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Easter is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas!  It’ s celebrating our savior’s sacrifice to give new life to all of us!  What a blessing.  How appropriate that we celebrate his resurrection and gift of life to us in spring since spring is all about new life and new beginnings.

I don’t have a lot of time to post because I want to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with my kiddos on this wonderful Good Friday but I just wanted to pop by and wish you all a Happy Good Friday & Happy Easter and show you a couple of cute crafts my kiddos have made for Easter.  Maybe your kiddos will enjoy them too!


The adorable little egg bunting that my youngest daughter made was her very first sewing project which she had a lot of fun doing…


It hangs in our big dinning room window as shown above, but we also used it in a little mini Easter photo session…



Besides the Easter egg bunting, my girls made these cute little toilet paper roll bunnies with my mom last weekend and it sounds like they really had fun doing this.


Not sure where my mom got the idea probably Pinterest since I was able to find it on there.  The image I found didn’t link to a  tutorial but there is an image here, if you’d like to check it out.

Yesterday the girls and I (my son still wasn’t feeling up to par) made these super easy and cute scrapbook paper eggs…


They are so sweet and you adorable and super easy!  You will find the tutorial here at Craft And Creativity one of my new favorite blogs for finding crafts to do with my kids!  Be sure to check it out, they have lots of brightly colored Easter crafts!

Okay, time to get outdoors with my kids.  Wishing you all a very Happy Good Friday, A Blessed Easter and lots of sweet treats!


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I am officially in the mood for spring and our 30° weather isn’t helping my desire out at all. Not to mention that there are large fluffy flakes currently falling from the sky to add to the 12″ of snow that is feeling the need to remind me that it isn’t opened toed heel and sandal weather yet.  Nope instead of revealing my toes, I’m layered up in long sleeves, a cardi-sweater and a scarf:-(  The enthusiasm I had for warm layered clothes is fading away and has been replaced by the need for bright colors and the ability to wear heels without getting frostbit.

Luckily Easter is on its way so I have an excuse to brighten up the inside of my home a bit even if it’s gray and cold outside.

Like Valentine’s Day, I have never really decorated for Easter before.  I will put a hydrangea wreath up and maybe a few springy looking things but since I’m not really a floral person my passion for Easter decor ends there.  However, I love Easter and the fact that I’m celebrating my salvation with Christ, so I set out to make some prim/country Easter decor during our media/electronic free week.  Here’s what I came up with…

My Mantel


My mantel has been set with a long baby blue paned window set with my homemade hydrangea wreath.  I have never used the baby blue side of this window (the other side is brown) but knew it would be perfect with the “Spring, Spring, Spring” banner I made (Tutorial for this banner coming Friday!).  Does anyone else think of the Spring Song from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers when looking at this banner?  I confess I sing it every time I look at my mantel banner!


My daughter’s named this sweet little bunny, Bonnie Bunny.  She was a very white bunny until I gave her a long bath in a pot of coffee, to giver her an aged look.  I sewed up a little dress for her from some fabric I had sitting around and added some grungy little fabric flowers to the neckline.  Along side her is a frame filled with a photo that I got off of Pinterest and a jar filled with jelly beans and a tea candle.


On the opposite side of the mantle is an old enamel coffee pot I found in a junk pile in our woods several years ago.  I decided it would look nice with the other blue things on my mantle and added some dried hydrangeas to it.  To the left of it is an old family bible and a rustic cross, a cluster of speckled eggs rest in front and another jar filled with jelly beans and a tea candle stands on the right.

Easter Table Scape…


Sitting on a table runner made from an old, very warn, antique quilt are a few other ways I choose to brighten our home for spring and Easter.

P1240933Center stage is this pillar candle holder that I filled with silk tulips. Inside the pillar holder is a hymn print off of “The Old Rugged Cross” that I aged and cut a cross in the center of then glued burlap to the back of.  I would prefer real tulips to adorn my table but really wanted this hymn to decorate the pillar with and I couldn’t do that if they were real.  The paper wouldn’t hold up to well against the water;-)

A better glance at the hymn.  I LOVE this hymn and it means so much more to me at Easter time!


P1240935 (1)

On the right side of the tulips sits a paper mache bunny that I grunged up a bit by wiping some moist instant coffee grounds on than smoothed over with a dry paper towel.  Nestled at her feet are a few speckled eggs and beside her sits a jar of jelly beans, with a label on front that features a little sheep.  I should have put cheap, gross jelly beans in this jar because these delicious Starburst ones will be gone long before Easter…especially the pink ones:-)


This prim little bunny holding tight to his carrots is probably my favorite thing I made for Easter (Although the spring banner is really close!)  He’s just so cute nestled in his nest of dried grasses and watching over his Easter eggs!  A sprig of bright green hydrangeas helps brighten this display up a bit more.

I think the next place to brighten up will be my bedroom.  But I’m trying to wait until the snow melts.  I’ve been really enjoying my Spring/Easter decor this past week and half and hope you enjoyed seeing them to0.  Maybe they’ll inspire a little spring/easter creativity in you!

I was hoping to find time to make these before Easter…

…but am not sure if I’ll have a chance, since it’s coming up so fast and I have my daughter’s birthday to get ready for this week and then my son has tonsil/adenoidectomy surgery next week, but maybe yet I’ll get them made yet.

Happy Easter decorating to those of you who’ve been inspired and to all of you…

Remember to come back on Friday for the tutorial on the Spring Banner!!!

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I have the mindset that at Easter and Christmas my family should all match.  This doesn’t mean we wear identical clothes (I’m not really into mommy and me outfits) but we are all in the same colors and hues, or as close to it as possible.  You know, incase anyone is wondering if we belong with each other.  This Easter’s color choices were based off of the material I bought at The Scarlet Poppe for my daughter’s skirts…

Yellow, White & Blue

Gabrielle chose a tiered skirt because she loves long dresses and skirts! I totally had to wing this one because my computer crashed last week when I needed to sew this together. For those of you who are interested in sewing one for yourself click this image for a DIY link.

Miranda, on the left, chose a gathered two layer rectangle skirt, claiming, "It's so princessy!" This was by far the easiest of the three skirts I made. I couldn't find a tutorial for the whole ensemble but you can find simple instructions for a rectangle skirt and if you click on this photo it will bring you to a tutorial on how to do the gathering.

Elizabeth, who is only two, had no say in what skirt design she wanted but seemed to love her bustled skirt! I couldn't find a tutorial that fit exactly how I wanted to make her skirt so embellished the tutorial that is linked to this photo. I'm pretty sure I will be making some of these to sell if you are interested in one for your little girl let me know.

Isn't that the cutest little tushie?!

My handsome little man! I made absolutely nothing for him but he requested a shirt with Easter eggs on it. Bad mommy for not making him one! Though he didn't seem to mind. His shirt and pants are from Old Navy & Shoes are The Children's Place.

After several blinks, Pierce choking Elizabeth, undies showing and several other mishaps we finally got a good photo of our little rugrats!

How I Did Yellow, White & Blue…

Blue & White Striped Jacket - Old Navy, Yellow Blouse - The Buckle, White Pants, White Heeled Sandals & Jewelry - Maurices

I wasn’t planning on debuting this outfit, hence the reason I’m not looking absolutely spectacular in any of the photos, LOL.  But since my hubby snapped a few pictures of just me I thought I’d put them out there incase anyone felt inspired to replicate it.

In all honesty, I was feeling less than thrilled with this outfit.  I had such a hard time finding something that went with the rest of my families outfits and put this together Easter morning.  I really wanted a pretty 60’s dress with a full skirt but couldn’t find anything I liked that went with the yellow, blue and white color scheme.  Okay, pitty party over.

We had a really great Easter!  It’s one of my favorite holiday’s.  I always cry with joy and thankful to my Lord and Savior for giving his life for me and all of you!

Happy Easter, from The Schroeder Family!

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