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That’s right it’s fall!!!

The beginning of September is the beginning of fall.  At least to me it is.  When the leaves change into their autumny best in hues of cranberry red, burnt orange, mustard yellow and all other warm fall colors an excitement grows inside of me and suddenly…

Among the beautiful fall foliage these are more of my fall favorites and you’ll probably be seeing posts related to these things over the next month…

This is probably tied for first place of my favorite things about fall…Football and my beloved Packers (I honestly look forward to this as soon as the previous football season ends.)!!!

All the deliciously spiced food…pretty much anything pumpkin & apple, hot mulled cider, warm soups, stews and chili, hot cocoa with a large dollop of whipped cream, the list goes on!


(You might want to click on that image so can link up with some of these awesome recipes!  I’ve tried some of them and they are delish!)

Fall/Winter clothing is the absolute best!!!  (This would be the thing that ties with first place with football.) I love fall clothing!  The colors, the layering, boots, scarves, jackets, blazers…it’s all FANTABULOUS!

Wonderful fall activities like bon fires on cool crisp autumn evenings, hay rides, fun fall festivals (Like the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival), jumping in piles of leaves with my family, going to Spooner High School football games, baking (and eating), building scarecrows, carving pumpkins, visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches…

Fall smells, like spiced pumpkin, warm apple cider, fresh baked goodies, moist autumn air.  I love putting a simmering pot on my stove full of apple and pumpkin slices or oranges and cranberries mixed with cinnamon sticks, cloves and other delectable spices.  Yankee Candle captures the smells of autumn perfectly in my favorite scents like…

Spiced pumpkin is in the center because it’s my favorite fall scent!

(Click Yankee Candle image to link you to their buy 1 get 1 50% off of select fall fragrances.)

Last, but certainly not least (in fact it also ties for first place) is that fall is the perfect snuggle weather!!!

What are a few of you favorite things that accompany the fall season?

*Most images courtesy of other sites.  Images that could be are linked to the site I borrowed them from.



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