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We celebrated my baby girls 3rd birthday almost a month ago now!  It was a fun night and she was thrilled with her party…

From the balloons…


To her duck cake and bubbly cupcakes!


She loved the little rubber duck candles so much that she’s still playing with them!


I used blue punch and put vanilla ice cream in it so that it would fizz up to look like bubbles.  The rubber ducky added to it makes the punch look like a bubble bath!


My oldest daughter drew this giant duck for a game of…

Pin the bill on the duck!  I used dollar bills and the child whose bill was closest to the duck bill got to keep their dollar!



The last game we played was one that provided lots of laughter, “Get The Bubbles In The Tub”!  I placed a large bowl full of cotton balls on a chair at one end of our living room and at the other end was an old wash basin.  The object of this game was to apply a liberal amount of vaseline to the kids’ noses and they had to get a cotton ball, which was to play the part of the bubbles, to stick on their nose then run with their cotton ball bubbles across the room and shake the bubble (cotton ball) into the wash basin.  No hands were allowed to be used only their vaselined nose could hold the bubble in place and only shaking could get it loose.  The child who got the most bubbles in the tub one a prize!

The birthday girl was so funny as she stood bent over on her tippy toes, wiggling her little head around trying to get a bubble on her little nose.


She’s running her bubble to the tub…


…and shaking it loose!


If they happened to be lucky enough to get more than one bubble to stick on their nose then that worked in their favor!


Love this one of my nephew!


Here you can see my daughter’s bubble as it’s falling off to the right of her little head.  They really had to shake their heads around to get those bubble in the tub, it was so funny!


We had a really “ducky” party!




Happy 3rd Birthday, Elizabeth!


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