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My youngest turned 4 in January and I usually try to do my kids’ birthday photos as close to their birthday as possible but I was sick of all of her photos being indoors or in snow so I waited until there was a bit of color in our world.

I also try to make sure that their pictures reflect them and what they love and are into.  Since she started ballet this year I asked her if maybe she’d like to do her pictures this year in one of her ballet tutus.  To this I received an excited “YES!” followed by, “Can I wear my orange and pink tutu?!”

How could I say no?

Thankfully my orange and pink lovin’ ballerina happened to get a pink and orange umbrella for her birthday this year, because it was a rainy day and the umbrella made for some cute pictures!

Luckily there was a break in the rain and we were able to wrap the umbrella up…

… and trade the rain boots in for her ballet slippers!

Dressed in her favorite tutu and ballet slippers she played and giggled and I captured what is the pure blissfulness and adorableness of my little ballerina at play…

I love her little foot kicked up in this picture!

A successful play time and some great photos of my little ballerina!


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I can’t believe it’s already been 10 months since I took this sweet little girl’s newborn pictures!

Newborn Photo

10 months older and even more beautiful!

Vintage Lady In Pearls!

We then switched from Vintage Beauty In Pearls to Vintage Bathing Beauty!

One of my favorite photos from this shoot…a big smile for her mama standing off camera!

The bar of soap proved to be a bit distracting to sweet Savannah but it made for some adorable photos!

Yes, that bar of soap was irresistibly fun…and apparently tasty too!

Beautiful Savannah…love those baby cheeks!

And my favorite picture with the bar of soap…the sneaky reach with a face that says, “Oops I got caught!”

Happy 10 months beautiful girl!

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Wednesday night my daughter and I went to her school and took her 11 year pictures…All I can say is that when I look at these pictures of my 11 1/2 year old my sentiments match that of old Tevye from Fiddler On The Roof and the song, “Is This The Little Girl I Carried” chorused through my head as I edited these photos.  How is it that my baby girl has grown up so fast?!  

She’s no longer a little baby snuggling her blankie and little lambie pie.  She’s a young lady who’s grown very beautiful and of whom her daddy and I are very proud!

Love those beautiful blue eyes!

She made the purse that is featured in both the top picture and the picture below last year in 5th grade out of an old pair of pants for a school project where they were supposed to recycle something!  She did AWESOME!  Recycling at it’s finest!

Gabrielle is going into 6th grade next year so we took her picture next to the 6 on the track!

And because our team is the Rails we had to include the train behind the big 6th grader…

Just because she’s getting older doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy playing still, so we got some pictures on the middle school jungle gym and this is where I captured my favorite pictures…

And as usual I’ve saved my very favorite for last!

Such a beautiful little girl!

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A week and a half ago I had the privilege of photographing this precious little week and a half old baby girl and had so much fun kissing and loving on her the whole time!  Don’t freak out, I wont make it a common practice to kiss and love on all my baby clients but this little cutie is the daughter of my first cousin, Dustin, and his wife, Tina, so I could do that with this little cutie!

Tina had made Savannah a beautiful blanket and wanted to be sure to capture Savannah with her blanket…

Love her dimples in this first picture!

Savannah showed us that she’s all girl and loves to be surrounded by tulle and play dress up already…

And like any girl is oh so pretty in pink!!!

 Love this sweet little baby yawn with big out stretched arms!

I saved my favorite for last!  I absolute LOVE this smile that I captured!  It is just too ADORABLE!!!

I sure do love this new little cousin of mine!  And have been so excited to show her off to all of you!

Congratulations, Dustin and Tina, she is so sweet and beautiful!

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My little man is growing up way too fast but he still embodies the sentiment above and I treasure every little moment with him.  Tuesday, we giggled and laughed through his six year photo shoot that was an expression of him and all that I love about this sweet little boy God has blessed my husband and I with!

He wanted to have some pictures taken with his best buddy Woody and his counterpart Buzz, he even wanted to wear the Buzz Lightyear costume his cousin passed down to him a couple of years ago for the pictures.  Sure, it’s getting small but he still loves it so we laid out his quilt and all his Toy Story snugglies and as you can see he’s overjoyed at having his best friend, Woody and all his other Toy Story things in these pictures…

When going through some picture ideas on Pinterest he saw the photos of the little boys who are dressed like  Superman/Clark Kent and liked the idea of doing that.  When I told him we don’t have a superman t-shirt or costume he said I can just where my Spiderman costume, which resulted in this…

This gave me an opportunity to dress him up a bit preppy and put him in his Easter outfit for some photos which are pretty cute…

I promise I did not tell him how to pose in the photo on the right, he had that swag all on his own, haha!

The next two are my favorite from this outfit and while I set up the chairs and told him to kick his feet up he, once again, did the whistle and tilt of his hat all on his own.  He’s too funny!

These ones of him running on the train tracks and playing on the train are my favorite!!!

Yep, that’s my little man!  It’s no wonder I love him so much!!!

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I had a really fun time last night and felt super blessed to be able to capture the family being featured in this blog post.  Not only is the woman in the pink shirt a cousin of mine but also one of my best friends.  They have been on an awesome adventure the past year or so as they have decided to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia!

A few weeks ago they were sent pictures of their little man and now know that in a few weeks they will be able to go there and meet little Evan and just a few months after that Evan will be home with them cradled in this loving families arms!

I’ve been caught up in their excitement as they are…

Waiting For Evan

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340230b4-46f9-4375-8fd6-c7009907e364_zps209d504fP1260483P1260486Ribbert & Boots copy

Congratulations Luke & Sarah!  I cannot wait to meet little Evan!  He’s going to be so blessed to have such wonderful parents and three great siblings!!!

*Evan cannot yet have photos of him on the internet so I had to blur out his picture in the images where his picture is displayed.  

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Easter is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas!  It’ s celebrating our savior’s sacrifice to give new life to all of us!  What a blessing.  How appropriate that we celebrate his resurrection and gift of life to us in spring since spring is all about new life and new beginnings.

I don’t have a lot of time to post because I want to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with my kiddos on this wonderful Good Friday but I just wanted to pop by and wish you all a Happy Good Friday & Happy Easter and show you a couple of cute crafts my kiddos have made for Easter.  Maybe your kiddos will enjoy them too!


The adorable little egg bunting that my youngest daughter made was her very first sewing project which she had a lot of fun doing…


It hangs in our big dinning room window as shown above, but we also used it in a little mini Easter photo session…



Besides the Easter egg bunting, my girls made these cute little toilet paper roll bunnies with my mom last weekend and it sounds like they really had fun doing this.


Not sure where my mom got the idea probably Pinterest since I was able to find it on there.  The image I found didn’t link to a  tutorial but there is an image here, if you’d like to check it out.

Yesterday the girls and I (my son still wasn’t feeling up to par) made these super easy and cute scrapbook paper eggs…


They are so sweet and you adorable and super easy!  You will find the tutorial here at Craft And Creativity one of my new favorite blogs for finding crafts to do with my kids!  Be sure to check it out, they have lots of brightly colored Easter crafts!

Okay, time to get outdoors with my kids.  Wishing you all a very Happy Good Friday, A Blessed Easter and lots of sweet treats!

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