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Our week free from electronic/gaming devices (PlayStations, Television, Computers, etc.) was in a word…EXQUISITE!

It truly was.  It went far better than my husband and I anticipated.  There was not one fight or argument in our household all week long.   Our kids rediscovered the joy of playing games that aren’t on an electronic device.  They played together outside, far more than they would have if electronics were allowed, they used their imaginations, they read far more than usual.

I was even amazed at how much better our mornings went.  No joke, mornings were amazing!  All of my kids were up each morning before their alarms went off, I never had to get on them about getting dressed quickly or to brush their hair better.  They were ready so fast and did most everything on their own, that I had time to make waffles, eggs, etc. every morning.  I was able to be the mom I always dreamt I would be, haha.

Midway through the week I wanted to encourage their fantastic behavior so gave them all stickers and told them if they kept it up we would make some snacks to eat while we played some games together.  They succeeded and we enjoyed some delicious treats!

The image below is from Friday night while playing a game and enjoying our snacks of puppy chow and caramel corn after their week of awesome school mornings!


Tuesday nights in our home is game night, and when my children are asked what they want to play they will usually choose something on the PlaySation.  The only time we play a card or board game is when I insist upon it.  One of the new rules my husband and I have decided to instate is that we are only allowing a PlayStation game night one Tuesday night a month, the other Tuesday’s are card or board games.  This isn’t to say we will only play our PS3 only once a month, we’ll have weekends also (though there are the usual time limits for that also) we just think they’re little brains are a bit more challenged when it comes to a board or card game.

Besides a lot of game playing we spent a few evenings after school outdoors.  This Saturday we went ice fishing (My first time since high school!) with my husband’s workplace…


When we weren’t spending time together as a family in its entirety my kids were off playing together outside, coloring or crafting together, playing in their rooms together…without fighting!  I love to sneak up on my kids and take pictures of them when they don’t know I’m photographing them.  If they know I’m there then they are trying to show off for the camera or, in some cases, trying to hide from the camera, haha.  It’s hard to sneak up on them in our creaky old farmhouse but occasionally I’m able to capture them like this…


We’ve always had limits to the amount of television/movies that is allowed to be watched in our home, but like most mom’s sometimes the television has been my babysitter when I need to get things done.  I didn’t have that option this week so my youngest daughter spent a lot more time helping me with things than usual, which was really fun, although albeit a bit slow.  When she didn’t want to help me with chores she was busy coloring, playing, and beading with her new fray free string/plastic type stuff that stays tied super well!



She also learned how to separate her Twizzlers on her own last week while we played Bingo!


I reached the end of my love for winter!  Well, not really, I still love winter…I’m just ready for some 50-60• temps instead of 20-30•.  I want color in my wardrobe and my home.  With Easter on its way I took down our Valentine’s decorations and put some Easter/Spring decor up.  I’m only giving you a little peak because I’m not completely done and plan to show you it all next week.  For now here’s a look at a banner my youngest daughter and I made together last week…


Speaking for myself of this week, it was a week of revelations to me. For sometime, a couple of years actually, God has been showing me things about his love and grace. This week he showed me scripture that, though I’ve read several times before, has kindled something new in me.  I believe he’s about to bring me down a new path in my life.  A lot of this I’m going to keep to myself for the time being but hope to maybe share with you someday.

Last week I also began waking up EARLY in the morning with my husband again.  I use to do this for the first couple of years in our marriage but stopped when I was up sleepless nights with my babies.  I don’t really have this excuse very often anymore and I knew it meant a lot to my husband to have me up with him in the mornings spending time with him so, as difficult as it is, I’m up with the rooster now, actually before the rooster and enjoying some wonderful mornings with my husband.   Thank God for my cappuccino machine because cinnamon roll cappuccino and cinnamon swirl bread, makes waking up at 5 am a little easier!  (I’ll share the recipe with you later this week!)


We ended our media/electronic free week with a trip across the lake in our snowshoes with my mama, yesterday after church!




They went directly inside to play Call Of Duty with Grandma, haha!

All in all we truly enjoyed good, fun, quality family time.  There was so much joy and laughter in our home last week that I was kind of walking around in a state of euphoria.  My oldest daughter really enjoyed it also, which surprised me since I thought she’d struggle with it the most, but she really enjoyed the time off.  My husband and I were tempted to see if we could drag the week out a bit longer…maybe a month or so, or at least another week…it was so enjoyable.  Since our kids had been so good, and my middle daughter was keeping track of the calendar, we couldn’t do that and are now back to electronics   This time with much more limitations than we originally had set.

 I see many more electronic free weeks in our future.  We’ve discovered that we can survive for a little while without them, and in fact, enjoy it!


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Yesterday’s weather was B-E-A-utiful! My family spent an EXQUISITE morning outside full of sledding, snowball fights, fort building and more!!!

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It was the perfect way to kick off this week.  A week we, as a family, are spending electronic free!  Yes, that’s right, no electronics at all!  I know, it seems almost impossible in this day and age, but we’re doing it.  Our kids were so desperate for electronics yesterday that they were making snow or ice cell phones, kindles, and tv’s…haha:-)

My husband and I have done this in the past but due to how often we were seeing our little brood glued to their Leapster Explorers, DSi’s, Playsation’s, Kindle’s, phones, television, you name it, we decided to make it a family affair.  For one week this family will be free of all electronics except our cell phones, but only for phone calls (we dont’ have a land line)…we aren’t even texting…gasp! (And for you literal people who think as my husband and a few of my close friends do, this only includes gaming/media type devices, we will still have electricity.  I had to throw that in their for a few of my friends…yes, I know how you think;-))

We are going to spend this week the old fashioned way…playing board games or cards with each other, reading books, playing outdoors, etc.  It was really fun to see our kids spending time with each other in a different way than usual.  Instead of playing a game on the Playstation together they played board games or four corners or used their imaginations as they played charades!  I normally have to force them to do this.   I’m really looking forward to what other ways we’ll spend this week together!

My family tried to take my camera away from me, to which I gave a great big, “NO WAY!”  Yes, I know it’s basically an electronic but it doesn’t count.  Too many EXQUISITE moments could be lost in this week where my kids are forced to play with each other or actually use their imaginations!

Also, I’m kind of breaking the “no electronics” rule right now by being on here.   Yes, sadly I will be gone for a week:-(  I wont even be on for WIWW, nor doing my “Exquisite Moments Of The Day” on FB.  But I’ll be back next Monday and I’ll fill you in on my favorite EXQUISITE moments from this week!  Until then…


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