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I had a really fun time last night and felt super blessed to be able to capture the family being featured in this blog post.  Not only is the woman in the pink shirt a cousin of mine but also one of my best friends.  They have been on an awesome adventure the past year or so as they have decided to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia!

A few weeks ago they were sent pictures of their little man and now know that in a few weeks they will be able to go there and meet little Evan and just a few months after that Evan will be home with them cradled in this loving families arms!

I’ve been caught up in their excitement as they are…

Waiting For Evan

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Congratulations Luke & Sarah!  I cannot wait to meet little Evan!  He’s going to be so blessed to have such wonderful parents and three great siblings!!!

*Evan cannot yet have photos of him on the internet so I had to blur out his picture in the images where his picture is displayed.  


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