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Make A Gray Day Happy!

(Tank, jeans, sandals, necklace & earrings  – Maurices, Jacket – Thrifted from The Scarlet Poppe, Bradelet – Target)

Making Peanut Butter Ritz snacks with my children make it Exquisite!

I LOVE baking especially when I get to do it with my kiddos!  (I can’t wait until school is done next week so I have all four of my little chicks at home to share these moments with!)  I was craving some sweet peanut butter treat and these are an easy quick fix.  This is the first time that I’ve ever made these and I’m really not sure why because I always like them when other people make them.  I confess that I did not follow a recipe (I rarely follow recipes which annoys my sister and some friends.)  and they were even better than I remembered!  

Here’s what I:

In a medium bowl combine 1/3 cup each of peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar.  Cream together until smooth.  Generously spread this mixture over a Ritz cracker and top with another Ritz cracker to make a sandwich.  (You will use one package (not box) of Ritz crackers.)  Melt 12 oz chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl and evenly coat your PB & Ritz sandwich with this chocolate.  You can then garnish with melted white chips and sprinkles (My kiddos favorite part)!  Let dry and enjoy!

I may not have been correct when I said my kiddos favorite part is garnishing with melted white chips and sprinkles…I’m pretty sure it’s eating the left over melted chocolate!

And if you are wondering why I’m laughing in my last outfit picture it’s because a little girl was supposed to be napping but decided she’d rather be outside with me!  Moments like these, cookie making and cute, innocently sneaky babies, make me smile!

*NOTE:  Pay no attention to all of the weeds in my garden.  I’m blaming it on lack of time due to the bedroom project and I just plain hate weeding.  I’ll get to it…eventually.  For now I have a doctors excuse to rest my back and take it easy so it might just be weedy for a little longer:-)


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