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When my son requested to have a pirate themed birthday party for his 5th birthday I was so excited.   You might even say EXTREMELY excited!  Immediately the dramatic side of me kicked in and it was off and running with all sorts of fun ideas to make this the most fun pirate party our budget would allow.

(Warning a TON of photos will now ensue!)

A cake fit for a Pirate!

Nautical Pirate Food!

My son requested all the food and I did my best to put a piratey or nautical spin on it by labeling the foods with different names to fit the theme of the party…

The table replicates the bow of a ship with a sail and jib.

Golden Nuggets (chicken nuggets)

Crabs & Shells (crab salad) & Canon Balls (meatballs)

The Deep Blue Sea! (Blue jello with cool whip that is dyed a light blue and gummy sharks circling for a snack.)  The kids loved that I had put sharks in the jello also!  Definitely a “Cool” snack!

I’m pretty sure this frightful fella was the biggest hit as far as food display goes!  I got the idea from Pinterest and since my husband is an awesome pumpkin carver I gave him the job of carving this watermelon shark.  I think he did even better than the one I found on Pinterest!

Shark Bait (fruit salad inside a watermelon carved to look like a shark) & Polly’s Crackers (gold fish) behind the shark!

Name Your Poison!

A “Name Your Poison” sign sits above the beverage and snack table that is complete with Pirate Punch (blue punch with scoops of vanilla ice cream and gummy sharks floating about!) and Pirate Rum (kool-aid and water)!  (I’m sad to report I didn’t get a good picture fo the beverages, sorry.)

Pirate Ships (oranges sliced to look like a boat and topped off with a Jolly Roger flag stuck through a toothpick)! Another Pinterest idea!  I’ll admit I was disappointed that mine did not float.

Barnacles (a mixture of caramel and salted popcorn)!

The birthday boy (aka Jack Sparrow for the evening) enjoying some Mermaid Kisses (Hershey’s kisses), Sour Matey’s (sour patch kids) & Go Fish (swordfish)!

No Pirate Party Would be complete without…

A Pirate Ship…

We hung a Jolly Roger flag like a mast to our play area so that it made our play set look a bit like a Pirate ship!

 Piratey Signs…

(We had about a dozen signs posted around our yard.  You’ll see more in later pictures.)

A Tattoo Station…

If you ever have a pirate themed party a tattoo station is a definite!  I kept it simple by topping an old crate with a wooden dish full of 50 temporary tattoos, a small old pitcher and bowl filled with cold water and a wash cloth to adhere the tattoos.  I also set out a small “Sea In A Bottle” (Do you remember that middle school science project?!) for the little pirates to play with while being tattooed.   “Savvy Tattoos” (the name I gave our tattoo parlor) was a HUGE hit with not only the kids…

but adults too!

My brother-in-law pretending to be in pain while my husband gives him his tattoo.

 Piratey Games!

Sword Fight On A Plank!

The point of this game was to start with two pirates on the plank and fight until one of them fell off the plank of was disarmed.  When somebody fell or dropped their sword that person was eliminated and another pirate would step on the plank to try his best.  This kept going ’til only one pirate was left standing undefeated on the plank.  The winner received a pirate water gun!

(We used swim noodles because I didn’t want the kids getting rough and hurting each other with plastic swords.)

A Tresure Hunt!

My son, Captain Jack Sparrow telling his crew to gather around the plank as he reads the first clue.

It started with my son, the birthday boy who insisted he be called Captain Jack Sparrow during the party, running out with an old bottle and pirate map in hand yelling, “Guys, look what I found!” (I may have told him what to do.)  They were to follow the map to different areas on our property, that were all marked with an old sign that had piratey names on them, and search for more hidden bottles with clues.

My nephew found the first hidden bottle and second clue on Cannibal Island!

Trying to read the map and see where the clues are leading them too.

Crossing Death’s Path! (Don’t worry there were adults with.)

Port McKenzie!  This is one of my favorite pictures, all those little buccaneers are so serious as they hunt for the buried treasure!

The clues led them to wear the X marked the spot on the map…The Black Forest. Abandon All Hope He Who Enters Here! Now to travel west and find where the treasure nest!

I think they found where it was nesting!!!

The Captain opening the treasure box!

The treasure was full of jewels, penny’s and small pirate booty bags for each little buccaneer! In each bag were penny’s, Rolos and assorted Hershey’s Golden Nuggets. Basically anything golden color because pirates love gold!

Yes, Another Treasure Hunt!

For this treasure hunt the captain and his crew had to dig in the sand for hidden ping-pong balls.  The balls had a number on them that corresponded to an outdoorsy prize like, sidewalk chalk, giant bubbles, frisbees and water guns!

(I did have other games that aren’t pictured one was a game that if the kids or adults used pirate lingo or danced or sang to the pirate music we had playing during the party they would earn a pin.  The person at the end of the party who had the most pins won a prize! I also had a little pirate quiz that went along with some pirate facts I had posted around the yard.  The person who answered the most questions right was the winner of a box of Captain Crunch!)

 Next was gifts and cake!

We had to move indoors due to rain and I was so disappointed that my beautifully decorated Pirate Ship had become a bit of a shipwreck by the time we got to enjoy it.  I couldn’t believe it beacuase I had about 30 skewers in it to prevent that very thing from happening.   Oh well,it still tasted delicious!


The cannons were lit to announce it was time to sing “Happy Birthday, Dear Pierce”!!!

It was a really fun party, one of my favorites to plan and everyone, even the adults seemed to enjoy it!

Happy 5th Birthday, Pierce, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

*More of my favorite pictures from the party…

(I apologize for my absence lately and sorry to say it may be awhile before I get to post any outfit posts.  I have been laying in bed with a bad back since Sunday afternoon.  I guess the Pirate Party was too much for me:-0.  I’m just now feeling well enough to be able to hold the computer on my stomach.  Hopefully soon I can get some more outfit posts for you all since those seem to be your favorites.  I’m healing slowly but surely and just praying I’ll get well enough to go to my dear cousins wedding on Saturday.)


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