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My youngest turned 4 in January and I usually try to do my kids’ birthday photos as close to their birthday as possible but I was sick of all of her photos being indoors or in snow so I waited until there was a bit of color in our world.

I also try to make sure that their pictures reflect them and what they love and are into.  Since she started ballet this year I asked her if maybe she’d like to do her pictures this year in one of her ballet tutus.  To this I received an excited “YES!” followed by, “Can I wear my orange and pink tutu?!”

How could I say no?

Thankfully my orange and pink lovin’ ballerina happened to get a pink and orange umbrella for her birthday this year, because it was a rainy day and the umbrella made for some cute pictures!

Luckily there was a break in the rain and we were able to wrap the umbrella up…

… and trade the rain boots in for her ballet slippers!

Dressed in her favorite tutu and ballet slippers she played and giggled and I captured what is the pure blissfulness and adorableness of my little ballerina at play…

I love her little foot kicked up in this picture!

A successful play time and some great photos of my little ballerina!


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I can’t believe it’s already been 10 months since I took this sweet little girl’s newborn pictures!

Newborn Photo

10 months older and even more beautiful!

Vintage Lady In Pearls!

We then switched from Vintage Beauty In Pearls to Vintage Bathing Beauty!

One of my favorite photos from this shoot…a big smile for her mama standing off camera!

The bar of soap proved to be a bit distracting to sweet Savannah but it made for some adorable photos!

Yes, that bar of soap was irresistibly fun…and apparently tasty too!

Beautiful Savannah…love those baby cheeks!

And my favorite picture with the bar of soap…the sneaky reach with a face that says, “Oops I got caught!”

Happy 10 months beautiful girl!

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Wednesday night my daughter and I went to her school and took her 11 year pictures…All I can say is that when I look at these pictures of my 11 1/2 year old my sentiments match that of old Tevye from Fiddler On The Roof and the song, “Is This The Little Girl I Carried” chorused through my head as I edited these photos.  How is it that my baby girl has grown up so fast?!  

She’s no longer a little baby snuggling her blankie and little lambie pie.  She’s a young lady who’s grown very beautiful and of whom her daddy and I are very proud!

Love those beautiful blue eyes!

She made the purse that is featured in both the top picture and the picture below last year in 5th grade out of an old pair of pants for a school project where they were supposed to recycle something!  She did AWESOME!  Recycling at it’s finest!

Gabrielle is going into 6th grade next year so we took her picture next to the 6 on the track!

And because our team is the Rails we had to include the train behind the big 6th grader…

Just because she’s getting older doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy playing still, so we got some pictures on the middle school jungle gym and this is where I captured my favorite pictures…

And as usual I’ve saved my very favorite for last!

Such a beautiful little girl!

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I love photography!  LOVE IT!  It’s a field I’ve considered going into since I was in high school and think maybe someday I’ll  become a professional but for now I just take pictures of my family!  I wanted to share my daughter’s 3rd year pictures I took last week, then thought I should share all of my kids most recent birthday pictures.  These aren’t pictures of their parties they are the pictures commemorating them turning another year older!  

Each year in their pictures I try to capture who they are, what things they are currently into and what they enjoy. I let them have a say in their outfit, though I also help to make sure it’s something I’d like them photographed in, and I let them help choose what props they might like to use in their pictures.  I want their birthday pictures to truly capture who they are!

It was really hard to do but I narrowed it down to just 5 of each of them!  

Gabrielle, my artistic 10 year old who loves reading, animal prints and having fun!

(She actually turns 11 in March so I’m going to have to do these again soon. Though I’ll probably wait ’til spring.)

P1090479P1090468P1090492 P1090486P1090512

My sweet, girly, Miranda who loves to dress up, sing and dance, just turned 8 in November!

P1210390P1210469P1210408P1210398 P1210393

My reptilian, amphibian loving little 5 year old being him silly self!  Pierce had to make sure his frog was in some photos too!

P1090532P1090540P1090542P1090577 P1090565

The baby of our family, Elizabeth, was the most recent to be photographed!  She and her best friend, Bear-Bear, whom she received the day of her birth, just celebrated there 3rd birthday!


This is what makes my life EXQUISITE, these four little cuties and, of course, my hubby!

P1200199 2

I feel so very blessed to have this family and a great camera (and it’s tripod friend) to capture life’s EXQUISITE moments!!!

P1200009My goal is to have a monthly post, that shows off some of that months favorite pictures!  I’m even thinking of creating a photography inlinkz party, so that some of you can show off your love of photography and share your EXQUISITE moments too!  I just have to figure out how to set up inlinkz…

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