Lent – What It Means to Me

I had no intention of writing this post until around I spent some time with God this morning. In fact I had an entirely different post to share with you today (which I’ll share tomorrow instead), but God prompted me to write these words for myself and urged me to share it with you.

. . .

Bethel Music’s song, Raise a Hallelujah has been in my mind these first couple days of Lent.  Especially this line right here…

The first man was created from dust, and we will all return to dust.  But out of dust, out of another man, hope arose!  Death was defeated!  The King is alive!

Lent, to me personally, is about sacrifice and surrender.  All year round I try to work towards being my best me.  But especially more so during Lent I find myself thinking about what God is calling me to sacrifice and surrender in order to be my best me.  In order to be the woman who He created me to be.

We are called to sacrifice.  Not necessarily our lives, though for some of us that may be true.  But most of us will only be asked to sacrifice our everyday life.  Our living and walking around life. 

But the hope that we have is that out of our daily living sacrifices comes true LIFE!  And this life is only possible because Christ defeated death!

Christ’s sacrifice and the life that it gave to us, causes me to think…

– What mindsets do I have that I need to sacrifice and surrender in order to line up with what His Word says?

– What habits do I need to sacrifice and surrender in order to grow Godly habits?

– What pieces of my life do I need to strategically sacrifice and surrender in order to gain the best that God has for me?

– What do I highly value that I may need to sacrifice and surrender in order to make more room for what God wants to give to me?

These are the type of questions that stir within me, especially during the season of Lent.

The season of Lent and Easter isn’t so much about sacrifice and death.  It’s about the LIFE that comes out of the sacrifice.

I likely won’t post a lot about my Lent journey here.  But, just like last year, I will be sharing some of my Lent thoughts on Life Exquisite’s Instagram stories.  Just look for this image if you want to follow along…

My prayers are with you, my friends.  May this Lent season be both a season of surrender and LIFE for each and every one of you.