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(Click on image above to link you to Polyvore to find out where you can find all these items!)


You all know my love for heels and how I rarely where anything but heels.  Yes, it’s true some flats have taken company along side all my heeled shoes on my closet shelves but between you and me (Shh, don’t tell my flats, wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.) I love the height my heels give my miniature 5’2″ frame so much more! 

When I saw this outfit on Pinterest I repinned it faster than you can say “LOVE IT!”, which is what I said when I saw this shirt!  It’s been sitting on my “My Style” board for a while now and since my back is still not at a stage where pants without an elastic waste sound less than comfortable, I thought I’d have this post be more a “What I Wish I Wore” post.

Just incase you’re a “High Heels High Hopes” kind of girl, like I am, and want to know where you can get everything in this outfit I searched the web and recreated this outfit as closely as possible on Polyvore.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the shirt anywhere but at a site where you would have to pay to have it made and it’s more than I would spend on it but maybe one of you will get it and I can live vicariously through you!

Now go strut your high heels and have high hopes, Ladies!


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Don We Now Our Gay Apparel
I know I can’t be the only one starting to stalk all my favorite clothings sites for that perfect Christmas dress to wear to all this years joyful celebrations!  Here are a few of the things that have been filling my head with visions of a beautiful Christmas!

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November - Thanksgiving

November is a month of giving thanks for all the blessings in your life.

Follow me on Facebook this month as I share all the things I am thankful for

and share with me what you are thankful for too!

Also I just have to share this image with you…

I saw this on Pinterest last year and loved the idea but didn’t do it, we

did a little thankful turkey instead but my sister did something like

this and I loved it so we’ll be doing a Thankful tree this year too!

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Back To School

I know it’s a sad little fact that I don’t want to acknowledge either, but it’s true, school is just around the corner.  So I thought it would be fun to have a month dedicated to going back to school!  I’ll share kids fashion, my kid’s and my favorite school products, my kid’s cold lunch favorites, our first day of school activities, and more!

 To start off “August Is – Back To School” I thought I’d share with you my favorite stores to shop at for my kids clothing and a few things I have thought of getting them for this coming school year.  (I chose 2 girl outfits and 2 boy outfits from each place, one more casual the other a bit dressier.)

The Children’s Place


Old Navy

Most of my kids clothes come from these three stores with probably 80% of them being The Children’s Place (LOVE that store!).  I’ll also make them a of couple things (skirts for the girls) and browse at other stores such as: CartersP.S. from aeropostale77kidsLL BeanTarget and whatever children’s store window catches my eye.

What’s your favorite children’s store?

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I just realized that it’s a Tuesday and I haven’t posted a “What I Wore” or “Fashion & Beauty” post yet!  How disgraceful!

Since I’ve been cleaning and organizing my sewing-craft-office that use to also be part toy room also (The toys being cleared out and put in the kids bedrooms has been part of my organizing/cleaning.)   I’m not really “fashion” presentable.  That is unless you call my messy, extremely messy bun and wrinkly outfit “fashion” presentable.  

I looked through our camping pictures to see if I have any picture of me from then but my husband doesn’t take pictures of me unless I ask him to and apparently I never asked during our week of camping.  While looking through the photos though I decided that one day this week I need to post some of the picture from then.  We had a really great time and I’d love to share some of our exquisite moments with you.

For now I thought I’d share some of the dresses that I’ve been looking at and coveting this summer…

I Dream Of Summer Dresses

(This dress collection is linked to my Polyvore account and will direct you to wear you can find the dresses.)
There are several more dresses that I have my eye on but didn’t want to overload you.  Though if you are like me I’m sure you wouldn’t feel overloaded and would probably just wish you had money to buy them all.  Darn budgets!  Oh, if we were all wealthy and could afford everything we wanted…
Okay, back from my day dream.  It’s so difficult to say which is my favorite but I would probably have to go with the brightly striped one  center in the top row or the ruffled number to the left of it.  Honestly they’re all so great for different reasons that it’s really hard to choose.  I want them all! If only…
Sorry day dreaming again.  Better keep my head out of the clouds and back in my sewing/craft room where cleaning and organizing awaits me.

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I couldn’t sleep last night so decided to Polyvore!!!

I think it’s a great outfit!  Black polka dot cream blouse and black shorts

accented with soft pink jewelry and heels, simply feminine!

I may have ordered the shorts too!

Pretty Polka Dots

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(Blouse – The Buckle, Shorts – American Eagle, Sandals – Maurices, Jewelry – Forever 21)

No, I’m not narcissistic enough to think of myself as Cinderella.  The blouse just made me think of the childhood rhyme I use to sing while jump roping.

I was on the hunt for a buttery yellow blouse for this spring/summer and have been scouring racks since February not able to find just what I was looking for.  Thank God for my husband and his wonderful sense of style!  Knowing my desire for a pretty buttery blouse he picked this one out for me and I’ve fallen in love with it and him all over again.  It’s so awesome having a husband who likes to shop!

My favorite thing about this blouse is the back, it definitely fits into the “Exquisite” category in my opinion!

You may recall me posting this outfit awhile back.  Ever since creating that ensemble on Polyvore I couldn’t get the coral shorts out of my mind but  I knew I couldn’t afford the J.Crew pair at this time, since I was reaching the end of my summer clothing budget. (Yes, I said the B word and, yes, I hate having to budget but thus is life for a family of six.)   So when I saw this pair at American Eagle for half the price I snatched ’em up!  

Now I just need to find the sea green blazer!

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