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As I was ordering things for my son’s birthday party today I thought to myself, “I don’t think I ever posted my daughter’s Call Of Duty party!”  Sure enough, when I looked back over old posts, it was missing. Guess that show’s you how relaxed I’ve become with blogging.  I need to get a bit better, don’t I?

So here’s a long neglected post…

Gabrielle’s COD party!!!

Of  course for a COD party you need to have lots of orange, black and camouflage!  Thus the guests were asked to wear orange, black or camouflage.  The table was also set accordingly.   I made up a COD banner and printed off COD pictures to decorate the cake table back drop.


P1250215The cakes were super simple with a rifle and dog tags on one…


and a super simple COD II image cake for the other.


(By the way remind me that I need to show you how to make your own images to put on a cake.  It’ not edible but it’s super easy and cheaper than an edible image!)


Our games had to be played indoors so I didn’t get to set up a military type obstacle course like I was hoping to but I did come up with some fun military type games for the kids to play.

Our first game was like hot potato but I called it “Dynamite”. I made up a Rolo dynamite stick like I made for my kids for Valentines day…

…only I didn’t put the “You’re The Bomb” tag on it.  Just a simple Rolo dynamite stick made with red construction paper and a piece of black yarn for the wick.


I had the kids sit in a circle and we played some COD songs that I found on youtube while they tossed the dynamite stick around.  When I stopped the song the soldier holding the dynamite stick was out.  Thus it continued until only a single soldier was left and was awarded the Rolo dynamite stick!

The second game we played was “Minefield” I set black paper plates out on the floor to be the mines and the kids were separated into 2 teams.

P1250248 P1250247

One person was selected to be the teams captain, this person gave directions to his teammates.  The other kids were privates and took their turns being blind folded and listened to their captain as they made their way from one end of the minefield to the other end.  If they touched a plate they would be out.  The point of the game was to get as many team means through the minefield as possible.  The winning team received a Reeses peanut butter cup because they kind of resemble a land mine.  Kind of.

And that was my daughter’s 11 year, Call Of Duty, Birthday Party!  It was simple but fun!

Here’s to the birthday girl!




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