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I had a really fun time last night and felt super blessed to be able to capture the family being featured in this blog post.  Not only is the woman in the pink shirt a cousin of mine but also one of my best friends.  They have been on an awesome adventure the past year or so as they have decided to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia!

A few weeks ago they were sent pictures of their little man and now know that in a few weeks they will be able to go there and meet little Evan and just a few months after that Evan will be home with them cradled in this loving families arms!

I’ve been caught up in their excitement as they are…

Waiting For Evan

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Congratulations Luke & Sarah!  I cannot wait to meet little Evan!  He’s going to be so blessed to have such wonderful parents and three great siblings!!!

*Evan cannot yet have photos of him on the internet so I had to blur out his picture in the images where his picture is displayed.  


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For this Tuesday’s Fashion & Beauty post I’m going to share with you this years family photo session and what we chose to wear.

I like to have my family coordinate but not be too matchy.  I select similar colors to pull out in outfits and then plan outfits accordingly.  This year it was my youngest daughter’s little bird dress from Old Navy that inspired this years color theme…blue, tan and white, with a bit of orange and red mixed in.  (Where we got each apparel item to make up this years outfits is mentioned at the end of the post and all items that could be linked are done so.)

What is it about the words “family pictures” that makes all of my kids whine like it’s the end of the world?  Why is it so hard to get kids to cooperate for just a little while so we can get some good family pictures to send out to friends and family?  You wives and mothers will understand. You want to portray your family in a beautiful, fun-loving way that shows the best side of your family, or at least how you want people to think your family is, ha, ha.  It’s so hard to capture the good side of your family though in photos.  Kids forbid to do exactly as you want them to in photos.  I don’t know how GAP always has such great pictures!

Every year most of our pictures are of children with cheesy grins and pouting faces.  They aren’t standing how or where they are supposed to.  There may even be some finger pointing to show them where  I’d prefer for them to stand or my husband and I could possibly be giving them a “do it now or else” look.  

This years pictures were no easier than any other year, but I’m learning that usually my favorite pictures are the ones where everyone is just being themselves so I try really hard to keep it happy and carefree so that my kids stay in as good a mood as possible for the photo session.  There may be a bribe of hot cocoa, ice cream of some other treat for afterwards if they can behave!  

Here’s a few of this year’s bad, ugly and humorous photos…

Apparently someone didn’t tell my oldest daughter and son they should be smiling for the pictures.

My son is being all himself here…it’s always important in a family Christmas photo to turn a prop into a machine gun!!!  

This one has it all, what appears to be an adoring eldest daughter leaning on her daddy’s shoulder, me telling my middle daughter not to smile cheesy or it could have been one of the numerous times I had to tell her to stand closer (she kept standing off to the side a bit).  It also has a winning toddler and a little boy with a cheesy grin.  But good job, my wonderful hubby, you look fantastic!

Not sure what my son is doing here.

Something is really funny here!  

This one may have been really cute but it looks like my son is clinging to that “J” like his life depends upon it.

Even my husband has to play during pictures.  It looks like we are having a good time and hugging on each other when in reality he’s squeezing me so tight, my back may have cracked.  He finds this funny.  Me…not so much.

Trust me that is just a few of the less than perfect pictures.  Not saying that what’s to follow is perfect but it’s better than above and a couple of these will be gracing our Christmas card this year…

Seriously, this is the only decent picture we got in front of the old school-house and I only put it on here because I felt I should have one decent photo from that location.  However due to my daughter’s hair in her eyes, my sons, I’m not even sure what to call that face, and the youngest Schroeder member not smiling it definitely wont make the Christmas card.

This is my absolute favorite one, but wish my son’s head wasn’t blocking part of my husbands face.

Another decent one in the corn field.

This will probably make our Christmas card, because although not everyone is smiling, we are all looking at the camera and look fairly decent.  

Love how my oldest daughters are smiling at my husband and I kissing in this one!

I love all of these ones of my kiddos, especially this last one!

And last, my favorite picture of my husband and I from this photo session and possibly one of my favorites of all time!  

These are my best selections this year, all though I have to admit that I’ve warned my family that if it snows before I get a chance to make up our Christmas cards we’re taking them again in the snow.  They are super excited about that, ha, ha!!!

I’m taking off the rest of the week to just enjoy my kiddos being at home for the Thanksgiving holida.  Next week I’m going to show you my home all decorated for Christmas and can’t wait for that.  Until then…Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to all of your crazies like me who will be out Black Friday shopping!!!


On my husband: Sweater (this one is no longer available but the same sweater in other colors is here) & Button Up Shirt  – Old Navy, Lucky Jeans – Thrifted – The Scarlet Poppe, Shoes (similar) – DSW Shoes

On me:  Dress & Scarf  – Francesca’s Collection, Cardiwrap (similar) – Maurices, Boots (similar) – Charlotte Russe

Oldest Daughter – Dress & Vest – The Children’s Place, Sweater – JCPenny’s, Boots (similar) – Old Navy

Middle Daughter – Novelty Sweatshirt, White Blouse, Skirt & Boots (similar) – The Children’s Place

Son – Button Front Shirt, Polo Shirt, Jeans & Boots – The Children’s Place

Youngest Daughter – Dress – Old Navy, Vest – The Children’s Place, Boots – Target

*My wonderful hubby made the chunky JOY letters for me!!

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