothes pins that are decorated with a little strip of scrapbook paper.  I liked the magnet idea but I was worried that the magnets wouldn’t hold well through my laminated menu cards.

The first, second and fourth board had the meals grouped by color and I really liked this so followed suit.  The fourth board intrigued me because the color groups are bound together and hung from tabs, rather than set in another pocket.  This idea was perfect for me because I knew not all of my meal cards would fit in one pocket, and there wasn’t enough room on my board for 7 pockets so I labeled clothes pins with the group name and hung the coordinating group cards from those.

Lastly, my cards have the main course with side dishes listed on the front and a list of the items I’ll need to make the meal on the back, as in the first menu board.  I liked the idea of having a little grocery check list on the back so I know I always have on hand what I’ll need.

This isn’t the only organizing I’ve done this week.  After working on our home since November a lot of things have been neglected and now that we are done, I’m reestablishing some organization that has gone slack and organizing other areas that have long been put up with.  I’ve made a battery bin, I’ve labeled a number of items in our house (with my poor label maker that’s gotten dusty from lack of use) I’ve cleaned out the kids rooms and gotten rid of tons of stuff and organized the things they couldn’t live without.  I am on my way to finally getting back to the way I like to live.  10 months has been too long for this much chaos and disorderliness!

I’m honestly thinking of trying this out.  She has some great ideas on how to cheaply organize your home and I’ve already started incorporating some of the ideas as you’ll see below.

Below is a little box that acts as our junk drawer.  (You know that little drawer that everyone has in their house, at least everyone I know, that holds the miscellaneous items you have no spot for.)  This little box holds all of our pencils, pens, etc. that we try to keep where the kids can get to them easily for when they need these items for school work, crafts, etc.  It also holds my mini screw driver set and a few other items I like to keep on hand in the kitchen.



I covered the box in fabric, labeled old soup cans “pencils”, “pens”, “markers”, “scissors” and “miscellaneous “(so that my family couldn’t use the excuse, “I didn’t know which one it went in.”) and filled each can accordingly.  It sits under the cupboard in the same exact place it did before but looks much nicer now and it’s much easier to find things now.

If you are interested in seeing more of the ways I’m organizing my home let me know below in the comments section and I’ll try to keep you up to date as I go along.  Warning, it might be a long process.


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When I see pictures like the ones above or below my heart skips a beat and I get a warm fuzzy feeling!  I LOVE schedules, meal plans, freezers full of frozen meals, labeled pantries, tidy bins that are also labeled, alphabetized book and movie shelves…  If it’s got anything to do with organization I will fall head over heels!

I confess I put the second picture above there because my closet is organized like a rainbow!  The first picture is my new pantry, it’s not as organized as I’d like, I still need to label and buy bins for some things, but everything has it’s place and I love having a pantry!  The third is something the kids and I were just talking about starting so that they have more of a say in meals.  (Click the image for a link to where I got this idea.)

Even though I tend to be a bit annal retentive I desperately long to be more organized.  As of late, my house and life have been way less organized then I appreciate.   When my son was a baby I created a spreadsheet that maps out a two week schedule for cleaning my house and keeping it organized.   This schedule worked great for quite a while but our lives have gotten busier and it only factors in my cleaning.  I’m struggling to find ways to fit in other things that are relevant and actually more important to me. Things like my children’s extra curricular activities, library/park time, play time, and what about time for me and blogging, sewing or crafting?  These are things that I just fit in wherever and it’s becoming a headache to me to try to fit these in and not accomplish all the things I need and want to.

I was complaining to my hubby (for what is probably the 50th time in the last couple of months) about my lack of schedule and how stressed it is making me and then found this post by Modern Parents Messy Kids.  I love that she has this list of how organized she is and how wonderful her life is.  I read that blog post thinking, “Yes, this is how I use to be and this is what I want again,”  and then she ends her list with, “And then I woke up…”!  This is great!  Because no matter how Type A, annal retentive I am, it’s never enough.  I feel like I am never organized enough and it’s so nice to know I’m not alone.

Modern Parents Messy Kids post helped give me the motivation I needed to finally listen to my husband and get out excel and  better plan my weeks.  This schedule will not only include cleaning and household maintenance but play time with my family and some me time as well.  I’m sure things wont go exactly how I’d like them, after all there are only so many hours in a day and I know that no matter how hard I aspire to be her, I am not Super Woman.  As long as I can keep my life as clutter and hectic free as possible is all that matters.  Another one of those lessons I’m still learning.  Can’t wait to get started!

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